Unveiling IBM Cloud Product Insights to unlock value through cloud

Today at IBM InterConnect, the team pulled back the curtain on a new tool to help you find value in your data. It’s called IBM Cloud Product Insights. It’s a product that aims to help you connect your existing middleware infrastructure to the cloud. Why is this so important? It’s anticipated that the future of […]

A new tool to manage multicloud with speed and control

In this post, we’ll cover the most critical steps to adopting a multicloud strategy. But first, some exciting news:  We will be announcing the IBM Cloud Automation Manager at InterConnect 2017. IBM Cloud Automation Manager will be released in March 17, 2017. Companies can use CAM to manage their multicloud environment through a single dashboard. […]

Hybrid cloud app deployment: Meet the experts at InterConnect

Hybrid cloud can liberate organizations by providing complete flexibility in infrastructure. An organization can start on public cloud. As their business grows, they can move to a private cloud that offers a dedicated, single-tenant cloud environment. Or they can do the reverse. Businesses can also choose to run only front-end applications on an off-premises environment, […]

Why hybrid cloud is not just a transitional environment

Let’s say you have a car you love. It runs great and you don’t have to spend much on repairs. There are really cool new touch-screen car stereos that connect to the internet, play movies, provide GPS and so on. Do you go buy a new car to get one of the new stereos? No. […]

Announcing IBM Cloud Product Insights for hybrid cloud

Stressful. Frustrating. Unpleasant. That’s the trio of adjectives that surface when I think about relocation. Having recently moved from one house to another, those sentiments remain fresh in my memory. The litany of unpacked boxes still lining my garage are constant reminders. And until the final coffee mug, picture and trinket are placed in their […]

IBM and Aricent partner for client success

For more than eight years, Aricent has been one of IBM’s strategic digital product transformation partners. Now the companies are expanding that relationship with a new 10-year product partnership. IBM and Aricent will introduce expanded digital capabilities to meet customer expectations and performance objectives. The two companies are committed to enhancing IBM’s cloud product portfolio […]

How much should hybrid cloud cost?

If you’re thinking about adopting hybrid cloud, you’re probably also thinking about cost. Every day, I speak to IT architects who are rethinking their cloud computing strategies. Questions about cloud cost are usually at the tops of their minds. One big advantage of working for a company like IBM is access to the latest market […]

Explore IBM Cloud Orchestrator at InterConnect

To meet a wide range of business requirements, many companies build a complex multi-cloud environment. Managing multiple clouds used to be difficult. In 2017, is that still the case? It shouldn’t be. IBM offers a complete cloud management platform that simplifies management of multi-cloud environments. Developers can use the platform to build and run applications […]

3 types of companies harnessing the power of cloud

What if you could redefine your competitive position by enhancing your products or services?  What if you had access to unlimited computing resources to scale your business? What if you could invent a new customer need and own a new market? Cloud is the enabler that makes these scenarios possible. Five years ago, only a […]

IBM and VMware extend their partnership to IBM Business Partners

At IBM InterConnect 2016, IBM and VMware announced a strategic partnership to accelerate enterprise hybrid cloud adoption. Since then, the two companies have jointly provided additional services and solutions for clients to optimize, integrate and extend their VMware environments to the cloud with ease and speed. This initiative has grown to include more than 1,000 […]

See the latest in multi-cloud management at InterConnect

I can’t wait for IBM InterConnect 2017, where we will preview the new hybrid cloud management platform we are building for our clients. Why? Read on. More companies are investing in hybrid cloud strategies. Many businesses have a multi-cloud strategy. And that strategy must include a cloud management platform that agnostically manages any cloud so […]

4 top reasons businesses adopt hybrid cloud

The latest IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) study, “Tailoring hybrid cloud,” confirms that organizations are increasingly turning to hybrid clouds to pursue new customers, reduce technology costs, access remote capabilities and facilitate innovation. In fact, the study found that the four top reasons organizations are adopting hybrid clouds are to keep costs down while […]