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Fix list for IBM MQ Version 9.2 LTS

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IBM MQ provides periodic fix packs for release 9.2. The following is a complete listing of available fixes grouped by fix pack.


Release Date Total APARs Security APARs HIPER APARs
IBM MQ 11 November 2021 93 11 16
IBM MQ 22 July 2021 69 8 6
IBM MQ 31 March 2021 131 10 17
IBM MQ 01 October 2020 37 9 3

To download IBM MQ Fix and Refresh Packs follow this link.

Vulnerability risk information for IBM MQ can be found at Security Bulletin for WebSphere MQ

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IBM MQ Windows, UNIX®, IBM i

(Last modified: November 2021)

Security APAR HIPER APAR APAR Description
IT32681 IBM MQ clustering allows an out-of-order internal cluster subscription to incorrectly replace a newer one
IT33299 When applying a fix pack, the "web\installations" folder will be deleted if the "Installation Path" and "Data Path" are the same.
IT33683 Windows silent installation .ini files incorrectly list some components as requiring IBM MQ Advanced entitlement
IT33849 MQSC DISPLAY command shows "Not authorized" multiple times
IT33937 FDC records with probe ID XC035007 and XC364030 are generated during shutdown of IBM MQ C/ C++ application
IT34363 Improve diagnostics in zxcHealthThread for unexpected queue manager shutdown
IT34525 The amqsrua utility might fail with reason code 2033 (MQRC_NO_MSG_AVAILABLE)
IT34722 IBM MQ 9.2 managed XMS .Net message listener stops receiving messages after first message is consumed.
IT34994 Issuing MQCMD_CHANGE_TOPIC using the IBM MQ Administration Interface fails with MQRC_PARAMETER_MISSING
IT35023 After applying a fix pack to a Developer Edition installation on Linux, dspmqver incorrectly reports production license
IT35278 IBM MQ 9.2 Appliance Migration Pending state is not removed when HA queue manager is removed from DR.
IT35378 Queue manager fails to started with FDC AQ234004 from aqlGetLogHdrOrigin
IT35443 Queue manager hangs and becomes unresponsive. An FDC record is generated which reports xecS_E_NO_MEM
IT35658 IBM MQ AMQP service can result in a FDC being created with ProbeID XR079007 or XR071017 due to MQRC_CALL_IN_PROGRESS error.
IT35827 amqcgskv32 triggered by runmqras creates zero-byte FDCs continuously
IT35889 The rdqmdr command might revert queue manager to an earlier date
IT35941 Running fteCreateTransfer for a message-to-file transfer, where the source queue is empty, results in a failed transf
IT36047 The destination queue of the durable subscription might change when an MQTT application restarts
IT36110 Many PCF status messages flow through the channels of a Uniform Cluster even though no reconnectable applications are present
IT36179 Description not yet available (security/integrity exposure) [CVSS base score 6.5]
IT36233 IBM MQ MFT: Agent property monitorGroupRetryLimit=-1 not behaving as expected
IT36442 After reporting a AMQXR1016W warning, the IBM MQ Telemetry service generates FDCs containing IBM MQ reason code 2219
IT36495 Queue manager might enter partitioned state after appliance reloads
IT36500 Transfer item fails with a BFGIO0006E error if the source agent abends and restarts partway through a transfer
IT36574 IBM MQ 9.2 installer incorrectly states that Windows 2012 is a valid target operating system
IT36588 IBM MQ reports "AMQ9671: The PKCS #11 token password specified is invalid" when the password is correct 
IT36589 AMQ9288 message contains incorrect numeric insert and FDC with probe id CO286005 is generated
IT36594 Appliance QMgrs configured for HADR fail to be migrated from 9.1to 9.2 if the HA interfaces were down during the upgrade
IT36630 RDQM may show status as 'Ended Unexpectedly' instead of 'RunningElsewhere' on the Secondary node
IT36636 IBM MQ AMQP or IBM MQ Telemetry channel fails to start if the queue manager attribute SSLCRLNL contains an OSCP AUTHINFO object
IT36678 The fteCreateEnvironment command is missing from the IBM MQ Advanced Image
IT36701 MQ-JMS applications connected to EBCDIC character set queue managers fail to move messages to BOQ or DLQ
IT36702 Source disposition for transfer items is incorrectly processed if a managed transfer fails due to a transfer recovery timeout
IT36756 Memory leak in amqrmppa process
IT36885 Enhancements to runmqras utility
IT36898 IBM MQ Appliance reloads due to watchdog restart.
IT36899 IBM MQ Appliance might reload while reading and saving a configuration at the same time
IT36960 Transfer items transferred successfully before a transfer recovery timeout occurs may not be deleted.
IT37072 Insufficient diagnostics for failures from DeleteFile() Windows API call
IT37089 Channel socket error detection logic can generate invalid internal protocol flow
