How NBC Universal sped delivery and cut costs with DevOps

If businesses find the success with DevOps that NBC Universal has, it’s safe to say that it’ll be sticking around. At IBM InterConnect Monday, Angel Diaz, IBM vice president of developer technology and advocacy, told the crowd, “We are living in a technology-fueled business revolution.” He was referring, of course, to DevOps, the approach to […]

Hit the IT operations trail at InterConnect 2017

IT operations is at the heart of every company’s digital transformation journey, whether you need to drive a better client experience—or just keep the lights on. IDC analysts predict by the end 2017, more than 70 percent of the Global 500 will have dedicated digital transformation and or innovation teams. And did you know the […]

Service management in the age of hybrid cloud

Disruption has become as commonplace in business as the number of taxis and hotels that once defined urban travel. Then came Uber and Airbnb, innovative, digitally-driven companies at the vanguard of the new sharing economy. The evidence that top companies believe their business will be significantly disrupted in the next three years is everywhere. Clearly, […]

6 IBM InterConnect Bootcamp labs developers shouldn’t miss

When learning about new technologies and tools, it often helps to get one’s hands just a little bit dirty and see what really makes them work. That’s the idea behind the new Bootcamp labs at InterConnect 2017. These instructor-led labs will run three to four hours, providing enrollees the opportunity to do hands-on work with […]

Why you shouldn’t choose between agile and DevOps approaches

You may hear your IT department talking about implementing agile or DevOps development. Both promise better and faster software development through collaboration. How are they different, and which is better for your business? Agile software development principles enable developers to deliver new functionality quickly while responding to changing business requirements. Development teams deliver incremental features frequently, perhaps […]

Here’s what the industry is getting wrong about APM

Recently, you may have seen news about recent consolidation in the application process management (APM) space. Some might see this as the industry making big bets on combining network management with application management. But I see it differently. This is an area that has not yet yielded results because the personas using these tools have […]

How to unleash agile, responsive development with APM and DevOps

Digital transformation has profound ramifications for your organization. The new landscape is disrupting business models, raising customer expectations and creating new channels to do business. I bet you’re seeing the impact of digital transformation on your organization’s application development cycle as well. The rate of development probably isn’t decided entirely by you anymore. Instead, it’s […]

Sleep easier with availability monitoring

Necessity is the mother of invention. Anything that can fend off the Saturday 2 AM call to my fellow developers, or even just reduce the pain of late-night troubleshooting, is worth the invention. If your team uses DevOps practices, offers your organization continuous delivery and is responsible for delivering always-on code, you know what I […]