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Fix list for IBM MQ Version 9.3 LTS

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IBM MQ provides periodic maintenance releases (Fix Packs), and Cumulative Security Updates, for Version 9.3.0 Long Term Support (LTS). The following is a complete listing of available fixes grouped by maintenance delivery.


This document describes fixes included in LTS maintenance releases and in LTS Cumulative Security Updates. For more information on the types of maintenance, see IBM MQ release types section of the product documentation.
Release Type Release Date Total APARs Security APARs HIPER APARs
IBM MQ Fix Pack 26 June 2024 79 11 2
IBM MQ Cumulative security update 25 April 2024 13 7 3
IBM MQ Cumulative security update 29 February 2024 7 3 0
IBM MQ Fix Pack 14 December 2023 38 4 0
IBM MQ Cumulative security update 30 October 2023 2 1 0
IBM MQ Fix pack 30 August 2023 52 4 2
IBM MQ Cumulative security update 28 June 2023 7 4 0
IBM MQ Fix pack 27 April 2023 50 8 2
IBM MQ Cumulative security update 28 February 2023 3 1 1
IBM MQ Cumulative security update 26 January 2023 3 1 1
IBM MQ Fix pack 21 December 2022 70 12 2
IBM MQ Fix pack 22 September 2022 35 6 1
IBM MQ* Initial release (both Continuous Delivery and LTS) 23 Jun 2022** 54 43 7

* To view the fixes for the IBM MQ initial release, see Fix list for IBM MQ Version 9.3.x Continuous Delivery.

** The listed release date applies to IBM MQ on distributed platforms. For the IBM MQ Appliance please see this statement of direction.

To download IBM MQ Fix and Refresh Packs follow this link.

Vulnerability risk information for IBM MQ can be found at Security Bulletin for IBM WebSphere MQ

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Example of Security APAR: CVE-XXXX-XXXXX (security/integrity exposure) [CVSS base score 5.3]
Example of a HIPER APAR
Note: The CVSS scoring information, listed in the fix list tables, is accurate at the time of release. Review links contained in the referenced bulletins for additional information on scoring, including any retrospective changes to scores assigned by third parties.

IBM MQ fix pack for Windows, UNIX, IBM i, IBM MQ Appliance

(Last modified: June 2024)