IT37134 Potential for SIGSEGV from a null pointer in xcsRequestMutexSemFn
IT37151 Provide additional queue manager configuration attributes to control the connection and operation timeout for LDAP calls
IT37223 IBM MQ Managed .NET Client fails unable to connect to queue manager using OpenShift routes
IT37224 java.lang.NullPointerException thrown when multiple threads connecting to the QMGR concurrently
IT37283 IBM MQ channels running with TLS 1.3 cipherspecs intermittently fails with FDC CO373099 from cciTcpSslResetCallback
IT37357 IBM MQ on AIX writes KRCE_UNEXPECTED_ERROR AND LRCE_SECURITY_ERROR FDCS when the username is longer than the system's allowed MA
IT37410 IBM MQ appliance "sethagrp -e" command becomes unresponsive when queue manager file system is in use
IT37427 crtdrprimary for a HA queue manager fails with AMQ3930E due to DR replication interfaces mismatch on the HA appliances
IT37566 "Could not find key 'RecoveryTimedOut' in ResourceBundle" error reported when running fteShowAgentDetails -v
IT37576 IBM MQ runmqlsr process might enter an infinite loop and consume a high amount of CPU
IT37595 Incorrect error reporting if TLS record transfer limit encountered for GCM cipherspecs
IT37621 Update level of LDAP client supplied with IBM MQ 9.2 LTS to
IT37625 Client MQGET can return before the whole message has been received from the server
IT37672 Runmqras fails to determine queue manager log path on IBM I.  
IT37726 IBM MQ AMQP channel stops due to an OutOfMemoryError, and an FDC containing probe identifier XR10072014 is generated
IT37742 The runamscred utility incorrectly generates FDC files if run with no parameters
IT37745 AMQ9797E message might contain incorrect validation error code if local certificate validation fails
IT37968 IBM MQ 9.2.4 client connecting to a queue manager via IBM MQ IPT fails with AMQ9296E: Password protection negotiation failed.
IT38008 No mechanism to set MQIPT_JVM_OPTIONS for IBM MQ Internet PassThru when run as a service
IT38204 IBM MQ client applications stop consuming messages from a queue protected with AMS MCA interception.
IT38264 Update Angular.JS to 1.8.2 on IBM MQ 9.2 LTS
IT38265 Upgrade Apache Ant for IBM MQ 9.2 to the latest level (1.10.11)
IT38266 Update Apache Commons IO and Net for IBM MQ 9.2 LTS
IT38267 Update the Hyperledger Fabric Gateway supplied with IBM MQ 9.2 LTS
IT38268 Update Bouncy Castle to level 1.69 for IBM MQ 9.2 LTS
IT38269 Update the SLF4J library supplied with IBM MQ 9.2 LTS
IT38270 Update the IBM JRE level to (AIX, Linux, Windows) for IBM MQ 9.2 LTS
IT38271 Update the IBM MQ embedded Websphere Liberty Profile to PH38929 and PH39418
IT38298 Update level of libcurl supplied with IBM MQ 9.2 LTS to libcurl 7.79.1
IT38299 Update level of libedit supplied with IBM MQ 9.2 to libedit 0:67:0 (20210714-3.1)
IT38348 Update DRBD and Pacemaker packages supplied with IBM MQ 9.2
IT38349 IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2021-38958 [CVSS base score 5.1]
IT38362 Description not yet available (security/integrity exposure) [CVSS base score 6.5]
IT38413 Description not yet available (security/integrity exposure) [CVSS base score 7.5]
IT38477 IBM MQ appliance firmware upgrade fails with error "Destination write failed"
IT38503 Description not yet available (security/integrity exposure) [CVSS base score 7.5]
IT38523 Description not yet available (security/integrity exposure) [CVSS base score 7.5]
IT38571 Update level of GSKit supplied with IBM MQ 9.2 to GSKit
IT38604 Description not yet available (security/integrity exposure) [CVSS base score 5.3]
IT38616 IBM MQ Appliance HA queue manager reports partitioned state after appliance reload.
IT38693 On IBM MQ Explorer, the IBM MQ Knowledge Center link does not work.
IT38766 IBM MQ appliance queue manager fail over fails if the queue manager file system is in use
IT38788 IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2021-38967 [CVSS base score 8.2]
IT38793 IBM MQ v9.2 fix packs do not update the Bridge to Salesforce prereq .jar files
IT38930 Description not yet available (security/integrity exposure) [CVSS base score 5.6]
IT38978 Description not yet available (security/integrity exposure) [CVSS base score 5.1]
IT38979 Description not yet available (security/integrity exposure) [CVSS base score 5.9]
PH37175 IBM MQ REST API reports MQWB0002E error message when requesting to list the queue manager status
SE75821 IBM MQ Manager may crash with CPF9803 "Cannot allocate object" when the journal/journalmsgq locked by non-mq process
SE75874 RUNMQRAS may not collect definitions when mqs.ini CCSID is not 37 from IBM MQ 9.1.
SE75994 Running strmqweb command has authority problem when submitting by different user profiles.
SE76150 Update OpenSSL to 1.1.1l
SE76177 End SYSTEM.DEF.CLUSSDR report AMQ8227, "STOPPED" status can't preserve

