Think 2018: Data-driven storage without limits

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The world of storage has changed dramatically in a few short years. Business data is no longer stored only in stand-alone systems in on-premises data centers. Far different demands are being placed on storage as data volumes rise and new applications are developed. Artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics, deep learning and other modern workloads are compelling businesses in this data era to adopt a data and cloud strategy for their IT infrastructure.

After all, too much data is now in play in many organizations for humans to figure out where all that data needs to go for efficient processing and insightful analysis. In the data era, it is the storage that must figure out which geographic locations, on which devices and in which clouds to place all that data, depending on who and which processes need efficient access to it.

Think 2018, March 19–22 in Las Vegas, Nevada, gives you a tremendous opportunity to learn how a data-driven, multicloud storage architecture can instill your organization with an agile, flexible and modern storage solution. At the conference’s Modern Infrastructure campus, leading experts, product developers, IBM Business Partners and clients will gather to meet, network and share ideas about this innovative approach to storage for modern workloads and much more.

Insights for data and cloud storage

Think 2018’s Modern Infrastructure campus also offers many Think Academy hub sessions that take deeper dives into data-driven, multicloud storage architecture. Here are some highlights.

Modernizing for a multicloud world: Organizations can derive business value from data using analytics and AI technologies in a multicloud architecture that is agile, flexible and built with modern technologies such as flash and software-defined storage (SDS). Discover how this approach helps transform on-premises infrastructure to meet new business needs.

Hybrid cloud data availability – It´s more than a data protection hub: Businesses can use the cloud to improve on-premises availability at a reduced cost. Learn how thinking holistically about data availability and governance can streamline daily business operations, provide added control and help ensure business continuity.

Storage innovation to monetize your data: Many organizations find building a strategy to extract insights from their data oceans and data warehouses to be challenging. In this session, industry experts and clients show you how to overcome challenges and build the right storage infrastructure strategy to monetize data.

From here to AI – Beyond the hype: Does AI drive quantifiable business benefits? If so, how? And where do you start? This panel examines the enterprise AI phenomenon. Innovators from Hortonworks, IBM and NVIDIA reveal how to tap into AI to unleash data insights that give businesses a competitive edge.

Leveraging the latest flash technology: This client panel discussion with executives from ADP, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Trenchant, IBM and Plenty of Fish focuses on using flash technology for business success and growth.

After these sessions, Think Tanks offer more information and a chance to meet presenters face-to-face for questions and answers. Then explore a wide variety of breakout sessions, with client and business partner presentations and deep dives taking place throughout the day.

That’s not all. Fifteen storage and software-defined infrastructure labs and demos give you hands-on experience with innovative new products, including storage solutions designed for AI and multicloud architectures. And a special display features a Formula One car from Red Bull Racing. Storage and a software-defined infrastructure are critical for Red Bull because designing cars requires highly data-intensive simulations and the collection of huge amounts of data for each track that is part of the Grand Prix racing tour.

Inspiration to think outside the box

At Think 2018, you have an opportunity to meet and hear from those who are challenging conventional thinking about how data and cloud technology are used to help accelerate business and transform industries. Register today for Think 2018. Check out the full schedule of storage content and presentations, and use the promo code SYSTEMSVIP to get a $300 discount and an invitation to the IBM Systems Top Golf VIP reception.

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