Security APAR HIPER APAR APAR Description
IT45510 IBM MQ CVE-2024-31919 [CVSS base score 5.9]
IT45607 IBM MQ CVE-2024-31912 [CVSS base score 7.5]
IT45710 IBM MQ CVE-2024-35116 and IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2024-35116 [CVSS base score 5.9]
IT45986 IBM MQ CVE-2024-35156 [CVSS base score 6.5]
IT46058 IBM MQ CVE-2024-27268, CVE-2023-51775, CVE-2024-22353, CVE-2024-22329, CVE-2024-22354, CVE-2024-25026  and IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2024-22329, CVE-2024-22354 [CVSS base score 7.5]
IT46074 IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2024-2511 [CVSS base score 3.7]
IT46075 IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2024-29041 [CVSS base score 6.1]
IT46155 IBM MQ CVE-2024-21085 [CVSS base score 5.9]
IT46205 IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2021-33631, CVE-2020-12762 [CVSS base score 7.8]
IT46217 IBM MQ CVE-2024-35155 [CVSS base score 6.5]
IT46266 IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2023-48795 [CVSS base score 5.9]
IT38022 Log more possible error conditions from amqiclen during installer/uninstaller processing
IT39543 IBM MQ Bridge to Salesforce fails with AMQSF040E if the HTTP response is larger than 1 MiB.
IT41710 CWSMQ0006E error and System.ArgumentNullException reported when attempting to connect to a version 9.2 or lower queue manager
IT42506 MQ classes for Jakarta application throws an AssertionError using the Connection/Session toString()
IT42661 When a RQSTR channel is started twice, a second RQSTR instance is incorrectly started with status "INITIALIZING"
IT42975 Possibility of memory exception in IBM MQ diagnostic routine
IT43000 IBM MQ managed .Net fails with MQRC_RFH_FORMAT_ERROR (2421) if the <usr> section of RFH2 header contains "$"
IT43178 The channel pooling process might terminate due to a SIGSEGV in xcsWaitPid.
IT43502 Managed .NET client using distributed transaction reports MQRC_HCONN_ERROR (2018) while using MQCNO_HANDLE_SHARE_NONE
IT43580 'mqconfig' utility reports incorrect required version of AIX forMQ 9.3
IT43756 In MQ managed XMS .Net 9.3: After the client reconnects asynchronous consumers are not automatically restarted
IT43791 MQ application attempts to unload GSKit libraries when it had not loaded them
IT44106 High CPU usage in MQ appliance when or after using dspmqerr command
IT44108 IBM MQ MFT agent ends unexpectedly with a NullPointerException
IT44298 Running the MQSC command 'DISPLAY AUTHINFO' might incorrectly show the 'LDAPPWD' parameter as EMPTY
IT44384 Channel loops if a message on the transmit queue exceeds the MAXMSGL attribute of the Queue manager
IT44403 MQ 9.3.x .Net core application encounters error MQRC 2219 when using security exits
IT44422 When MFT Agent is started with -F option can see blank lines written to console/job control log.
IT44454 MQ classes for JMS API threads may deadlock when the queue manager is configured to use SSLRKEYC
IT44458 amqmfsck or crtmqm might fail unexpectedly on NFS file system on AIX
IT44510 No specific warning is provided to users when a duplicate cluster receiver channel is inserted into the cache with a mismatched queue manager name to one that already exists.
IT44532 The runmqicred command reports "error while loading shared libraries:"
IT44577 High memory usage in amqrmppa process
IT44601 Cannot delete a queue manager using the IBM MQ Web Console
IT44621 IBM MQ Appliance: setamschl command might inject invalid characters into a configuration file when the "-d" flag is used.
IT44706 IndexOutOfBoundsException can occur while logging a message to the transfer log, when source disposition of delete fails
IT44731 MQ appliance queue manager does not end as expected when stoppedby suspending the appliance and subsequently fails to start