IBM MQ Windows, UNIX®, IBM i

(Last modified: July 2021)

Security APAR HIPER APAR APAR Description
IT31885 Output from the amqrfdm utility shows invalid value on the "Exp"or "Upd" attributes for a cluster object
IT32295 IBM MQ classes for Java application hangs when using the BINDINGS transport and getting messages with the MQGMO_CONVERT option
IT32415 Specifying the invalid -zipfile argument to runmqras on the IBM MQ Appliance causes the current mqcli instance to exit
IT32871 A queue manager terminates due to a SIGSEGV within the executioncontroller process amqzxma0
IT32993 Authentication operations fail if more than one IP address is present in the conname of an LDAP AUTHINFO definition
IT33117 IBM MQ RDQM might not switch to or start on its configured preferred node.
IT33572 amqspdbg with -i, -q, -p or -a options fails with an error and generates an FDC
IT33961 TX series application fails with SIGSEGV in check_target when used with IBM MQ
IT34095 The NETTIME parameter for the DISPLAY CHSTATUS command has unexpectedly high values
IT34118 Miscalculation of expiry time for SYSTEM.CLUSTER.HISTORY.QUEUE messages.
IT34230 Memory overwrite error using amqssslc sample
IT34391 RDQM resource probe fails during "stop" action which then prevents auto-restart of the queue manager
IT34419 IBM MQ Appliance queue manager failover is unsuccessful if the queuemanager file system is in use by another process
IT34493 IBM MQ Appliance: After disabling eth20 interface addition of a stand-alone queue manager to HA at DR site fails with AMQ6546E
IT34850 Redistributable MFT command 'fteCreateEnvironment' repeatedly prepends to the PATH environment variable
IT35027 IBM MQ appliance may unexpectedly reload while accessing an SSL session
IT35190 Enhancements to runmqras utility
IT35262 Call to xa_open fails with XAER_INVAL '-5 in XA configuration with TXSeries
IT35279 IBM MQ Appliance: HA queue managers configured for DR fails to be migrated from 9.1 to 9.2
IT35389 Exception reason code 2063 thrown when AMS Java clients access CA certificate chains within cryptographic hardware
IT35459 The dmpmqcfg -c command fails with MQRC_ENVIRONMENT_ERROR when SHARECNV(0) set on SVRCONN
IT35461 AMQ6150 error message states a timeout period of zero minutes.
IT35489 Description is not available (security/integrity exposure)
IT35582 IBM MQ MFT Message-To-File Transfer request using a protocol bridge agent (PBA) as the source agent fails silently.
IT35599 Standby instance of a Managed File Transfer highly available agent shuts down after being disconnected from its queue manager
IT35701 Messages left on source queue at the end of a successful message-to-file transfer.
IT35704 CVE-2020-4938 for IBM MQ Appliance
IT35810 IBM MQ Appliance might reload when a file is downloaded using WebUI or REST API
IT35854 FDC generated when runamscred is run with no parameters
IT35878 Multiple instances of a highly available MFT agent start as the active instance following a queue manager restart
IT36036 Using IBM MQ REST API Gateway to administer remote queue manager canresult in MQWB0000E Error.
IT36122 runmqsc -f on the IBM MQ Appliance fails with "failed to open file [filename]" when the file was altered by copy command
