With cloud, 1–800-FLOWERS.COM is no late bloomer in online retail

Since taking its business online in 1994, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM Inc. has become one of the world’s premier internet retailers. By acquiring leading brands in gourmet foods, confections, and gifts, the company expanded its product portfolio well beyond flowers and plants. However, each new addition to the 1-800-FLOWERS.COM brand family meant bringing another organization’s order management tools […]

Hybrid cloud app deployment: Meet the experts at InterConnect

Hybrid cloud can liberate organizations by providing complete flexibility in infrastructure. An organization can start on public cloud. As their business grows, they can move to a private cloud that offers a dedicated, single-tenant cloud environment. Or they can do the reverse. Businesses can also choose to run only front-end applications on an off-premises environment, […]

Gain confidence with Cloud Technical Engagement

Adopting and thriving on cloud will make or break many industries. Using cloud to transform business is this generation’s professional challenge, but digital transformation doesn’t have to be confusing or daunting. Whether you are just learning about the business value of cloud, or you’re in the middle of your own transformation, there’s room to learn […]

Why hybrid cloud is not just a transitional environment

Let’s say you have a car you love. It runs great and you don’t have to spend much on repairs. There are really cool new touch-screen car stereos that connect to the internet, play movies, provide GPS and so on. Do you go buy a new car to get one of the new stereos? No. […]

Cloud-based managed firewall protects children using IBM Analytics

Many parents wouldn’t dream of letting their young children use an internet-connected device without some type of filter. It’s important to protect young web searchers from arriving at undesirable websites. An innocent enough search term could be a double entendre, leading impressionable minds to things better left unseen. One approach for parents is to install […]

“Toon” into these InterConnect highlights

I recently asked IBM employees for some of their questions about InterConnect, which kicks off next Monday. We had so much fun inside IBM preparing the answers, we thought we’d share it with the world. Check out this brief video to learn the top 5 things I think you should check out InterConnect this year. […]

Bernhardt Furniture personalizes buyer experiences with a cloud-based virtual showroom

Twice a year, Bernhardt Furniture Company participates in the High Point Market, the furniture industry’s equivalent of fashion week where 2,800 wholesale buyers representing a slew of retailers browse the latest in furniture design and decide what they’ll put in their stores. The stakes are high for the 127-year-old family-owned company: the decisions that buyers […]

8 ways to be serverless and event-driven at InterConnect 2017

Serverless, based on the Apache OpenWhisk open source project, IBM Buemix OpenWhisk is a programming platform as a service with packaged access to 160+ cognitive and other cloud services.  OpenWhisk scalably executes code in runtime containers in response to configurable events, through direct invocation, and without the need to manage infrastructure. Besides making cloud computing cost-effective […]

How open communities can hurt, and help, interoperability

Portability is the key concept of interoperability. When systems are interoperable, we can move around code and processes between different infrastructure and platforms with minimal concern about the layers below. In the past, I’ve described this as a “black box” approach where users only care about the APIs and are blind to the implementation details. […]

4 can’t-miss cloud storage sessions at InterConnect

Cloud storage can provide a flexible, scalable opportunity to help your organization grow and keep up with storage demands. It’s an excellent business opportunity, and IBM InterConnect 2017 is an outstanding place to learn how to capture it. More than 20,000 cloud professionals will gather at the conference to network, train and learn about the […]

10 do-not-miss hands-on labs at IBM InterConnect

Looking for a hands-on experience with technologies and services that can help your organization work smarter? The InterConnect Hands-on Lab Center provides an opportunity for attendees at this year’s conference to get first-hand, technical experience with the latest IBM products and solutions. Stop by and meet experts. Try hands-on exercises at your own pace. Choose from […]

Sonian’s bet on cloud pays big

When Sonian launched its cloud-based email archiving solution in 2007, the company was ahead of the curve. “Our founders took a bet that cloud was going to be the future for how enterprises store and retrieve information,” says Derek Peplau, Sonian vice president of marketing. “We like to think that we were cloud before it […]