IT44741 Unable to start or delete channel after scratchpad damage
IT44798 A ICH408I error can occur after upgrading the WebSphere Liberty Profile used by the IBM MQ Console to on z/OS
IT44910 MQ trace on server incorrectly captures user message data duringclient MQGET when using the "-d 0" flag on strmqtrc
IT44949 MQ .Net core application with security exit reports error 2273 (connection broken) if exit buffer size not divisible by 4
IT44950 MFT agent running as a Windows service fails to start with the error "%1 is not a valid Win32 application"
IT45020 Using the IBM MQ Jakarta Resource Adapter IVT fails due to a missing WMQ_JAKARTA_IVT.war file
IT45035 MQ 9.2.4 or later client pub/sub app cannot consume messages after reconnecting following a connection break
IT45060 Managed File Transfer (MFT) agents report a BFGIO0076E errorwhen transferring data sets on extended attribute volumes
IT45074 An MFT agent can receive BFGSS0024E due to receiving a 2127 when performing a PDS Member transfer
IT45102 Having a platform value which is NOT OS400/UNIX/WINDOWS in the ProtocolBridgeProperties.xml is ignored silently
IT45106 Add additional diagnostics to AT077013 atxAssociationRemove FDCs
IT45113 SIGSEGV in reconnectable MQ client application
IT45128 Increased memory usage after upgrading to MQ 9.3
IT45131 Probe Id XC130004 SIGSEGV in rrmRecoClqMgrDelRemote function in amqrrmfa causes queue manager to fail
IT45156 HTTP POST requests submitted to the MQ REST API (mqweb) without Content-Type header "charset=UTF-8" are processed incorrectly
IT45179 This is an administrative APAR to include Advanced VUE functionality in MQ Advanced.
IT45181 XMS .NET applications connecting to a queue sharing group throw MQRC 6109 while closing the consumer
IT45206 Intermittent timing issue where an MFT resource monitor may sendan unexpected 0 byte file.
IT45225 Thirdparty component updates for fix pack
IT45226 MQ Appliance : HA control of a HA queue manager is in disabled state when it should be in enabled state
IT45247 Additional information added into ZF225050 First failure data (FDC) file
IT45386 MQ Appliance appliance sethagrp force migration(-f) not working if only secondary or replication interfaces unavailable
IT45390 MQ Appliance runmqras "-section format" fails with "dspmqtrc: command not found"
IT45438 An MQ JMS Client using TLSv1.3 GCM Cipher receives an RC=2009 and the Queue Manager generates an FDC with ProbeID CO373099.
IT45453 FDC with probe XC130003 and application received RC 2009 (connection broken) on channel with RCVEXIT and SHARECNV(1)
IT45567 MQ Appliance: crtdrprimary/crtdrsecondary command allows duplicate RecoveryName and RecoveryIP in command line
IT45625 JMQI does not replace unmappable characters in the message body when indicated to do so.
IT45740 Using the method and MQ classes for Java can result in a NullPointerException
IT45748 Unable to start or delete channel after migrating queue manager to MQ 9.3
IT45784 JMQI does not successfully recreate a temporary dynamic queue after being balanced in a Uniform Cluster.
IT45968 Connection from a backlevel client sending an MQCSP structure isrejected when PasswordProtection=warn
IT45980 Unable to access Crypto Configuration sections in the MQ Appliance webUI.
IT45984 A new message to warn of support for FIPS 140-2 removal from MQ is displayed when using IBM JRE or later.
IT46256 Update to modver script for RDQM on RHEL 8.10
IT46337 Upgrade the JRE level for IBM MQ V9.3 to JAVA for AIX, Linux, and Windows
SE80838 GRTMQMAUT OBJ(*ALL) OBJTYPE(*Q) giving only *ADMDSP and other authorities are only partially processed
SE80990 Keystores created using the default runmqckm settings are not compatible with IBM i

