Meet the new IBM Z

Your organization requires cloud without compromise. That means you gain the agility of cloud while keeping your data private and protected, your systems available and your workload migration smooth.

Discover how IBM Z® provides superior levels of data protection, resiliency and openness — all on a platform purpose-built for cloud and integrated with IBM Storage.

Build once, deploy anywhere

Customer demand for new digital and AI services is driving a shift to cloud native experiences. Unleash the power of your developers to rapidly launch new services while ensuring predictable, stable pricing.

Enable cloud native experiences with Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Z

With Red Hat® OpenShift® now on IBM Z, you can build, deploy, manage, orchestrate and automate through an integrated process on a system designed to be secure and resilient. Consistently manage and coordinate cloud native workloads on a single platform to cut time to market for new features by 52 percent1.

Build and modernize with open-source tools

Containers, Kubernetes and other open source tools empower your developers to build and modernize new digital and AI cloud services on IBM Z. IBM Wazi for Red Hat® CodeReady Workspaces allows developers to deploy applications quickly through an enterprise-wide continuous integration/continuous delivery approach built on open source yet automated and scalable.

[1] Companies using the transformative mainframe developed 2X the number of new features in approximately half the time. Companies saw benefits relate to delivering more functionality to the business — 59% more new applications, 112% new features at a faster cadence (27% faster development lifecycle for new apps and 52% faster for new features). IDC Business Value White Paper, co-sponsored by IBM and Broadcom, The Business Value of the Transformative Mainframe, August 2019.

Get storage that is fast, reliable and secure

With IBM DS8900F, you combine all the benefits of IBM Z for critical cloud workloads with the fastest, most reliable IBM storage system designed to be secure. Efficiently develop, deploy and maintain cloud native applications with IBM DS8900F support for Red Hat OpenShift1 and IBM Cloud™ Paks.

Integrate hybrid cloud workloads

With the IBM DS8900F and the IBM TS7770 virtual tape solution, you can transfer IBM Z data directly and more efficiently to any cloud.2 You'll also save up to 50% on your IBM Z CPU utilization when you migrate large data sets, so you can focus on applications like cognitive intelligence and real-time analytics.

[1] Performance metrics based on internal IBM tests using zHyperLink technology (4K read) in a controlled environment.

[2] Results are based on internal IBM data measurements on an EC12 (8 CPs, 32GB Main Memory) when migrating data sets exceeding 6000 3390 tracks in size. Results will vary by customer based on particular workloads, configurations, software levels and the quantity and size of data sets being migrated.

Keep data private and protected

Today sensitive data is routinely shared across the enterprise. How can you keep this data protected and private wherever it goes?

With IBM Z you can encrypt data across your enterprise and hybrid multicloud environment.

Maintain control over enterprise data

IBM Data Privacy Passports on IBM z15™ is a consolidated data-centric audit and protection (DCAP) technology that has the capability to protect eligible data along its journey by setting appropriate data protection controls for your enterprise. It can help clients reduce the risks associated with a security breach and can also help address compliance requirements.1

Protect data within your enterprise

Selective data encryption can be costly and resource intensive. With pervasive encryption on IBM z15, you no longer need to choose which data to encrypt. Run 19 billion fully encrypted transactions a day2 with no impact to SLAs and no application changes. Network encryption helps protect data in flight, while dataset encryption is designed to ward off insider attacks that could compromise unencrypted data.

[1] Data Privacy Passports supports data sources that can be accessed through a JDBC connection.

[2] Disclaimer: This transaction rate is based on internal measurements of a z15 configuration consisting of 2 8-way LPARs and a 4-way ICF running with dataset encryption and CF encryption enabled. Using these results, full size z15 transaction rates were projected using standard LSPR MIPS. The performance that any user will experience may vary.

Protect data across hybrid cloud with IBM Storage

With encryption of data at rest and in flight on the IBM DS8900F enterprise data system, you can extend the security and protection capabilities of IBM Z to storage. Create a trusted network that ensures data is accessed only by authorized IBM Z and DS8900F devices.

Achieve access designed to be secure

Access data across an entire grid of linked IBM TS7770 platforms using IBM Z host systems, even if they are not in the same physical location.1 Keep pace with regulations and requirements with data transfer capabilities that encrypt all grid data — at rest, in the cloud and in flight over ethernet.

[1] High availability and disaster recovery with nearly zero seconds failover across up to 8 redundant TS7770 systems. A DS8800 replicates simultaneously up to 2 TS7770s, resulting in absolute Zero Recovery Point Objective.

Be available for your customers

Your customers require 24/7 availability. Answer their call with a platform with up to seven-nines availability: IBM Z.1 Reduce the impact of planned and unplanned downtime with IBM Z Instant Recovery and scale containers with a solution designed to be secure: new IBM Secure Execution for Linux.

