Girls Who Code: Inspiring a generation of change makers

Reshma Saujani, CEO of Girls Who Code, joined IBM CEO Ginni Rometty on stage at IBM InterConnect this week to discuss how IBM has supported the company’s growth, which in turn has helped young girls break barriers in the technology industry. As a politician, Reshma visited hundreds of schools. The lack of girls in IT […]

Redefine digital productivity: Announcing IBM Digital Business Assistant

Understanding information is more important than ever, but many of the tools organizations use aren’t exactly built for this complex and changing digital age. High-value employees are overloaded with: Data, scattered across many tools, including enterprise applications (enterprise resource planning [ERP], customer relationship management [CRM], and support systems), spreadsheets, calendars, apps, social media and email […]

Detours on the way to microservices

In 2008, I first heard Adrian Cockcroft of Netflix describe microservices as “fine-grained service oriented architecture.” I’d spent the previous six years wrestling with the more brutish, coarse-grained service-oriented architecture, its standards and so-called “best practices.” I knew then that unlike web-scale offerings such as Netflix, the road to microservices adoption by companies would have […]

Cognitive app eases the discomfort of measuring pain

As healthcare costs continue to rise, governments, healthcare providers and insurers must find more efficient ways to maintain quality and improve outcomes for patients. They’re moving away from traditional reliance on acute and primary care delivered by specialist physicians at hospitals and clinics toward a model in which patients and their families manage their conditions […]

Bernhardt Furniture personalizes buyer experiences with a cloud-based virtual showroom

Twice a year, Bernhardt Furniture Company participates in the High Point Market, the furniture industry’s equivalent of fashion week where 2,800 wholesale buyers representing a slew of retailers browse the latest in furniture design and decide what they’ll put in their stores. The stakes are high for the 127-year-old family-owned company: the decisions that buyers […]

How open communities can hurt, and help, interoperability

Portability is the key concept of interoperability. When systems are interoperable, we can move around code and processes between different infrastructure and platforms with minimal concern about the layers below. In the past, I’ve described this as a “black box” approach where users only care about the APIs and are blind to the implementation details. […]

Application performance blues? Dear Cloudie can help

Interested in adopting application performance monitoring? Let’s take a look at how you can embrace automation in the style of one of my favorite things to read: a classic, therapeutic newspaper advice column. Dear Cloudie, It was a beautiful spring Sunday with great weather outside. But it was ruined once again with an alert. My […]

6 Java developer highlights at InterConnect 2017

Java developers, listen up. By now, you may have heard about the sessions, labs, roundtables, activities and events being offered at IBM InterConnect 2017. With more than 2,000 sessions and 200 labs to choose from, it can be a daunting task to create your agenda for the conference. Luckily, we’ve done some of the work […]

Creating connections with the HatsOff mobile app

This is the third part in a series about a group of competitors in the Connect to Cognitive Build contest. Read the first part to find out how the team developed the idea for the HatsOff app and the second part about design. Our app that rewards kindness, #Hatsoff, is on the verge of becoming […]

Cloud-based receipt management enhances mobile banking

How many times have you looked at your bank statement, noticed a line item like “WITHDRAW / POS 0217 2013 975246 MARSHALLS #1199” and racked your brain trying to figure out what you bought? You likely had to dig through your wallet for the paper receipt (if you even kept it) or rummage through your […]

Global gardening app built on Bluemix provides accurate instructions

Most gardeners have a general knowledge about how to grow vegetables: dig holes and drop in seeds. Add water. These instructions sound simple, because they are. In fact, they’re overly simplified and not always right. What’s a kitchen gardener to do? Phoning a friend or reading the instructions on the seed packet can help, but […]

3 Things you’ll learn about private cloud at InterConnect

Many companies are embracing a private cloud strategy to run their business. They want to reduce cost and effort while improving agility, IT processes and resource scalability. Private cloud addresses these needs. And it offers a dedicated, single-tenant cloud environment either on-site or off-premises. InterConnect 2017, the industry’s premier cloud conference, is the perfect place […]