IT36134 Vi editor key bindings unavailable within the runmqsc console
IT36250 The ctrhagrp command fails to re-create the HA group on a replaced appliance.
IT36262 IBM MQ Appliance HA synchronization might be slow after restart of one of the appliances
IT36306 XMS Client application fails to start after migration to V9.1.3.
IT36308 Exception containing reason code 2009 is thrown even though an application is still connected to a queue manager
IT36351 The IBM MQ Advanced software license tag file has corrupted content and is not reported correctly by IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT)
IT36372 Permission denied errors reported on the console by runmqras command on the IBM MQ Appliance
IT36377 The crtdrsecondary command fails with "Invalid command string entered" in the IBM MQ Appliance web console when configuring DR
IT36491 RDQM creation might fail due to port conflict
IT36621 Changes to IBM MQ Appliance link aggregation LLDP configuration property 
IT36700 SIGSEGV within TXSeries cicsas process when trying to get/convert a message
IT36707 Potential SIGSEGV in xcsFFSTS code
IT36729 FDC from xcsFreeMemFn in amqrmppa process reporting xecS_I_PRIVATE_MEMORY_ERROR FROM during thread cleanup
IT36752 IBM MQ generates unnecessary Informational FDC reporting AT040010 atxClose arcE_XAER_PROTO
IT36788 BYTESSENT and BYTESRCVD channel status values do not wrap as expected
IT36855 High memory utilization can occur in IBM MQ channel processes if certificate renegotiation occurs many times
IT36957 Upgrade the JRE level for IBM MQ V9.2 to Java for AIX, Linux, and Windows
IT36959 Update level of GSKit supplied with IBM MQ 9.2 to GSKit
IT36999 Update the IBM MQ embedded WebSphere Liberty Profile to
IT37013 Update level of libcurl supplied with IBM MQ 9.2 LTS TO 7.77.0
IT37016 Update DRBD and Pacemaker packages supplied with IBM MQ 9.2
IT37074 Update level of libedit supplied with IBM MQ 9.2 to 0:66
IT37086 Update level of LDAP client supplied with IBM MQ 9.2 LTS to
IT37117 CVE-2021-3449 for IBM MQ Appliance
IT37166 Description is not available (security/integrity exposure)
IT37174 Description is not available (security/integrity exposure)
IT37251 IBM MQ appliance might reload while processing RBM requests
IT37277 172544, CVE-2020-7676, CVE-2019-14863, 172550, 172543, CVE-2019-10768 for IBM MQ Appliance
IT37279 CVE-2020-25648 and CVE-2020-25692 for IBM MQ Applaince
IT37359 IBM MQ channel process amqrmppa hangs after memory exception
IT37376 Unable to install IBM MQ rpm components for Linux when there are multiple installations
IT37432 IBM MQ appliance configured in HA/DR might reboot during migration
IT37561 Update the Hyperledger Fabric Gateway, Jetty and SLF4J supplied with IBM MQ 9.2 LTS
IT37719 Description is not available (security/integrity exposure)
SE75505 IBM i COBOL APPs linked to AMQ0STUB and ILE C & RPG APPs linked to LIBMQM failed to co-exist in commit control
SE75506 Update openssl to 1.1.1k
SE75562 BLOCKADDR.INI should be created with CCSID 37 even in multi languages environment on IBM i

IBM MQ Windows, UNIX®, IBM i

(Last modified: March 2021)