[1] IBM z15 solutions are designed to deliver 99.99999% availability.
Disclaimer: Internal data based on measurements & projections was used in calculating the expected value. The z15 servers must be configured in a parallel sysplex using z/OS 2.3 or above; GDPS management of data and middleware recovery across Metro distance systems and storage, including GDPS Metro Multi-site Workload and GDPS Continuous Availability; and DS888X with IBM HyperSwap. Necessary resiliency technology must be enabled, such as System Managed CF Structure Duplexing, Sysplex failure mgt and Capacity Provisioning Mgr. Other configurations may provide different availability characteristics.

Reduce downtime impact

With IBM Z Instant Recovery you can reduce the impact of planned and unplanned downtime, getting your systems back up and running in half the time. Catch up on pending workloads without increasing IBM software costs.1 System Recovery Boost now supports new recovery process boosts which further minimize the impact of disruption by accelerating sysplex recovery actions.

Isolate workloads at scale

With IBM z15 you can use IBM Secure Execution for Linux to provide scalable isolation for individual workloads to protect from attacks such as malicious administrative access. Deploy secured and isolated services within a single Z server, without needing to run on physically separated logical partitions (LPARs).2

[1] IBM System Recovery Boost (Instant recovery) on z15, enables a z/OS partition to return to your pre-shutdown SLAs in up to 50% less time than on z14. Disclaimer: z15 z/OS partitions benefit from IBM System Recovery Boost for one boost period of 30 minutes during shutdown and 60 minutes during restart. Measurements were collected in a controlled environment running an IBM developed workload under z/OS 2.4 comprised of online transactions accessing WAS, CICS, MQ, IMS and Db2. Comparisons were made between z15 with IBM System Recovery Boost and z14. Individual client results may vary.

[2] Cryptographic isolation uses special encryption keys in the hardware. IBM Secure Execution is supported on the latest z15 and LinuxONE III generation machines (including T02 and LT2).

Extend cyber resilience to storage

With IBM DS8900F and IBM TS7770 storage, you can extend IBM Z business continuity, availability and disaster recovery capabilities.1 Meet service-level agreements by recovering access to your data in seconds and operating important services without interruptions.2 IBM DS8900F and TS7770 enable cloud-based disaster recovery to ensure your critical data is available where and when it is needed.

Safeguard against breaches and cyberattacks

Don’t let breaches disrupt business as usual. IBM DS8900F Safeguarded Copy is designed to protect your data — and your customers’ data — from being modified or deleted due to user errors or ransomware attacks. And thanks to TS7770 integration with physical tape systems, you get air gap protection between data and online hackers to safeguard against cyberattacks.

[1] Better than seven 9's availability (99.999996%) with HyperSwap and multi-target PPRC in MGM environments.

[2] With multi-site data replication for disaster recovery, DS8900F provides continuous access to data for mission-critical environments. HyperSwap technology provides no-data-loss capabilities within metro distances, and at more than 1,000 miles, IBM Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex enables the rapid recovery of business operations with two to four seconds RPO and less than 60 seconds RTO. Disclaimer: Based on real customer metrics with GDPS continuous availability environments.

Get the platform purpose-built for cloud

You need a platform designed for the modern data center and designed for your needs. With IBM Z, you can deploy and consume compute resources flexibly and on-demand, regardless of your size and capacity needs. Benefit from flexible consumption models, on-chip compression and sort acceleration for defined workloads, and a footprint that fits into the cloud data center.

Find a Z that meet your needs

Whether you’re a startup, a Fortune 500 company, or in between, IBM Z can meet your workload needs. As you grow so can your Z capacity, with 1,800 times capacity growth from the smallest to largest servers.1

Meet demands with flexibility

Benefit from flexible consumption models designed for public, private and hybrid cloud workloads. Slide IBM Z right into your hybrid cloud environment with flexible packaging, air cooling, and entry points designed for cloud data centers.

[1] The range of MIPS on z15 T02 is 98 to 183,267 MIPS for the largest z15 T01 model, representing a ratio of 1870.

Choose from flexible storage options

Size your storage to the needs of your business. The IBM DS8900F enterprise data system and the TS7770 virtual tape solution provide a variety of racked and rack-mounted solutions with the same powerful enterprise capabilities across all the configurations. IBM DS8910F can now be integrated into IBM z15 to enable a powerful end-to-end solution delivered in a single 19-inch industry-standard rack.

These solutions also offer the flexibility of capacity on demand required by managed service providers (MSP) and cloud service providers (CSP) for dynamic, pay-for-use consumption.

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