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With IBM POWER9, we’re all riding the AI wave

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There’s a big connection between my love for water sports and hardware design — both involve observing waves and planning several moves ahead. Four years ago, when we started sketching the POWER9™ chip from scratch, we saw an upsurge of modern workloads driven by artificial intelligence and massive data sets. We are now ready to more

Proposition: No speed limit on NVIDIA Volta with rise of AI

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This is an era of data-centric computing.  There’s no doubt about that.  For those in hardware engineering who embraced disruption over the past few years – my colleagues at IBM Cognitive Systems and our partner NVIDIA included – this sudden rise of AI-inspired applications is a once or twice-in-a-career thrill. From a practical perspective, we more

Bringing SAP HANA to a true enterprise-class platform

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Today, SAP announced the availability of its HANA in-memory database technology on IBM Power Systems across the entire POWER8 portfolio. In addition to being a valuable extension of our long-time partnership, SAP HANA on Power represents continued momentum for in-memory analytics and exciting news for our joint clients in the market. SAP HANA will now be available more

Why POWER8 tops the price performance charts

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OpenPOWER Foundation momentum continues to grow throughout the technology industry, as companies take notice of the sizable benefits that open innovation delivers over closed, proprietary environments. It is now a community of over 130 members that is growing weekly. This momentum comes through the collaborative spirit of some of the finest technological minds in the more