IBM MQ cumulative security update for Windows, UNIX, IBM i, IBM MQ Appliance

(Last modified: 25 April 2024)

Security APAR HIPER APAR APAR Description
IT45110 IBM MQ CVE-2024-25048 and IBM MQ CVE-2024-25048 [CVSS base score 7.5]
IT45253 IBM MQ CVE-2023-26159 and IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2023-26159 [CVSS base score 7.1]
IT45331 IBM MQ CVE-2024-25015 [CVSS base score 7.5]
IT45642 IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2023-28466 [CVSS base score 6.2]
IT45643 IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2024-0727 [CVSS base score 3.1]
IT45762 IBM MQ CVE-2024-20952 and CVE-2023-33850 [CVSS base score 7.5]
SE81096 IBM MQ CVE-2024-0727 and CVE-2023-6237 [CVSS base score 3.1]
IT43974 MQ IPT reports MQCPE020 and MQCPE048 messages when extending thevalue 'MAXCONNECTIONTHREADS' .
IT45131 Probe Id XC130004 SIGSEGV in rrmRecoClqMgrDelRemote function in amqrrmfa causes queue manager to fail
IT45617 Thirdparty component updates for cumulative security update
IT45788 Upgrade the JRE level for IBM MQ V9.x to Java for AIX, Linux, and Windows
IT45890 IBMJCEPlusFIPS RSA FIPS 140-2 cipher suites have been removed inthe latest Java runtime shipped with IBM MQ

IBM MQ cumulative security update for Windows, UNIX, IBM i, IBM MQ Appliance

(Last modified: 5 March 2024)

