IBM Open Enterprise Python for z/OS

Support your z/OS applications written in Python

IBM Open Enterprise Python for z/OS is an industry-standard Python interpreter for the z/OS platform that leverages the latest z/Architecture instructions to provide your Python programmers with an exceptional implementation on z/OS. With this latest addition to the IBM family of compiler development tools, you can bring a powerful framework for building fast and scalable applications to z/OS.


Bring Python to z/OS

Use one of the most popular and fastest growing programming languages on z/OS.

Develop new applications

Take advantage of Python’s rich ecosystem of modules and packages to develop and run new applications.

Save development effort

You can leverage your existing pool of resources to easily build end-to-end applications in the same language, regardless of platform knowledge.

Key features of IBM Open Enterprise Python for z/OS

  • Native Python compiler for z/OS
  • Python Standard Library
  • Access to Python Package Index packages
  • Optional access to IBM Subscription and Support

Which option is right for you?

PAX edition

PAX archive installable format for a DIY installation. Use your existing IBMid for access or create one upon registration.

SMP/E edition

SMP/E (CBPDO, ServerPac) installable format can easily manage updates. Recommended for production deployments. Available through Shopz.