The Workload Automation solution for Z applications

IBM® Z® Workload Scheduler is a workload automation solution that enables organizations to automate, plan and control the processing of complex systems’ workloads. It allows you to manage workflows from a single point of control across multiple platforms and business applications. Leveraging modern technologies, it adjusts real time workflow execution, based on the users’ business needs.


Centrally managed workloads

Drive cross-enterprise, heterogeneous workloads to support your business goals. IBM Z Workload Scheduler uses your business policies as the basis to centrally manage workloads.

A process integration hub

Plan for hundreds of thousands of jobs easily with a highly scalable, highly available workload automation backbone.

Use Cloud and mobile technology

Take advantage of the elastic capabilities of Cloud to help minimize fixed costs and simplify business unit projects.

IBM Z Workload Scheduler key features

  • Hybrid workload automation from a single point of control
  • Wide variety of application plug-ins for business processes automation
  • High scalability (millions of daily jobs managed)
  • Embedded predictive analytics for SLA compliance management
  • Easy integration in hybrid-cloud application through REST API
  • Zowe™ CLI workload automation add-on