Security APAR HIPER APAR APAR Description
IJ23167 An internal error CWSMQ0286E is thrown when XMS .NET client tries to retrieve a message containing mqex folder in header.
IJ25042 If backout queue is full, XMS .NET doesn't send the messages with RFH header to dead-letter queue.
IT29565 IBM MQ client app using MQCONNX to make an SSL connection fails with FDC from xehExceptionHandler with rriCopyMQSCO on the stack
IT29638 The DISPLAY CHSTATUS command output for an AMQP client instance always shows AMQPKA(0) instead of the actual value
IT29944 USEDLQ cluster channel attribute is not replicated across cluster members
IT29963 The JMSAdmin tool is partially shipped by the redistributable Java client "{version}"
IT30545 MQ .NET managed client application returns 2059 when setting certlabel in hashtable properties
IT30601 Performance implications of IT28621 changes
IT31415 FDC record with probe id 'OP008000' is generated when runmqdlq is processing messages on the dead letter queue.
IT31883 IBM MQ controller process (amqzxma0) stopped due to SIGSEGV after failing to allocate a shared memory set.
IT31898 IBM MQ Appliance: 'makehaprimary' command incorrectly reports AMQ6682 error
IT31901 Memory leak in the AMS (Advanced Message Security) component of IBM MQ
IT31909 MQTT Channel ends unexpectedly due to NullPointerException
IT32081 Error log incorrectly reports remote certificate validation failed when local certificate is invalid
IT32137 A valid windows user ID with a space character in 12th position fails to connect to queue manager
IT32212 Topic handles are not closed when a Classes for Java MQQueueManager disconnects
IT32292 AMQ5542 message misleadingly mentions CHCKCLNT(REQDADM) when using LDAP for users/groups
IT32294 FDC with probe id ZD048010 from zruMetaNotify at queue manager restart
IT32547 Improve tracing in amqscnxc
IT32554 Channel exits written in Java are unable to access the local address used by the channel
IT32583 A managed .NET client application initializes slowly in multi-user or heavily loaded environments
IT32606 MQ .Net core application takes several seconds to re-establish a connection with a queue manager after a failover
IT32772 IBM MQ Appliance setdrlink and sethalink commands do not verify if the replicationIP is assigned to a valid local interface.
IT32949 Queue manager terminates due to a SIGSEGV issued for amqrrmfa process with Probe Id XC130004
IT32987 NullPointerException occurs when activation specification or WASlistener port is configured to use message retention
IT33189 IBM MQ MFT fteCreateTransfer from a queue results in a zero byte file if the source queue is empty.
IT33209 dltdrprimary command does not completely remove DR definition from HA secondary appliance.
IT33213 IBM MQ Appliance link aggregation interface goes down when LLDP is enabled on network switch
IT33261 The amqrmppa process terminates with memory exception in rppAdjustPool or rppLockPool
IT33385 Inadequate error message is reported when dltdrprimary command fails due to HA queue manager started with strmqm -ns option.
IT33387 IBM MQ Explorer MFT capture log shows an incorrect destination path
IT33398 FDC with Probe KN432051 from kpiAppSignalTask reporting missing signalapp.xx files.
IT33439 Memory leak in IBM MQ when using AMS
IT33552 Using IBM MQ Explorer against IBM MQ v9.0 z/OS to create a channel does not enable the selection of certain SSL ciphers.
IT33571 Channel Status bytesent and bytesrcvd attributes show incorrect value
IT33590 Resource adapter deployed into embedded WebSphere Liberty started via Liberty SPIs cannot make secure connections to IBM MQ.
IT33612 IBM MQ Appliance HA initialization error during reboot
IT33668 MQCTL does not function as expected when issued using MQOP_SUSPEND option
IT33852 IBM MQ classes for JMS generate NullPointerExceptions when an application is accessing a queue or a topic
IT33893 The output of 'dmpmqaut -p [Prinicpal] -e' is misleading when the IBM MQ authority is defined at the group level
