Quantum Computing

What problems could quantum computers solve?

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You may have heard that quantum computers have the ability to solve problems that were previously unimaginable to overcome. Problems that cannot be addressed by classical computers. But what kind of problems is that?

In the video below, Katie Pizzolato (Director, IBM Quantum Partner Research) outlines some of them, including sustainability issues and fundamental scientific questions about the world we live in:

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Eager to become a quantum expert? We’ve got you covered

What you’ve just seen is just a glimpse into the fast emerging world of quantum computing. If you are curious to learn more, I would like to suggest to you the following resources:

  1. Check out What is quantum computing? to learn the basics of quantum phenomena, computation, and technology.
  2. Visit Quantum computing at IBM to see how we work with quantum at IBM and try to make it broadly usable and accessible. Likewise, you can see how we work with research, technology, and development within the field.
  3. Furthermore, make sure to read the IBM Quantum Computing blog. Here you can browse the latest news, projects, and publications from IBM on e.g. problems that quantum computers can potentially help to solve.

Lastly, I will encourage you to learn, develop, and run quantum programs on our systems with the IBM Quantum Experience cloud platform if you are keen to try out the most advanced quantum computers available for you to do real work.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at janl@dk.ibm.com

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