Security APAR HIPER APAR APAR Description
IT44954 IBM MQ CVE-2023-47745  [CVSS Base score 6.2]
IT45017 Thirdparty component updates for cumulative security update
IT45026 IBM MQ CVE-2024-25016 and IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2024-25016  [CVSS base score 7.5]
IT45097 MQ appliance M2002 displays Link Aggregation interface names as "illegal" after upgrading from MQ 9.2 to MQ 9.3.
IT45202 Failure in a network interface card might cause adjacent NIC to go down incorrectly.
IT45274 IBM MQ CVE-2023-39976  [CVSS Base score 9.8]
IT45343 Kernel modules to enable support for RDQM on RHEL 9 kernel 5.14.0-362.18.1

IBM MQ fixpack for Windows, UNIX, IBM i, IBM MQ Appliance

(Last modified: 14 December 2023)

Security APAR HIPER APAR APAR Description
IT38647 SIGSEGV in MQ application within function xcsReadEnvironment under
IT41300 strmqm with incorrect file permissions and ownership hangs during queue manager startup
IT42593 IBM MQ appliance commands do not notify the user about the restart of the queue manager.
IT42974 An MQ Managed File Transfer (MFT) agent reports a NullPointerException in its event log (output0.log)
IT43410 IBM MQ managed .Net client connecting to queue manager fails intermittently with MQ ERROR 2195 and 2009.
IT43505 The amqsmon sample program provide with MQ does not recognize the -qm flag.
IT43663 A duplicate message might be intermittently generated by the queue manager on Windows
IT44089 DISPLAY CHSTATUS(*) SAVED returned "AMQ8135E: Not authorized" for auto-defined CLUSSDR channel status records
IT44104 IBM MQ 9.3 queue manager might crash when using QALIAS of cluster queue as STREAMQ
IT44105 MQ Jakarta Resource Adapter references incorrect classes leadingto NoClassDefFoundError
IT44134 IBM MQ XMS client registers extraneous files with the .NET global assembly cache
IT44173 MQSUB fails to automatically reconnect with 2548: MQRC_RECONNECT_FAILED
IT44235 The runmqsc program fails with SIGSEGV when unexpected data is encountered in a PCF reply message
IT44251 Queue manager trace temporarily disables itself when trace is started with the '-m' switch
IT44261 Restrict number of lines output from dspmqtrc saying unrecognised hookID
IT44270 IBM MQ MFT database logger fails to connect to DB2 with SQL30082N (reason 3) if it can't access the credentials file
IT44409 Message rejected by Qpid Proton client not handled by MQ 9.3 LTSAMQP Service
IT44410 Queue manager fails to restart when inconsistent line endings are in an MQSC automatic configuration script
IT44412 Enhancements to the modver utility
IT44419 MQ Appliance might reload due to memory throttling.
IT44421 MQ Appliance 9.3: The web console access profile builder is missing MQ related resource types.
IT44499 MQ JAVA/JMS trace fails due to java.lang.NumberFormatException
IT44513 dmpmqcfg on Windows might output a truncated username suffixed with an invalid character
IT44554 Thirdparty component updates for fix pack
IT44567 MFT agents generate FFDCs containing a NullPointerException, and monitors stop triggering, after upgrading to
IT44575 MCAUSER of a requester channel shows misleading user ID in channel status when RQSTR-SVR channels are started.
IT44589 IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2023-4807 [CVSS Base score 6.2]
IT44606 Memory leak in IBM MQ amqrmppa process when using MQIBindType=FASTPATH
IT44717 Allow suppression of protocol error caused by v5 Java/JMS clients
IT44786 Removal of the IBM MQ Bridge to blockchain component
IT44821 IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2023-5072  and IBM MQ CVE-2023-5072 [CVSS Base score 7.5]
IT44858 MQ Appliance 9.3 LTS RBM "read" access profile for the mgmt RESTAPI is insufficient to grant read access
IT44885 IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2023-46177 [CVSS Base score 6.5]
IT44926 Kernel modules to enable support for RDQM on RHEL 9.3 kernel 5.14.0-362.8.1 and RHEL 8.9 kernel 4.18.0-513.5.1
IT44961 IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2023-22081, CVE-2023-567 IBM MQ CVE-2023-22081, CVE-2023-5676 [CVSS Base score 5.3]
SE79607 IBM MQ MFT upgrade via SLIP install error

