Four big benefits of software-defined storage

By | 2 minute read | March 29, 2016

Software-defined storage is helping clients across a variety of industries manage their data. It can help your company too. A recent eWeek article debunked some common myths surrounding software-defined storage, showing how misunderstood this technology continues to be. There are some big benefits to be had, though, so it’s important to understand the role software-defined storage can play in your company’s journey.

What is software-defined storage (SDS)?
Software-defined storage (SDS) is a storage architecture for a wide array of data storage requirements based on a set of loosely-coupled software and hardware components. SDS is a model that encompasses traditional and newer types of workloads, and is optimized for interoperability across hardware and software solutions. In short, it provides increased flexibility for you to receive, consume and explore different data storage options and better harness data for greater business insights.

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What are the benefits?

1. Work smarter. SDS creates smarter interactions between workloads and storage. It enables more dynamic storage provisioning, helps storage better adapt to workload needs and provides for storage functions at the server.
2. Achieve agile storage consumption. SDS supports emerging and traditional IT consumption models, enabling technical agility across cloud, mobile, social and analytics infrastructure.
3. Gain control and efficiency. SDS provides the agility, control and efficiency needed to meet rapidly changing business requirements. It dynamically optimizes infrastructure capabilities to application service-level requirements.
4. Acquire real-time scalability. SDS offers tiered capacity by service level and the ability to provision storage on demand, enabling optimal capacity based on current business requirements. SDS also empowers you with metrics reporting of storage infrastructure usage.

The automation and flexibility that SDS provides will help gain storage and staff efficiencies that can really impact your bottom line. Our optimization assessments show an SDS strategy can reduce total money spent.

Learn more
Discover more about software-defined storage and how IBM can help your organization deploy an SDS solution by reading the IBM Software-Defined Storage Guide.

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