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Cloud Innovate: An Easier Way to Process Your Cloud Migration

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Key to cloud transformations is the redefining of long-established IT infrastructure and application practices and protocols. Determining which processes and methods to retire, migrate, and modernize for cloud, while also creating new microservices and capabilities through APIs using cloud native development, will help organizations realize the entire value of cloud.

At IBM, we’re working with our clients across industries to help them navigate the complexity inherent to their cloud adoption. For example, KONE, a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, is tapping into the IBM Watson IoT Cloud Platform to connect, remotely monitor and optimize its management of millions of elevators, escalators, doors and turnstiles in buildings and cities worldwide. The system will analyze vast amounts of data from sensors embedded in equipment helping to identify and predict issues, minimize downtime and personalize the experience for users.

With real-time insights about the operation of its equipment, KONE plans to develop new solutions and services to improve the flow of people in some of the world’s busiest cities and buildings. Using IBM’s open standards-based Watson IoT Cloud platform, KONE plans to enable a vast developer ecosystem of APIs to build new applications that make a smoother, safer and more personalized experience for building users. For instance, community-based systems could help people pre-order elevators during the busiest times of the day or speed up evacuations during emergencies. 

Successes like these have propelled us to advance even further the areas of IoT, cognitive and cloud. Today we are launching IBM Cloud Innovate, an end-to-end services methodology that defines a reliable, repeatable, secure path for our clients to embark and succeed on their cloud journeys. Based on comprehensive capabilities including analytics and cognitive market leadership, this methodology allows clients to perform structured assessments and cloud affinity analyses. This better enables businesses to migrate, modernize, and build applications for the optimal destination cloud – public, private, and hybrid – and then to manage them efficiently.

IBM Cloud Innovate helps clients discover new insights, innovate, and deliver true business value by making cloud migrations predictable, secure and fast, and deliver them as a service.

I will be at IBM’s Interconnect conference with our clients, such as KONE, where we will talk about how cloud is helping them transform. We will discuss their challenges, and how IBM Cloud Innovate can help organizations respond with agility to meet customer demands resulting in greater revenue and market shares.

General Manager for Cloud Application Innovation, IBM Global Business Services

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