Spanish eSports developer depends on IBM Cloud to deliver optimal user experience

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Ask any player of a competitive online video game what his biggest obstacle is, and aside from leveling up or defeating so-and-so, he’ll probably say lag or latency.

And he won’t just say it; he’ll spit it out with contempt. Or maybe he’ll yell the word like a curse as he throws his controller against the wall, because it’s likely lag, in the player’s opinion, that is preventing him from reaching the next level or defeating an opponent.

Pixel Cream Studio is well aware of latency considerations in video games. The company is an eSports developer based in Spain that offers full-service game and app development for mobile platforms, PC and consoles. Pixel Cream customers can take advantage of all aspects of game development or just outsource certain areas. Pixel Cream develops advergames, learning games and interactive games. The company can also assist with porting its customers’ games to other platforms.

PixelCream IBM Cloud eSports

Taking an eSports game global

Pixel Cream created a game called “Way of Redemption” with a cross-platform feature to allow users playing on PC and PlayStation 4 to participate in the same game and in the same party.

The company wanted to distribute its online eSports game at a worldwide level, so it needed an infrastructure service with dedicated servers to host game rounds and users, both locally and online. It was essential to keep lag, which is affected by the distance between gamers and servers, to a minimum for a fun multiplayer gaming experience.

Initially, Pixel Cream thought that the best way to develop the game was with its own dedicated servers. After working with another provider, the company soon switched to the IBM Cloud platform because the company found it offered better, more expansive and more cost-effective services.

IBM Cloud Services initially provisioned five IBM Cloud bare metal servers for Pixel Cream in Europe, the US, South America and Asia, selected because of the expected load level in each region.

Earning kudos

Pixel Cream can now offer “Way of Redemption” worldwide and has the flexibility to scale as necessary to support the real-time game. The company decreased the latency by 15 percent, providing the best possible user experience for gamers.

The eSports game received the PlayStation Spain award for “Best Game of 2015,” as well as nominations for “Best Art” and “Best Innovative Idea.”

Learn more about “Way of Redemption.” Find out more about IBM Cloud Services.

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