IBM z15: The cloud you want — with the privacy and security you need

High customer expectations for service and privacy require higher levels of resiliency and encryption. And that requires IBM® z15™:

  • Encryption everywhere protects you and your ecosystem.
  • Cloud native deployment simplifies life for your developers.
  • IBM Z® Instant Recovery reduces the impact of planned and unplanned downtime.

Say “hi” to your data. Because no one else can.

Sleep well at night knowing that thanks to IBM® z15™ your data is always protected with the highest commercial security available — encryption everywhere — on- or off-prem.

You also get IBM Data Privacy Passports, the industry’s first solution to extend protection and privacy of sensitive data wherever it lives.

Keep your data safe wherever it goes with encryption everywhere

When your data travels, Z security goes with it. Thanks to IBM Data Privacy Passports, available in beta on IBM z15™, you can rest easy knowing that protection and privacy by policy is extended across hybrid clouds. An intelligent encryption layer protects your data and enforces policies beyond the boundaries of your datacenter, offering granular control to the field level with no application changes necessary.

Is someone trying to break in? They won’t like what they find.

Get ahead of risk and compliance needs. Put the powerful IBM z15 pervasive encryption capability to work to attain a level of security far beyond what the majority of compliance audits require. By ensuring that all of your data is encrypted at rest or in flight, you remove vulnerabilities that may be overlooked by audits and deliver a deeper level of protection.


We’re really bad at failure

In today's business world even a second of downtime can be disastrous. A resilient organization must manage to “always on” availability and have a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan.

With IBM® z15™, you get enterprise resiliency thanks to its superior design — for ultimate uptime and the new IBM Instant Recovery.

Get back on your feet, faster than ever

Your top priority during planned maintenance or unplanned downtime is to get back to work as fast as possible. IBM Instant Recovery lets you get your system back to work faster when downtime happens and can help make up for lost time. Your system can get back to normal production in half the time1.

Achieve the ultimate uptime, so you don't let your customers down

IBM z15 has the industry's highest level of business uptime to help you meet SLAs. With z15, you can deliver with confidence to meet the needs of critical business services and keep your customers happy. The z15 is designed for 99.9999% availability2 and can achieve zero downtime through the use of additional resiliency features.

[1] Results are based IBM internal measurements

[2] Internal data based on measurements and projections was used in calculating the expected value. The z15 servers must be configured in a parallel sysplex using z/OS 2.3 or above; GDPS management of data and middleware recovery across Metro distance systems and storage, including GDPS Metro Multi-site Workload and GDPS Continuous Availability; and DS888X with IBM HyperSwap. Necessary resiliency technology must be enabled, such as System Managed CF Structure Duplexing, Sysplex failure management and Capacity Provisioning Manager. Other configurations may provide different availability characteristics.

Hybrid multicloud

Don’t worry about us. We’re flexible.

IBM® z15™ provides the platform to elevate your hybrid multicloud environment for mission-critical workloads by unlocking unmatched value with agile delivery both on prem and off prem.

Integrate hybrid multicloud deployments with agility and security

Hybrid multicloud demands that you be able to keep sensitive data private while also allowing you to scale out flexibly with public cloud. IBM® z15™ enables you to develop, manage and transform your core business applications with IBM Secure Service Containers for IBM Cloud™ Private, making cloud native development easy with container-based applications for hybrid and private cloud workloads. You can integrate IBM® Z® into a hybrid multicloud environment and manage everything from behind the firewall for the best in both security and agility.

Your hybrid multicloud: Now with game-changing data privacy and security

You need a platform that integrates seamlessly into your hybrid multicloud foundation and encrypts all your data, isolates workloads and authenticates access. IBM Data Privacy Passports helps protect data after it leaves the system, minimizing the impact of breaches and noncompliance. IBM Z Data Privacy for Diagnostics enables redaction of sensitive data from diagnostic files, to protect against data exposure and noncompliance.

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