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Simplify z/OS application testing and accelerate quality goals

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IBM Test Accelerator for Z is a test automation and test generation framework with support for on-demand virtual z/OS dev and test environments. 

Discover the unparalleled capabilities of IBM Test Accelerator for Z, the ultimate solution tailored for z/OS® developers and testers. Elevate your testing regimen with automated unit testing, early integration testing and integration testing, seamlessly including generated tests into your automated build for a truly uninterrupted testing workflow.

Distinguish yourself with IBM Test Accelerator for Z's unique advantage: the ability to effortlessly create isolated, nonproduction virtual Dev and Test environments. These environments are capable of running IBM z/OS software and middleware on both Linux® on Z and x86 platforms, empowering your teams to seamlessly incorporate continuous integration practices into their automated pipeline.

Future of test automation for Z hybrid applications

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Benefits Detect earlier. Resolve faster.

Cover unit to integration testing with this comprehensive testing solution for z/OS applications.

Accelerated code coverage

Run tests automatically by using data for hard-to-test program paths.

Flexible infrastructure

Spin up z/OS instances for Dev and Test purposes in minutes, whether on Linux on IBM Z® or on Intel x86 platforms.

Early Development Testing for z/OS Early Development Testing for z/OS facilitates the creation and execution of reusable unit and early integration tests, eliminating the need to deploy to target environments. Furthermore, it aids teams in accelerating test coverage for alternate or error paths.

Integration Test Builder for z/OS Integration Test Builder for z/OS accelerates automation of deployable integration tests.

On-demand Dev and Test for z/OS The On-demand Dev and Test environment for z/OS empowers individuals or teams to rapidly provision z/OS instances for development and testing via GUI or APIs. These instances can be sourced from either a z/OS Dev and Test Stock image or a custom image.
Use cases Automated unit and early integration testing

Automate unit and early integration testing for z/OS developers, covering batch, CICS Transaction Server and IMS programs at the early stages of the development lifecycle. Developers can record tests for programs, transactions or batch jobs and run without deploying artifacts to target environments. These tests are run by using the new Dynamic Test Engine for z/OS.

Test generation for z/OS applications

Experience an intuitive user interface that is designed for developers and testers alike, facilitating the recording and generation of automated unit tests, early integration tests and deployable integration tests.

CI/CD pipeline integration

Test artifacts are versioned to allow for the storage of recorded tests within a Source Code Management tool, facilitating seamless integration of tests into a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline.

Early error identification

Identify defects earlier through automated unit and early integration testing. The Dynamic Test Engine for z/OS seamlessly integrates with the IBM z/OS Debugger, enabling easy debugging and code coverage collection during test execution.

Test in a virtual environment

Run tests within an isolated, customizable z/OS virtual environment tailored to your specific enterprise requirements, whether driven by considerations such as cost, availability, performance or security. These z/OS virtual environments can be rapidly provisioned either on Linux on IBM Z or an x86 server.

Resources Join the Automated Testing community

Browse blogs that will help you gain an understanding of how to build an automated testing process to enable continuous integration of your hybrid cloud applications including z/OS.

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