The need for event driven fast data with smarter analytics

Digital businesses are moving to event driven applications to respond quickly to opportunities and threats.

Fast data goes beyond stream analytics by enabling concurrent analysis of real-time and historical data for deeper insights and better responses.

Reduced complexity, machine learning and embedded data science capabilities coupled with fast data and analytics enable a new era of event driven business insight and opportunity.



Fast and Flexible

Optimized in-memory HTAP database. Open data format for sharing. Integrated event data management with access to popular Spark Streaming, IBM Streams, Kafka, Scala, Java, IBM BigSQL, Python.



Analytics on real-time fast data and historical data at a massive scale with Spark analytics inside. Machine learning and data science enabled.


Low Total Cost of Ownership

Simpler to Deploy and Manage.  More efficient, higher performance. Massively scalable with additional nodes.

Featured product

IBM Db2 Event Store

In-Memory database designed for massive ingestion of event data while performing real-time analytics. Optimized for event driven data processing with built-in analytics, it supports applications driven by events such as IoT solutions, payments, logistics and web commerce. It is flexible, scalable and can adapt quickly to changing business needs over time.

Product editions

IBM Db2 Event Store Enterprise Edition

Installs on an enterprise-grade Linux cluster (3 nodes). Data science and machine learning constructs infused into this edition. Ingest millions of events per second and analyze with accelerated queries. Includes monitoring console and the capability to write to object storage. Application development through a Scala, Python, REST interface using notebooks, or direct connection to Event Store.

IBM Db2 Event Store Developer Edition

Install onto your Mac, Windows or Linux personal machines to get a taste of the functionality of Event Store. Ingest and query up to 100,000 inserts per second on a single node. Accelerated queries through Spark enhancements and the Db2 Event Store index. Application development using notebooks, or direct connection to Db2 Event Store using its client jar.


Ingest and analyze streaming event data at scale with IBM EventStore

With access to complete sets of event data, businesses can derive critical insights from comprehensive analysis on data.

Demo: Click Stream Analysis with IBM Event Store

See how a retail business uses IBM EventStore to derive customer insights from click stream data.

The New IBM Event Based Data Management System

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