IBM Dreamers Share Their Stories

There are approximately 30 IBMers who are recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. These Dreamers support a variety of business units at IBM in innovative areas like software engineering, analytics, sales, quality assurance, and customer support from coast to coast. One of them recently provided critical remote technical support to ensure […]

Data Responsibility @ IBM

Data is the phenomenon of our time. It is the world’s new natural resource, growing exponentially not only in quantity but more importantly in form. Every action and interaction, every decision and relationship, every event occurring in any of the world’s complex systems, natural and human-made, is now being expressed as data. Read the introduction […]

IBM Statement on the European Parliament’s “EU Digital Trade Strategy” Report

IBM applauds the push by the European Parliament for Digital Trade and data flows to be prioritized in the EU's broader trade strategy moving forward.

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Healthcare Evolution in the Digital Single Market

IBM VP of European Government and Regulatory Affairs lays out how the EU's digital single market can advance the evolution of healthcare.

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Apprenticeships at IBM: From Teacher to Student

Throughout his high school career and the jobs that followed, Brandon Whittington has always had an interest in technology. Then one day he took a job at a local elementary school. The job was unique in that he was responsible not only for maintaining and repairing the school’s network of computers, but also for teaching […]

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IBM Position on US Government “Industry Days”

Here is IBM’s position as provided to Reuters on US Government “Industry Days”: “IBM has a large federal contracting business, and routinely attends “industry day” listening sessions where government agencies brief multiple vendors on initiatives or projects they may be considering. These informational sessions are the very earliest stage of the federal procurement process and, […]

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Apprenticeships at IBM: Trading in Traditional Schooling for a 21st Century Apprenticeship

There are a lot of ways to learn, and for some, like Josh Hannaford, traditional classroom learning isn’t the most effective. Josh always had a passion for technology and computer programming, as well as a curiosity that kept him learning and exploring, but when it came to classroom-style learning, something just didn’t click. Because of […]

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Apprenticeships at IBM: Experience is the Best Teacher

Dale Haiducek is a long-time believer in learning by doing – one of the many reasons he’s a natural for IBM’s new registered apprenticeship program. “My most powerful learning experiences have come when I’ve immersed myself in a task or in a particular work environment,” he says. Dale’s interest in science and technology goes back […]

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Blockchain: Trust, Transformation & Public Policy

IBM’s Jean-Marc Leclerc lays out important facts EU policy makers need to know on Blockchain, alongside thoughts for the future.

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Apprenticeships at IBM: From Licensed Nurse to Registered Apprentice

Tara Welch has just finished her first week as a registered apprentice. She’s exhausted and exhilarated for two reasons: First, she’s not in debilitating pain every time she takes a step or moves. Second, she’s finally starting her new career as a software engineer. Three years ago Tara was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. […]

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Jason Kelley: Proud Veteran and Proud to be an IBMer Who Supports Them

We all honor those who serve our country—not just on Veteran’s Day, but every day. Our United States veterans embody American resiliency and commitment to service, during both times of war and peace. This selfless service is what continues to give strength and security to our great nation. I can only think of one honor […]

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