Every Day Should Be Veterans Day

Our veterans often face challenges transitioning to the civilian work force. For example, while unemployment rates for veterans tend to hover just a few points above the national average for all workers, it is estimated that nearly half a million vets have dropped out of the workforce over the last 10 years. As we take […]

Understanding the Importance of Small Businesses to Low-Income Communities

America’s small businesses are critical components of the national economy. The jobs, wealth, and social and cultural capital they create are essential to thriving communities and sustained economic development. That’s why communities and the broader economy suffer when small businesses in low-income and distressed neighborhoods are unable to obtain the capital they need to grow […]

Preventing Bullying by Teaching Respect

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports that one in three students says they have been verbally or socially bullied in school. The reasons for the bullying are as varied as the hurtful comments that are hurled – words intended to make someone feel that they don’t belong. This month, during National Bullying […]

Teaching Girls About Careers in Cyber Security

From CEOs and government leaders, to families and individuals concerned about privacy, identity theft and fraud, it’s safe to say that everyone who lives or works in the digital world is concerned about cyber security. That’s why the cyber security industry is growing faster than the ability of the labor force to fill it – […]

IBM Impact Grant Helps Strengthen “ToolBank Nation”

Launched 25 years ago in Atlanta, ToolBank has a singular mission – to help ensure that volunteers had the needed tools (rakes, shovels, drills, tables, chairs) to do their jobs. ToolBank has replicated this model in eight additional cities around the country, and also has added a ToolBank Disaster Services trailer (a “ToolBank on Wheels”). […]

IBM and the Evolution of Corporate Citizenship

Through the practice of corporate citizenship, we seek to enable healthier, safer and more fulfilled lives for all. But the way we practice corporate citizenship today represents a significant departure from the early days of private philanthropy that began at the turn of the 20th Century. No longer limited to addressing the personal concerns – […]

Intelligence Will Win the War on Human Trafficking

We are in the battle but we are not winning the war. People trafficking is the world’s fastest growing crime. This global criminal business creates huge profits for all those who invest their time and energy to buy and sell people on a scale that is unprecedented, seriously organized and operates across every border.

IBM and Shaw University: An EPIC Partnership

Strategic planning is a key element for growth in any industry. But in higher education, the efficacy of campuses can be changed almost instantly by the industries we serve. Institutions are adjusting to new realities in technology, student profiles and funding with a greater emphasis on securing and maintaining corporate partnerships, and Shaw University is […]

IBM Grant Helps Stop Hunger Now Develop Strategic IT Vision

Engaging people in the effort to end hunger is absolutely critical to achieving Stop Hunger Now’s mission of ending hunger in our lifetime. It’s not just about Stop Hunger Now providing meals or other aid to people in need – it’s about creating a movement to end hunger. “It’s one thing to give a grant […]

IBM Watson Helps Tackle Youth Unemployment in Belgium

Youth unemployment is a major concern in many European countries. For young people leaving school and entering the labor market it is especially important that they can rely on support from their employment agency for a good quality offer of employment, continued education, an apprenticeship or a traineeship. Equally important is that the service is […]

Community College Students Explore STEM Research

As science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, or STEM, add nine million jobs by 2022 (US Bureau of Labor Statistics), companies have to keep an eye on evolving disciplines and take special care to help prepare students for these careers. This is why IBM has early outreach programs, the latest of which is a new summer […]

P-TECH Intern Diving Head First Into Cognitive Computing

Naseer Campbell was 14-years-old when he decided to pursue a degree in computer science and technology. He’s now 18, in his fifth year of Pathways in Technology Early College High School, or P-TECH, and wrapping up his second summer internship at IBM’s Thomas J Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, NY. READ THE REST OF […]

Strong Values Are Essential to Sustained Leadership

In my remarks during the International Young Leaders Assembly (IYLA) at the United Nations on August 16, I illustrated how IBM’s culture of values enables not only the company’s culture of service, but also the transformations that have kept IBM at the forefront of industry for more than 100 years. You can view the text of […]

Making a Difference, Not Just a Living

If you know IBM, the scope and depth of the initiatives detailed in our 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report will not surprise you. IBM undertakes actions at scale, and because corporate responsibility is fully integrated with our overall business strategy, our CSR programs are global in reach as they seek to enable fundamental transformations of societal […]

IBM Consultants Donate Time and Expertise in Service to Others

Since I joined IBM a few weeks ago, I have been in a hot debate with “Son #1” (of three) about who works for the coolest company. After two years in banking, he joined an AI startup last year and enjoys irritating me with pointless reasons why a bunch of Russian programmers (and he) are […]