IT33894 SourceTransferStartExits can be invoked twice for the same managed transfer.
IT33901 Performance degradation when using extended message selection
IT33970 The dspmqtrc duplicate line suppression functionality prints incorrect lines
IT34002 IBM MQ adding/removing features from a Windows installation can damage the Web Console installation.
IT34004 xcsFreeMemFn xecS_I_PRIVATE_MEMORY_ERROR from amqrmppa during thread cleanup.
IT34015 The setmqenv command is missing from the redistributable client package on Linux x86-64
IT34091 FDCs with ProbeIDs ZC004062 and ZC004040 from zcpCreateMessage
IT34119 'installp' reports a path not found error when installing the 'mqm.web.rte' fileset to a non-default location on AIX
IT34133 MFT error message 'BFGIO0121E' incorrectly specifies a fully qualified filename instead of checksum values.
IT34168 Managed transfers are incorrectly marked as "Successful" rather than "Partially Successful"
IT34217 IBM MQ Explorer fails to connect to a remote Managed File Transfer (MFT) configuration
IT34229 The 'crtmqfp' utility does not permit the default installation location to be specified when repackaging RPM files
IT34233 FDC generated when the MQExplorer is started with the runwithtrace command.
IT34265 Delays when using the administrative REST API gateway to process requests for different queue managers simultaneously
IT34332 Channel names are blank in MQSC and IBM MQ Explorer after direct migration from IBM MQ,, or to 9.1.5 or later
IT34336 MQGET fails with 2004 MQRC_BUFFER_ERROR
IT34350 MFT File-To-Message transfer with delimiter greater than defaultlength generates two 0 byte messages
IT34358 Displaying channel status for IBM MQ Telemetry channels using filteron CONNAME attribute may fail with NullPointerException
IT34367 MQSeriesRDQM RPM package does not enforce prerequisite on Pacemaker RPM package
IT34389 Duplicate stanzas in an IBM MQ client or queue manager configuration file are not processed
IT34411 Update DRBD kernel modules supplied with IBM MQ 9.1 and 9.2 to DRBD version 9.0.25
IT34436 Zero byte content IBM MQ messages gets generated during MFT File to Message transfers when using a prefix delimiter
IT34463 Administrative REST API parameter ibm-mq-rest-gateway-qmgr cannot be used with the REST API discovery feature, and CORS.
IT34473 CVE-2020-4590 for IBM MQ
IT34485 CVE-2020-4931 for IBM MQ Appliance & CVE-2020-4931 for IBM MQ
IT34486 MFT error message 'BFGSS0024E' does not provide details on which object it received the MQI Error message.
IT34488 IBM MQ listener runqmqlsr not accepting new connections and also consuming high CPU
IT34567 Enable Alias and TLS 1.3 Cipherspecs in the IBM MQ Explorer on IBM i and z/OS platforms.
IT34570 CVE-2019-19956, CVE-2019-20388, CVE-2020-7595, CVE-2019-17498,
CVE-2019-11719, CVE-2019-11727, CVE-2019-11756, CVE-2019-17006,
CVE-2019-17023, CVE-2020-12403
for IBM MQ Appliance
IT34573 The FTETopicSubscriptionCollector section of fteRAS takes a longtime to complete.
IT34591 Destination agent generates an ABEND file when processing a managed transfer that has timed out
IT34623 Managed File Transfer agent abends after migrating from version or earlier.
IT34684 JMSCC0108 reported by the MQ-RA reference the wrong version of the Knowledge Center
IT34686 A failure to downgrade the appliance firmware to an earlier level reports AMQ6546E instead of a meaningful error
IT34691 IBM MQ Appliance power outage may result in the IBM MQ Web Console reporting 'Error 500: Internal error'
IT34757 IBM MQ Appliance status command may not correctly report failure states if there is an HA failure on both HA appliances
IT34780 MFT Redistribution 'fteCreateEnvironment' command does not validate the installation name argument
IT34822 A non-persistent message may be discarded if a waiting async MQGET times out while an MQPUT is delivering to it
IT34895 After failure in MQ appliance makedrsecondary command the HA/DR Queue manager failed to start on second node
IT34899 IBM MQ Appliance "service show component-firmware" command does not report network module firmware version information
