Project Intu: Bringing cognitive and IoT together

A new, experimental program from IBM enables developers to imbue Internet of Things (IoT) systems — robots, drones, avatars and other devices — with the cognitive know-how of Watson. Called Project Intu, the program makes it so that developers don’t have to program each individual movement and response of an IoT system. Project Intu provides […]

Conquering impossible goals with real-time analytics

“Past data only said, ‘go faster’ or ‘ride better,'” Kelly Catlin, Olympic Cyclist and Silver Medalist, shared with the audience at IBM World of Watson event on 24 October. In other words, the feedback generated from all her analytics data sources — the speed, cadence, power meters on her bicycle — was generally useless to this […]

“Outthink” comes alive in insurance industry drones application

The concept of “outthink” is sweeping through numerous industries as companies and individuals uncover new ways to transform their businesses using social, mobile, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and cognitive technologies. To make this strategy a success, outthink must come alive to fuel innovation. This new approach to technology must be thoughtfully applied to a […]

IBM and partners launch JS Foundation

This week’s announcement that IBM is a founding member of the JS Foundation further confirms something I’ve been saying for years now: there’s never been a better time to be working in open technology. Along with the greater JavaScript ecosystem, the JS Foundation is dedicated to fostering developer engagement, collaboration and best practices under an […]

IBM opens a cloud-powered pop-up studio in London

According to Andrew Fitzgerald, cloud marketing leader for IBM U.K. and Ireland, the idea to open a pop-up Cognitive Studio in the Old Street underground tube station in London was “an experiment.” “We wanted to find a new way of inspiring and engaging with customers, developers, businesses and the general public by demonstrating exactly what […]

IBM Cloud Video: Digital disruption in entertainment

Video is becoming the dominant data type in the world and the most pervasive form of digital communication. Each day—at work, at home and in between—video reaches every screen. It informs, educates and entertains us. By 2018, there will be one billion pay TV subscribers. Researchers expect that video traffic will soon exceed 80% of […]

Video will transform your business: Plan for it at InterConnect

If you were reading this blog just three years in the future, would it still be static text on a screen? Or would it be an engaging visual experience in the form of a video? IBM predicts that by 2019, up to 90% of all consumer internet traffic will consist of video. But you don’t […]

Real-time, cloud-based video on rise

Each day we each experience the power of real-time video – to inform us, to educate us, to entertain us and to connect us to each other. This new ‘high-fidelity’ world of video communications spans our personal and professional lives. So, as businesses consider how to communicate effectively with their employees, partners, vendors and customers […]

Video, media, and their rapid evolution in the cloud

Enterprise Cloud Platforms are fundamentally changing how the world’s data is processed, stored and delivered. And, as we have seen, that data is no longer just structured data, but increasingly unstructured. Importantly, no data type is growing faster than video. Video is how we are entertained, how we are informed, how we learn and how […]

The power of cognitive computing and the Internet of Things

This is the third and final blog in the Digital Transformation in the Cognitive Business Era series where we explore how cognitive systems like IBM Watson are redefining society, business and human interaction in the digital economy by helping people make better decisions. In healthcare and life sciences, tens of millions of Americans currently live […]

Cloud supports election monitoring and urban repair in Mexico

Headquartered in Mexico City, IT solution provider Mi Agencia envisioned an innovative way to connect everyday citizens with government entities in Mexico. “Mobile phone users can very easily capture pictures of problems to address in Mexican cities, from water leaks to potholes in the street,” says Mi Agencia director Daniel Molina. “We wanted to create […]

Securing the Internet of Things: This decade’s IT challenge

The Internet of Things (IoT) trend is such a hot topic today… and for good reasons. There is no doubt that a world with a fully functional collection of IoT systems will bring tremendous benefits to our work and personal lives. Let’s look at just three examples. Sensors in roads and in cars will tell […]