The European Commission’s review must bring the Digital Single Market strategy back on track

As the European Commission reviews the Digital Single Market strategy, IBM's Jean-Marc Leclerc weighs in on implications for the Internet of Things.

From the Iowa Cornfields to New Collar Malware Defense

For Griff Griffin, on-the-job training in customer service and people management skills paved the way to a new collar career at IBM in Dubuque, Iowa.

IBM Among the First Companies to Sign EU Data Protection Code of Conduct for Cloud Service Providers

By Cristina Cabella, Chief Privacy Officer, IBM I am pleased to announce that IBM today signed up to the EU Data Protection Code of Conduct for Cloud Service Providers with our IBM SoftLayer and IBM Bluemix Infrastructure services. We are one of the first companies to do so. Signing up our services to the EU Code declares […]

Privacy Shield: a Good Deal for Transatlantic Digital Trade

As U.S. Commerce Secretary Ross and E.U. Vice President Ansip meet this week, IBM is emphasizing the important role of Privacy Shield in digital trade.

Values and Responsibilities for the Future of the Internet of Things

IBM Europe Chairman Erich Clementi makes some recommendations to the European Commission about how good public policy can grow and drive the future of IoT.

Hacking His Way to a New Collar Education

For P-TECH graduate Gabriel Rosa, a love for experimenting led from hacking his school’s computer system to a NASA hackathon to a New Collar job with IBM.

Data Protection in the Cloud – a new EU trust mark for Cloud is launched

A new Data Protection Code of Conduct for Cloud Service Providers in Europe has been launched.

Taking a Chance on a New Collar Career

IBMer Rey Lozano’s decision to take a chance on New Collar IT skills helped him make the jump from fast food to the fast-growing technology industry.

Writing a New Collar Story, In Code

“I consider myself a creator,” said Savannah Worth, Software Developer at IBM’s Bluemix Garage in San Francisco. “My passions have always revolved around creating content – whether it was writing, drawing, or singing.” Since childhood, Savannah has used sketchbooks to express herself – and ultimately, refine her craft. From watching Star Wars to playing video […]