Announcing World of Watson 2016

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World of Watson 2016 is more than just a conference. It is a movement that will take place this October 24-27, featuring a personalized journey built just for you, inspiring talks with the world’s leading minds, and countless immersive cognitive experiences.

The world of cognitive can help organizations build solutions that provide a unified view of data and extract value from it. If the median Fortune 1000 business could make use of just 10% more of its overall data resources, it would see an increase of $2.01 billion in revenue. World of Watson will give you the education and training you need to build the foundation for a successful cognitive business.
World of Watson also brings with it the opportunity to network with 20,000 peers and experts. The community includes an elite group of thought leaders, top academics, inspired architects, data scientists, developers, engineers, inventors and business leaders.

Are you also a World of Watson alumni? Tell us how you benefited from previous events on Twitter, using hashtag #ibmwow!

The conference sessions and registration includes something for everyone – for those seeking the full experience to just the keynotes. Sessions include everything from data integration and governance to enterprise content management and collaboration solutions. Start building your schedule and register before September 16 get a significant early bird discount.


Headed to World of Watson?

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