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Red Hat® Ansible Certified Content for IBM Z helps you connect IBM Z to your wider enterprise automation strategy through the Ansible Automation Platform ecosystem. The Red Hat Ansible Certified Content available in Ansible Automation Hub and Galaxy provides a wide range of Ansible collections that enables development and operations automation on z/OS®, z/OS middleware products, and other IBM Z systems and resources. The collections offer seamless, unified workflow orchestration with configuration management, provisioning, and application deployment in one easy-to-use platform.

Today, we offer collections for z/OS core, IMS, SA, CICS and zHMC that can be readily used.

Big Picture: Red Hat Ansible Certified Content for IBM Z

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1. Make sure you have the right software for your z/OS system.

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2. Install Red Hat Ansible Certified Content for IBM Z Collections.

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3. Start your automation journey by writing and executing Ansible playbooks.

How to get started with Red Hat Ansible Certified Content for IBM Z

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of using the Ansible for IBM Z collections?

A: Users are able to:
• Integrate IBM Z into an enterprise automation strategy in a consistent way
• Enable a common approach for hybrid applications and infrastructure management
• Enable transparent visibility of IBM Z automation when orchestrated by Ansible
• Drive best practices to manage automation in source control to move towards infrastructure as code
• Leverage Ansible and Python skills, which are readily available in the marketplace and can be applied to z/OS
• Use modules to codify key maintenance and operational tasks for IBM Z software so that you can focus on what you’re trying to accomplish, rather than worry about how to write JCL, for example

Q: Where do I get support for the Red Hat Ansible Certified Content for IBM Z?

A: Red Hat® Ansible Certified Content for IBM Z collections will be developed in the open, and when content is ready for use it is released to Ansible Galaxy for community adoption. Content in Ansible Galaxy is supported by the robust open source community who recognizes Ansible as a leader in automation. Once contributors review community usage, feedback, and are satisfied with the content published, the collection will then be released to Ansible Automation Hub as certified and IBM supported for Red Hat® Ansible Automation Platform subscribers.

Q: Will more collections be available?

A: Absolutely! More collection and content will be made available in support of middleware provisioning, middleware configuration, middleware management, and application deployment, to name a few. The collections are starting with a focus on z/OS but are intended to expand more broadly to the IBM Z ecosystem over time. Ansible Galaxy contains the complete list of collections.

These content collections are accelerators to make automating z/OS with Ansible even easier. Ansible is a powerful tool, that can be used out of the box to build your own automation. With Python as the core language for Ansible modules, it's easy for developers to build and contribute their own modules in support of any automation strategy.

Q: Do I need to be an Ansible expert to use Ansible for IBM Z collections?

A: Ansible is a powerful IT automation tool that is quick and easy to learn. Get started by checking out Ansible's Getting Started website.

Q: Is there an easy way to get started working with the collections?

A: Yes, use the sample playbooks in the sample playbooks repository that leverage IBM Z collections.
z/OS core
IBM Z Hardware Management Console
IBM Z System Automation

Q: Ansible can cover a lot of use cases: some of which I already have some technology solutions for. Does Ansible replace any existing technologies I already use?

A: It is up to each enterprise to determine its strategy for how it evolves the set of tools and technologies that it uses. The good news with Ansible is that it integrates with a wide range of technologies across the hybrid multicloud landscape, and across IBM Z. You can use Ansible automation to integrate with what you have or build new playbooks with certified collections to create something new.

Leverage your existing JCL, REXX, and z/OSMF assets or most anything else using Ansible as the driver to automate Z. The choice is yours.

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