IBM MQ cumulative security update for Windows, UNIX, IBM i, IBM MQ Appliance

(Last modified: 30 October 2023)

Security APAR HIPER APAR APAR Description
IT44059 Thirdparty component updates for cumulative security update
IT44585 IBM MQ CVE-2023-38039 [CVSS Base score 7.5]

IBM MQ fixpack for Windows, UNIX, IBM i, IBM MQ Appliance

(Last modified: 31 August 2023)

Security APAR HIPER APAR APAR Description
IT34804 Subscription messages are delivered out of sequence when using clustered pub/sub with multiple receiver channels
IT40382 High CPU usage for IBM MQ amqzlaa0 process
Unable to put a message to a queue when using a CCSID 943 JVM using the MQ classes for Java
IT40977 IBM MQ create subscription fails with 'AMQ8135E: Not authorized'
IT41181 IBM MQ web console does not display new INITKEY and KEYRPWD attributes
IT41304 MFT system property "" is  misspelt as ""
IT41323 Partial repository queue manager prematurely reports AMQ9456 warning or erroneous MQRC_UNKNOWN_OBJECT (2085) 
IT41430 MQ appliance status command might incorrectly show reduced disk allocation
IT41871 IBM MQ CVE-2023-45177 & IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2023-45177 [CVSS Base score 5.3]
IT41913 Excessive FDC records with probe identifier XC805110 XRUQUERYCPU_QM XECL_W_PERFORMANCE_BOTTLENECK 
IT41985 The character set used in the error logs for an RDQM Queue Manager changes depending on how the queue manager is started
IT42128 AMS protected messages lose message properties when involved with SYSTEM.PROTECTION.ERROR.QUEUE
IT42341 Attempting to restore a queue manager from a backup created with an older version of IBM MQ fails with error AMQ6546E.
IT42462 CRDATE and CRTIME fields of the SYSTEM.DEFAULT.SUB object are set to blank vales 
IT42550 The SYSTEM.DEFAULT.SUB object disappeared and an FDC with probe identifier KN483002 was generated.
IT42821 XMS .NET Core applications return an invalid message payload if the message was sent by a Mainframe application     
IT42851 Memory leak in the IBM MQ amqzlaa0 process 
IT43013 Using the WebConsole to Remotely browse messages on a queue on a z/OS queue manager show nothing. 
IT43016 MQ Classes for Java throws a MQRC 2019 exception 'MQRC_HOBJ_ERROR' when attempting to close a queue
IT43044 MQ Appliance userrestore command fails with AMQ6650E when restoring a backup file that contains a group with many users 
IT43084 A 2085 or 3015 error is received when the IBM MQ Console or other application uses the Inquire Queue administrative command
IT43183 IBM MQ resource adapter leaks LocalServer objects if an MDB's ejbCreate() method throws an exception
IT43316 MQOPEN incorrectly returns 2189 MQRC_CLUSTER_RESOLUTION_ERROR for a queue that is not known in the cluster  
IT43336 MQ classes for Java API throws MQRC 2111 'MQRC_SOURCE_CCSID_ERROR' when getting a message.
IT43342 SIGFPE divide by zero in xruQueryDiskUsageVolumeGroup when RDQM volume group has zero size
IT43349 Delay in IBM MQ 9.2/9.3 multi-instance queue manager failover/switchover
IT43514 Third party component updates in fix pack   
IT43646 Clustering recovery and diagnostic improvements
IT43650 Channel fails with AMQ9620 gsk_secure_soc_init error 12 when FIPS is enabled and TLS_CHACHA20_POLY1305_SHA256 is used
IT43654 Qmgr might generate FDC RN189010 with rrcE_FILE_CORRUPT after applying IT42194, channel might go unresponsive with high CPU usage.
IT43679 IBM MQ REST API removes the Carriage Return (CR) character from messages.
IT43691 MFT PBA ABENDs with IndexOutOfBoundException if SFTP server returns a filesize of -1
IT43724 Kernel modules to enable support for RDQM on RHEL 9.2 kernel level 5.14.0-284.11.1
IT43740 MQ Bridge to SalesForce reports NullPointerExceptions when reconnecting to Salesforce
IT43770 Kernel modules to enable support for RDQM on RHEL 8.8 kernel level 4.18.0-477.10.1
IT43783 MQ processes and commands might fail if the qm.ini file contains unexpected character and MQ trace is enabled
IT43790 MQ 9.2 always outputs INDOUBT(YES) in Saved channel status, even when the channel is not indoubt
IT43806 MFT resource monitor fails to re-trigger on an item that has been successfully processed and is then manually put back
IT43854 A MQ classes for JMS application reaches a deadlock condition when comparing MQDestination objects
IT43872 MQ appliance generates errors related to non MQ objects(b2bp and apigw) when querying SNMP MIB
IT43897 IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2023-2650 (Appliance OpenSSL) [CVSS base score 7.5]
IT44043 IBM MQ CVE-2023-21930, CVE-2023-21967, CVE-2023-21939, CVE-2023-21938 and  MQ Appliance CVE-2023-21930, CVE-2023-21967 [CVSS base score 7.4]
IT44111 In the MQ web console in Spanish, rename the button for 'CLEAR QUEUE' to be 'VACIAR COLA'
IT44184 Uninstalling mqm.web.rte fileset on AIX may report non-zero exit status error even though directory has been removed       
IT44203 The DRDB and Pacemaker Linux RPM packages in the MQ installation media have inconsistent file mode permissions
IT44268 Following an HA reconnection, the queue manager no longer runs on the preferred node
IT44335 Migration of IBM MQ Appliance HA queue manager from MQ 9.2 to 9.3 fails if the queue manager has been manually stopped
SE79493 MQ logger event enabled on IBM i generates redundant logger message information
SE79541 IBM MQ manager may crash if journal locked when AMQZMUC0 attempts CHGJRN *GEN
SE79868 5725A49 MQ client connection fails with 2071 AMQ9211 on 65th connection within same job
SE79913 MQ client application failure 3452
SE80122 IBM MQ CVE-2023-2650 for OpenSSL (IBM i ) [CVSS base score 7.5]

