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Get access to IBM z/OS facilities through a suite of z/OS UNIX System Services command line utilities and modern programming interfaces

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IBM Z Open Automation Utilities (ZOAU) is a runtime for interacting with MVS facilities and automating tasks on z/OS via UNIX shell commands or modern scripting languages.

In today's IT environment, integrating mainframes with modern development poses challenges due to legacy interfaces and specialized skills, creating operational silos. IBM Z Open Automation Utilities addresses these issues with:

  • Modern Approach: Utilizes z/OS UNIX System Services for seamless integration with familiar tools like UNIX commands, Python APIs, and C language interfaces.
  • No JCL Required: Simplifies operations by eliminating the need for deep JCL knowledge.
  • Cross-Team Collaboration: Facilitates collaboration between mainframe and distributed teams, leveraging existing skill sets.
  • Efficiency Boost: Accelerates application modernization and development cycles.
  • Resource Reallocation: Enables effective use of resources across IT environments.

IBM empowers organizations to optimize mainframe investments and enhance productivity through streamlined operations and enhanced collaboration.

What's new

Updates on new features and enhancements for ZOAU

Migrating to ZOAU v1.3 from v1.2.x or earlier

Benefits Streamlined mainframe integration and collaboration

ZOAU simplifies mainframe integration through z/OS UNIX System Services. It enables rapid skill transfer from UNIX environments, fostering seamless collaboration between mainframe and distributed teams while optimizing resource allocation and operational efficiency.

Seamless MVS integration with Python

ZOAU offers straightforward programming libraries to access MVS resources like datasets and jobs directly from Python. Enable native development on-platform, empowering custom application creation that enhances MVS facility management with Python's versatility.

Integration with Red Hat Ansible

Enhance your mainframe environment with Red Hat Ansible Certified Content for IBM Z®. Seamlessly integrate and leverage Ansible to streamline operations and automate tasks across your mainframe infrastructure.

z/OS data set manipulation

Allocate, edit, delete and list many popular MVS data sets directly from a UNIX environment using ZOAU.

Explore data set manipulation utilities

z/OS jobs management

Start and manage z/OS jobs using the job management utilities provided.

Explore using JES utilities

Operator (console) interactions

Interact with the z/OS system console using the opercmd utility directly from UNIX System Services.

Explore operator and console utility

MVS program execution

Run many of your traditional MVS programs without explicit JCL knowledge.

Explore MVS program execution utilities
Use case
Operationalizing Microservices in z/OS With IBM Z Open Automation Utilities, creating powerful programs in modern languages on z/OS becomes remarkably easy, enabling the construction of functional microservices that drive MVS facilities. Read the article
Compare editions

Two editions of Z Open Automation Utilities are available. The PAX download format is popular in z/OS UNIX System Services and allows users to get started with ease. The SMP/E software installation and maintenance tool on z/OS can manage SMP/E installable images and their fix packs. Take advantage of IBM support to open service requests addressed in documented turnaround times with optional S&S.

Editions pax edition

Use the pax archive installable format, which is consistent with distributed platforms.

Download now
SMP/E edition

The SMP/E (CBPDO, ServerPac) installable format allows for easy update management. It is recommended for production deployments. Both the base content and optional service PTF content are available through Shopz.

Obtain from Shopz

No license charge

Develop your own custom applications

Full functionality

Downloadable with z/OS 3.1 and later (available as a bypassable prerequisite)

IBM Software Subscription and Support (S&S)

Optional at no cost: entitled via S&S PID 5698-PAS
How to download

The Z Open Automation Utilities base license and Subscription & Support (S&S) are offered free of charge.

Manage updates easily with CBPDO, ServerPac or PAX installable formats.

  • IBM Z Open Automation Utilities base license (5698-PA1)
  • IBM Z Open Automation Utilities S&S (5698-PAS)

z/OS 3.1 and later includes ZOAU as a bypassable prerequisite. When ordering z/OS, customers have the option to select ZOAU as part of the installation process.

Consult your IBM representative or IBM Business Partner if you have questions about the ordering process.

Obtain through Shopz Download pax edition
Technical details

Software requirements

  • Supported on z/OS 2.4 or later.
  • Requires JES2 (job entry subsystem 2) on your installation. 

Required disk space
Requires approximately 3000 tracks (200 cylinders) of 3390 disk space for product installation.

Explore installing and configuring ZOAU
Resources Maximizing Efficiency with GDGs and ZOAU

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Why Z Open Automation Utilities

Explore the benefits and capabilities of Z Open Automation Utilities (ZOAU) for enhancing mainframe operations and streamlining development workflows.

Related products Red Hat Ansible Certified Content for IBM Z

Leverages Z Open Automation Utilities to extend Ansible capabilities on mainframe environments.

IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Python

IBM Z Open Automation Utilities includes a Python API that leverages this programming language.

IBM C/C++ for z/OS

Users can optionally leverage C/C++ for z/OS to write custom applications that leverage ZOAU’s C language API.

Take the next step

Download the freely available PAX archive that contains ZOAU and check out sample code.

Download pax edition Explore sample code
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