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What is data warehousing today?

The foundation of a modern data warehousing architecture is the Hybrid Data Warehouse. It is comprised of multiple data warehousing technologies and platforms so that the right workload is running on the right technology. From Hadoop to on-premises analytical engines to cloud-based data stores, the Hybrid Data Warehouse helps you support proactive decision making, reduce costs, streamline processes, and increase business user agility. Explore a new breed of data warehouse in this Aberdeen Report: The Hybrid Data Warehouse, Fluid, Flexible, and Formidable.



With multiple licensing and configuration options available, IBM has the flexibility to meet your data warehousing needs. It is also easy, cost effective, and fast to move the data to where it is best housed.


The ability to scale your data warehouse to meet your needs as your business changes and grows is critical - select a data warehouse that makes it possible.


Integration goes beyond working well with legacy hardware; users must be liberated to work with the data types they choose in a language they are familiar with.

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IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud (formerly dashDB for Analytics)

A fully managed cloud data warehouse that enables you to get faster insights from your data by leveraging in-database analytics and massively parallel processing.

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IBM Industry Models

Industry Models combine deep expertise and industry best practice in a usable form (“blueprint”) for both business and IT communities to accelerate industry solutions

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