Keep data safe, even when in use by container applications

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IBM Cloud Data ShieldOne of the challenges for DevOps professionals is ensuring applications protect data while it is in use.

According to Container Journal, that challenge may now be easier for developers to overcome because of IBM Cloud Data Shield, “which runs containerized applications in secure enclaves on the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service”.

IBM Cloud Data Shield uses the Fortanix Runtime Encryption Platform, which uses deterministic security and runtime memory encryption. It also enables developers to partition their application into enclaves by incorporating Intel Software Guard Extensions technology into the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service.

“With IBM Cloud Data Shield, developers no longer need to worry about incorporating customized security code into applications before deploying those applications into containers,” Container Journal reports.

A beta version is available to IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service customers.

“IBM Cloud Data Shield with Fortanix Runtime Encryption and Intel SGX is designed to make it easy for developers to protect data in use without having to change their application code,” said Nataraj Nagaratnam, IBM CTO for Cloud Security.

Learn more about IBM Cloud Data Shield in the full Container Journal article. Also read this interview with Andrew Wilcock, vice president of IBM Cloud in the UK and Ireland, to learn more about the overarching IBM hybrid cloud strategy.

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