IBM MQ cumulative security update for Windows, UNIX, IBM i, IBM MQ Appliance

(Last modified: June 2024)

Security APAR HIPER APAR APAR Description
IT40694 The runmqakm command does not report an error when the target file is not writable
IT41592 IBM MQ might become unresponsive due to delays in its cyptographic provider
IT42945 IBM MQ CVE-2023-28513 and IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2023-28513 [CVSS base score 5.9]
IT43039 Thirdparty component updates for cumulative security update
IT43704 IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2022-48303 [CVSS base score 7.8]
IT43717 IBM MQ CVE-2023-24998 and IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2023-24998 [CVSS base score 7.5]
IT43802 IBM MQ CVE-2023-32342 and IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2023-32342 [CVSS base score 7.5]

IBM MQ fix pack for Windows, UNIX, IBM i, IBM MQ Appliance

(Last modified: November 2023)

Security APAR HIPER APAR APAR Description
IT35334 MQRC 2019 'MQRC_HOBJ_ERROR' when opening a queue using the MQ classes for Java
IT35455 Provide feedback in the MQ error log when LDAP connection is slow
IT36231 IBM MQ XMS exception listener is only triggered on Connection broken exceptions
IT36555 AMQ9635 error message displays arbitrary characters at the end of the CipherSpec in the MQ queue manager error logs
IT36965 System.NullReferenceException occurs when .Net client tries to browse multiple messages.
IT37481 Poor performance observed with MQIPT under load when running with Trace=1 or higher in the mqipt.conf file
IT37483 High CPU usage reported for an agent process amqzlaa0 when ending the MQ queue manager
IT37500 FDCs with ProbeID 'CO609020' generated by queue manager for a SVRCONN channel with SHARECNV(1)
IT37842 IBM MQ AMQP channel does not start automatically with AMQP service after upgrade
IT38618 After applying a fix pack to a Developer Edition installation onWindows, dspmqver incorrectly reports production license
IT38726 IBM MQ process amqzmuc0 may consume 100% CPU
IT39358 SSL protocol exception reported by IBM MQ Java/JMS clients during TLS handshake when qmgr keystore has many certificates
IT39743 IBM MQ process amqpcsea ended unexpectedly with insufficient diagnostics
IT39803 XMS sample programs SimpleConsumer and SimpleProducer do not honor the SSL key repository parameter
IT40332 amqrmppa generates FDC XC006001 from xcsFreeMemFn with error xecS_I_PRIVATE_MEMORY_ERROR and Comment "invalid head tag"
IT40337 IBM MQ full repository queue manager reported errors AMQ9435E and 2085 (MQRC_UNKNOWN_OBJECT_NAME)
IT41426 The runmqsc DISPLAY QMGR help text is misaligned
IT41625 RDQM configured for both HA and DR unable to run on any node after frequent connection interruptions
IT41652 RDQM: Unexpected failover caused by excessive sensitivity to network delays
IT41964 IBM MQ generates corrupted file paths for .TRS files when a longMQ data path has been set
IT42294 Broken JMS connections remain in JEE connection pools if an enterprise application registers its own ExceptionListener
IT42322 Native HA queue manager generates FDC with probe ID HL199020 hrcE_UNEXPECTED_ERROR
IT42339 Bad data arrived at MQ's socket in an MQ client application, butthe required FDC was not written
IT42355 MQ classes for JMS applications become blocked while creating a JMS Session when using automatic client reconnection
IT42384 MQ-JMS application hangs when consuming a message from a v6.0 queue manager
IT42425 MQ Telemetry fails to start and reports an AMQXR0008E containing reason code 2059 (MQRC_Q_MGR_NOT_AVAILABLE)
IT42435 ZLIBFAST channel compression results in failures with a JMS MessageConsumer
IT42674 IBM MQ CVE-2022-43919 and IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2022-43919 [CVSS base score 5.3]
IT42690 MQ queue manager might report AMQ6762E(log extent corrupt) during startup
IT42798 First failure data (FDC) records with probe OP233170 from trcFCloseFn written when MQ trace filesystem is full
IT42810 Many ZM013000 ztmTidyUpXASessions trcE_UNEXPECTED_RM_ERROR FDCs from MQ code in application
IT42812 IBM MQ CVE-2023-22874 [CVSS base score 5.5]
IT42942 An additional RDQM kernel module is required for RHEL 8.7 kernel4.18.0-425.10.1
IT43175 Third party component updates in fix pack
IT43177 IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2022-4304, CVE-2023-0215, CVE-2023-0286, CVE-2022-4450 [CVSS base scores 7.5 - 8.2]
IT43273 IBM MQ CVE-2023-27535, CVE-2023-23916  [CVSS base scores 7.5 - 9.1]
IT43335 IBM MQ CVE-2023-28950 [CVSS base score 5.1]
IT43377 IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2021-46848, CVE-2022-43680, CVE-2022-40303, CVE-2022-40304 [CVSS base scores 7.5 - 9.1]
IT43381 IBM MQ CVE-2023-26285 and IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2023-26285  [CVSS base score 5.9]
IT43387 IBM MQ Appliance incorrectly displays NFS static mount configuration page
IT43454 Kernel modules to enable support for RDQM on RHEL 9.1 kernel level 5.14.0-162.22.2
IT43741 Running IBM MQ commands during installation of MQ may result in failures opening CCSID file table
PH51546 Managed File Transfer (MFT) agent ABENDs with a B37-04 condition while transferring to a sequential data set.
SE78457 ENDMQM looping in QUIESCING state when utility manager thread ended unexpectly
SE78759 STRMQM failure AMQ7061I with ProbeID ZX000126
SE78955 ENDMQM processing error MCH3601
SE79052 MQGET in syncpoint return code variance
SE79414 IBM MQ CVE-2022-4450, CVE-2023-0216, CVE-2023-0401, CVE-2022-4203, CVE-2023-0217, CVE-2022-4304 [CVSS base score 7.5]