IT34927 CVE-2020-27216 for IBM MQ
IT34967 IBM MQ classes for JMS BROKERPUBQMGR property validation failure with asterisk characters
IT35074 Potential memory leak during of cached resources in multi threaded asynchronous consume client application
IT35078 Improve error message when a certificate does not meet key length requirements
IT35081 TCP listener port value is not validated against the documented maximum value of 65535
IT35199 Intermittent IBM MQ Appliance reload when SNMP is enabled
IT35214 Setmqenv doesn't work in the default/dash shell
IT35222 IBM MQ MFT: NullPointerException thrown by CommandHandler thread with FFDC probe id FFDC_001
IT35258 Channels remain in initializing state for longer time while starting and message build up on SYSTEM.CHANNEL.INITQ
IT35319 The OCSPTimeout and SSLHTTPConnectTimeout parameters are not read correctly from the configuration file
IT35322 Queue resource monitor submits two message-to-file transfers for the same message or message group on consecutive polls.
IT35342 Upgrade ICU4J for IBM MQ MFT to 68.2
IT35362 Application terminates with SIGSEGV when trace is enabled for AMS operations
IT35398 SourceTransferStartExits are run twice for the same managedtransfer following a network issue during negotiation
IT35440 CVE-2020-8284
IT35457 CVE-2019-20386CVE-2020-1971CVE-2018-20843, CVE-2019-15903, CVE-2019-11068, CVE-2019-18197CVE-2020-8622, CVE-2020-8623, CVE-2020-8624 for IBM MQ Appliance
IT35488 Partial repository queue manager does not report "update not received" error for queue manager
IT35512 Setting OCSPAuthentication=REQUIRED generates AMQ7076 warning incorrectly
IT35522 CVE-2020-25654
IT35532 Upgrade Apache Ant for IBM MQ MFT 9.2 to the latest level (1.10.9)
IT35533 Upgrade Apache Commons libraries for IBM MQ v9.2 to the latest levels
IT35534 Update Bouncy Castle shipped by IBM MQ v9.2 to version 1.68
IT35536 Update Jetty shipped by IBM MQ v9.2 for Linux (x86-64) to 9.3.29.v20201019
IT35540 Upgrade the JRE level for IBM MQ V9.2 to Java for AIX, Linux and Windows
IT35541 Update the IBM MQ embedded WebSphere Liberty Profile to
IT35557 NPMCLASS(HIGH) not retaining non-persistent messages during QM graceful failover in RDQM HA environment.
IT35593 Update level of GSKit supplied with IBM MQ 9.2 LTS to
IT35594 Update level of LDAP client supplied with IBM MQ 9.2 LTS to
IT35595 Update level of libcurl supplied with IBM MQ 9.2 LTS to 7.74.0
IT35683 Update the Fabric Gateway version supplied with IBM MQ to v2.2.1
IT35808 Update DRBD and Pacemaker packages supplied with IBM MQ 9.2
IT35809 IBM MQ MFT resource monitor runs on multiple threads at the same time after its config
IT35834 TLS/SSL channel on distributed platform intermittently stops when partner channel is running on HPE Non Stop
IT35881 IBM MQ Appliance might reload while closing an LDAP connection
CVE-2020-14781 , CVE-2020-14782 and CVE-2020-27221 for IBM MQ Appliance
IT36099 JRE CipherSuites using algorithms based on DES_CBC are disabled
IT36118 RDQM queue manager failed to start due to all nodes in secondarystate
IT36310 IBM MQ Appliance might reload due to error SSL function/TLS
IT36319 IBM MQ CVE-2020-27225 (security/integrity exposure)
IT36321 CVE-2020-4831 for IBM MQ Appliance
IT36347 IBM MQ Appliance might fail to collect sysrecord or other logs in error report
IT37970 RDQM queue managers might fail to start after network outage between nodes
SE71857 Using MQRC to convert an IBM MQ error log file to JSON format results in corrupt Japanese characters on IBM i
SE74387 IBM MQ iSeries 5724H72 option 3 installer needs to be refined.
SE74522 Update OpenSSL to 1.1.1h
SE74554 IBM MQ on IBM i AMS policy with certificates with mixed case components in DN
SE74591 IBM MQ C/RPG/COBOL Client install with TLS and ONE-WAY authentication failed with private keystore
SE74794 IBM MQ operations inside IBM i transaction
SE74947 Update OpenSSL to 1.1.1i
SE75052 AutoConfig can't write output to autocfgmqsc.LOG
SE75343 Update OpenSSL to 1.1.1j

