Working with IBM Bluemix

IBM Bluemix is an open platform as a service (PaaS) offering. As a developer, I couldn’t be more excited to see a rapid development platform with such a wide range of runtimes and services available to play with. I see it like the “mash up” concept that was so popular a few years ago with […]

What is platform as a service (PaaS)?

To understand PaaS, you must dig beyond its most basic definitions.

What is platform as a service (PaaS)?

To answer the question, “What is PaaS?” let’s start with a basic definition: Platform as a service (PaaS) is a cloud-based computing environment designed to support the rapid development, running and management of applications. It is integrated and abstracted from the lower-level infrastructure components. For a more offical version, you can click here for the […]

What is DevOps, anyway?

Is DevOps something new? Something cool someone invented? Yes and No.

Why I’m thankful for PaaS

Application developers really care and value something that lets them deploy their apps and be able to test them efficiently and quickly.

Cloud Foundry Conference 2013: Why Cloud Foundry? Why now?

Takeaways from this year's Cloud Foundry conference in Santa Clara, Calif.

Executive Corner: Interview with Mike McCarthy, Vice President of Cloud Computing for IBM Global Technology Services

Vasfi Gucer and I recently interviewed Mike McCarthy, Vice President of Cloud Computing for IBM Global Technology Services to get his thoughts regarding IBM’s cloud strategy. Mike discussed various IBM cloud offerings, general challenges for IBM, and aspects about customers who are transitioning into cloud.

Scale workforce on cloud through crowd

Cloud can really be a disruptive model for the workforce. Other than the common benefits (and pitfalls) generally being discussed – such as cost savings, time-to-value, security, quality of service, and so on – one of the biggest shakeups because of the cloud will be with the workforce.