The HPC beat goes on

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Earlier this year, we wrote about the silver anniversary of IBM Spectrum LSF, a milestone celebration of 25 years of innovation in HPC workload management.  And you’ve come a long way baby!  Over the years, IBM Spectrum LSF has grown from a workload scheduler to a full suite of products designed to give you a more

Assembling an all-star team for HPC and beyond

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While many organizations have embraced HPC and big data as part of an overall strategy to drive competitiveness, the uptake of these methods is not universal.  Some organizations without the in-house skills, struggle to deploy and maintain HPC environments.  This raises many concerns including the ones below: My user base consists of research and data more

Train your AI, feed your head

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Machine learning.  Deep learning.  AI, or artificial intelligence.  Since I read the book The Computer and the Brain written by the mathematician John von Neumann, comparisons between the human brain and computers have always fascinated me.  Hardly a day goes by that we don’t hear about the promise of AI, and how it will help more

Gettin’ down with HPC in SLC at Super Computing 2016

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In a little less than a month, the world of high-performance computing (HPC) will descend upon Salt Lake City, Utah, in the United States. When I think of Salt Lake City (SLC), I think of performance and speed. Why? Because located just west of Salt Lake City is the world-famous Bonneville Speedway where numerous land more

Ten cool things about IBM Spectrum LSF 10

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This year — 2016 — is the year of IBM Spectrum LSF 10. The most recent version was released in June, but did you know that IBM Spectrum LSF, the leading workload management solution for high-performance computing (HPC), has been around for over 20 years? In that time, the adoption of HPC has skyrocketed, leading more

IBM Spectrum LSF – Removing all roadblocks

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Since we launched IBM Spectrum LSF 10.1 a little over three months ago, we’ve been on the road holding exciting user groups in sunny California, hot and sweaty Texas and the ever-friendly Frankfurt, Germany.  These events have not only given us the opportunity to share dramatic improvements in IBM Spectrum LSF, but also to hear more

Accelerating time to results with IBM Spectrum LSF

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High-performance computing (HPC) is the foundation of research and design. Whether you realize it or not, outcomes driven by HPC are all around us. From helping you to save fuel as you drive down the road to helping you dress appropriately for the weather, the importance of HPC in our daily lives cannot be underestimated. more

How suite it is: Introducing the IBM Platform LSF Suites

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Organizations are constantly searching for ways to be competitive, and industries are increasingly leveraging high-performance computing (HPC) to help bring better quality products to market more quickly. Along with the proliferation of HPC, however, IT departments are often forced to walk a tightrope, balancing user demands for compute and storage with budgets and getting the more

Evolving high-performance computing to deal with mountains of data

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Whether it’s the universe, the Earth’s population, your waistline, or data and compute capacity, coping with expansion is high on everyone’s agenda. Data volumes are expanding in leaps and bounds, while at the same time compute capabilities are being greatly enhanced with technologies like hardware accelerators. Technologies have advanced to store and process massive amounts more