IBM MQ Windows, UNIX®, IBM i

(Last modified: 01 October 2020)

Security APAR HIPER APAR APAR Description
IT23170 Published messages are sent to the DLQ if API subscription destination resolves to non-local cluster queue.
IT31225 IBM MQ Managed File Transfers from a SFTP server occasionally hang
IT31917 IBM MQ Explorer shows protocol value of [Unknown] in channel status of MQTT clients
IT32110 IBM MQ 9.1.4 Queue manager may take longer to end and this in turn causes a hang when a RDQM is failed over.
IT32208 CVE-2020-4870 for IBM MQ and CVE-2020-4870 for IBM MQ Appliance
IT32481 IBM MQ reports FDC RM008005/rrxStopChannel after channel reconnects and adopts previous instance
IT32775 Invalid Managed File Transfer scheduled transfers cannot be deleted
IT32925 Update JMQI trace to remove unnecessary values from the options field
IT32935 Managed File Transfer agent restart changes the time zone of scheduled transfer time.
IT33028 An IBM MQ client receives return code 2119 "MQRC_NOT_CONVERTED" from MQGET when an RFH buffer exceeds the SSL transmission size limit
IT33097 CVE-2020-4528
IT33175 Managed File Transfer protocol bridge agent generates an FDC when fteShowAgentDetails is run with the -d option
IT33490 Triggered channels slow to start and messages build up on SYSTEM.CHANNEL.INITQ
IT33630 Upgrade the JRE level for IBM MQ to Java for AIX Linux Solaris and Windows
IT33633 Upgrade Apache Commons IO for IBM MQ 9.2 to the latest level
IT33638 Update the embedded WebSphere Liberty Profile on IBM MQ 9.2 from v20.0.0.3 to v20.0.0.6
IT33639 Update Bouncy Castle shipped by IBM MQ v9.2
IT33642 Upgrade CometD and Jetty shipped with IBM MQ V9.2 for Linux (X86-64)
IT33649 IBM MQ Appliance HA heartbeat connection (AMQ3904E) messages are intermittently not reported in the MQSystem log.
IT33672 Warning message generated by the IBM MQ Explorer cluster plug-in test "Duplicate cluster members" is grammatically incorrect
IT33681 Update level of GSKit supplied with IBM MQ 9.2 LTS to
IT33772 CVE-2020-4682
IT33794 NullPointerException when using a JSON format CCDT that contains security exit information with no userdata
IT33880 CVE-2020-12762
IT33881 CVE-2018-16878, CVE-2018-16877, CVE-2019-3885 for IBM MQ and for IBM MQ Appliance
IT33914 Update angular.js to 1.8.0
IT33933 CVE-2019-17638
IT33936 Provide mechanism to trace the New Web Console Javascript that runs inside a browser
IT33962 IBM MQ Explorer 9.2 Welcome pages reference earlier versions of the IBM MQ Knowledge Center
IT34071 Update level of JSON-C supplied with IBM MQ 9.1 and 9.2 to 0.15-20200726
IT34105 IBM MQ Explorer Licence on Windows it redirected to IBM MQ v9.0 content
IT34120 Running IBM MQ Explorer with trace enabled does not generate all of the expected trace files.
IT34127 Additional diagnostics to investigate a SIGSEGV error reported by an amqrmppa process
IT34178 CVE-2020-4869
IT34270 CVE-2020-4766
IT34277 CVE-2020-7676
PH26607 IBM MQ MFT 'fteListAgents' command throws a java.lang.NullPointerException

[{"Business Unit":{"code":"BU059","label":"IBM Software w\/o TPS"},"Product":{"code":"SSYHRD","label":"IBM MQ"},"ARM Category":[{"code":"a8m0z0000001eskAAA","label":"APARs \u0026 PTFs"}],"ARM Case Number":"","Platform":[{"code":"PF002","label":"AIX"},{"code":"PF012","label":"IBM i"},{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"},{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":"9.2.0","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB45","label":"Automation"}}]

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18 January 2022