Stay out of data breach headlines

The data breach threat is real. A single attack costs an average of $3.86 million and can damage your reputation.

  • Breaches destroy trust: 78% of customers would not return to a business after a breach.(1)
  • Breaches are common: Over 6.4 million records are lost or stolen daily.(2)
  • Breaches seek gaps: 100% encryption is the only sure way to close them all.

What IBM Z offers

The new standard for data privacy and security in a hybrid cloud world

Open architectures drive innovation, but sharing data across ecosystems can be a risky business: 60 percent of companies experienced a data breach caused by a third party.

The new IBM Z® system provides the highest level of data privacy, security and resiliency for your mission-critical applications and extends it across your hybrid multicloud environment.

Technologies to keep your data secure

There’s a better, easier way to protect your data:

  • Encrypt all of application, cloud service and database data.
  • Deploy containers in a tamper-proof environment that is encrypted and protected from internal and external threats.
  • Lower your security risk to just 5% of competing solutions.

Pervasive encryption

Build an impenetrable wall against attacks and simplify compliance. z14 encryption runs 18.4x faster at 1/20 the cost of alternatives.(4)

IBM PCIe Cryptographic Coprocessor

Improve performance for your sensitive workloads and deliver high throughput for cryptographic functions.

Software to safeguard cloud and mobile

Don’t compromise on security for cloud and mobile environments.

  • Protect both cloud and storage data.
  • Encrypt all application and database data at rest or in flight.
  • Add protection with Secure Service Containers for containerized applications.

IBM Secure Service Container

This tamper-proof technology is orchestrated with Kubernetes and is key to DevSecOps.

z/OS® Connect

Secure access to your environment for cloud and mobile.

IBM MobileFirst® Platform

Securely integrate social, cloud and back-end data for mobile.

Software to identify security threats

Cyber attackers, both insiders and outsiders, are after your most sensitive data. IBM Z provides software, hardware and services as lines of defense, allowing you to:

  • Identify vulnerabilities.
  • Assess your risk level.
  • Leverage expertise.

IBM zSecure™

Quickly expose threats, identify vulnerabilities and simplify compliance.

IBM Z Security Services

Mitigate vulnerabilities and enhance security by assessing your risks.

IBM Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Defend against internal or external unauthorized access.

IBM QRadar®

Identify security breaches before they happen and issue real-time enterprise alerts.

IBM Security Intelligence Program

Combine the capabilities of IBM Z security with new ISVs.

Hear from analysts

With Secure Service Containers, no one has open command-line access with administrative authority.

Peter Rutten, IDC Research

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The new standard for data privacy and security in a hybrid cloud world