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Pilot services bulletin
IBM SmartCloud Application Services pilot program

Want to get a preview of the offering with early access to our platform services? You’re in luck, you can with our SmartCloud Application Services Pilot Services program.

What can I do with IBM SmartCloud Application Services?

SmartCloud Application Services is an IBM platform as a service offering that enables you to quickly and easily develop, test, deploy and manage applications within your IBM SmartCloud Enterprise (SCE) account.

Deploy a new web application during lunch (and still have time to eat lunch)

Application deployment—which usually takes weeks with a traditional environment—can now be completed in minutes on the cloud. With a true multi-tenant shared infrastructure, IBM SmartCloud Application Services reduces costs and accelerates time to value with maximum flexibility.

As we prepare for general availability later this year, IBM is enabling IBM SmartCloud Application Services (SCAS), an IBM platform as a service (PaaS) feature, on a pre-release basis for all IBM SmartCloud Enterprise (SCE) clients. SCAS features are available as Service Instance options within IBM SmartCloud Enterprise. While SCAS will be available on a pre-release basis for all SCE clients, there is still an opportunity to participate in our SCAS Pilot Services program. For participants of this pilot program only, IBM will provide online support for use of the SCAS features.

What does that mean for our clients?

Those clients who are selected into the SCAS Pilot Services program will receive online support for the two SCAS Service Instances that are included in pre-release: IBM SmartCloud Application Workload Service and IBM SmartCloud Application Collaborative Lifecycle Management Service. These pre-release Services Instances are available and accessed through the client’s IBM SmartCloud Enterprise account. For details on the IBM SmartCloud Application Workload Service, IBM SmartCloud Application Collaborative Lifecycle Management Service, or IBM SmartCloud Enterprise, please refer to IBM’s SmartCloud web site and select the PaaS or IaaS tabs for additional information.

Pilot Services Details

This Pilot Services program will provide a limited number of pilot participants access to online web support. Upon accepting a pilot participant into the program, IBM will provide support contact information.

How long does the pilot last?

The pilot program will continue until IBM makes one or both of the pre-release SCAS Service Instances generally available or IBM withdraws the Pilot Services by providing notice to the pilot participants. IBM reserves the right to withdraw the Pilot Services program at any time.

Are there any charges associated with the Pilot Services Program?

There are no charges for SCAS during the pilot program; however, charges will be incurred for the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise computing resources used by these pre-release Service Instances. The applicable Terms of Use for each SCAS Service Instance is also applicable and is available for review prior to ordering either SCAS Service Instance.

How are clients selected for the Pilot Services Program?

IBM sales representatives nominate their clients for the Pilot Services program and IBM will determine which clients would most benefit from Pilot Services participation. The IBM sales rep will notify their client if they have been selected to participate. A limited number of clients will be invited to participate in the Pilot Services Program.

Additional Term for the Pilot Services

An IBM SmartCloud Enterprise account is required to access and use the SCAS Service Instances and to be eligible for the SCAS Pilot Services program. You understand that Pilot Services may not be at a level of performance or compatibility of the other Services options and may not have been fully tested. The availability of any of the Pilot Services does not guarantee or represent that IBM will make the Pilot Services or any similar services available, or if made available, that it will be the same as the Pilot Services.

For Pilot Services participants, while the pre-release terms for a pre-release SCAS Service Instance states that use is to be limited to non-productive informational use, and while IBM does not recommend that you use pre-release Service Instances for commercial or production purposes, a Pilot Services participant may, at his/her sole risk, use a pre-release Service Instances for any purpose.

This Pilot Services Bulletin provides the information and terms regarding the identified Pilot Services. Use of these Pilot Services are subject to the terms of this Pilot Services Bulletin, the IBM SmartCloud Agreement, and its attachments, including the applicable Terms of Use for Service Instances, and you agree to such terms by accessing and using such Services.