IBM MQ cumulative security update for Windows, UNIX, IBM i, IBM MQ Appliance

(Last modified: 26 February 2023)

Security APAR HIPER APAR APAR Description
IT42194 IBM MQ CVE-2022-40237 [CVSS base score 6.5]
IT42761 Thirdparty component updates for cumulative security update
 IT43061 Executing runmqras against an RDQM queue manager as root may cause a kernel crash

IBM MQ cumulative security update for Windows, UNIX, IBM i, IBM MQ Appliance

(Last modified: 26 January 2023)

Security APAR HIPER APAR APAR Description
IT42724 IBM MQ CVE-2021-37533 [CVSS base score 6.5]
IT42725 Update Apache Commons Net level to 3.9.0 for IBM MQ
IT42853 IBM MQ Appliance M2002 migration from 9.2 to 9.3 fails if a floating IP address is assigned to a subset of configured High Availability queue managers

IBM MQ fix pack for Windows, UNIX®, IBM i, IBM MQ Appliance

(Last modified: November 2023)

Security APAR HIPER APAR APAR Description
IT34707 IBM MQ classes for Java generated MQSTR format messages with message properties are always encoded in CCSID 1208
IT35513 The IBM MQ managed .Net client does not use the certificateLabel attribute specified in a CCDT
IT35772 The message BFGUB0068E does not reflect the error of MFT data directory doesn't have write permission
IT36749 In IBM MQ 9.2 .Net client throws System.ArgumentException Exception when using MQGET with waitInterval
IT39332 IBM MQ appliance sethaint command does not notify the user about queue manager restart when floating IP is added
IT39409 IBM MQ shows incorrect status when channel status is displayed with CONNAME('IP(PORT)')
IT39850 IBM MQ managed .NET client using uppercase certificatelabel via hashtable or MQEnvironment property fails.
IT40296 The DISPLAY CHSTATUS command incorrectly provides output for inactive channels
IT40554 Memory leak in IBM MQ amqzlaa0 process after MQRC_SYNCPOINT_LIMIT_REACHED is encountered
IT40838 IBM MQ client unable to connect to an IBM MQ version 8.0 or later queue manager when using SSPI security exit
IT40956 DISPLAY CHSTATUS for a SDR channel contained LONGRTS(0) SHORTRTS(0) but the channel had not retried many times
IT41012 IBM MQ agent process (amqzlaa0) terminates unexpectedly in queue full scenario
IT41035 Application terminates with FDC XC130003 due to memory exception(SIGSEGV) in TraceEntry in mqccred exit
IT41242 MFT Audit Information can incorrectly report DESTINATION_FILE_SIZE as -1 for a recovered transfer request
IT41272 Redistributable Java client incorrectly contains JMSAdmin tool
IT41354 IBM MQ 9.2 client might report a memory segmentation fault when JSON format CCDT file used along with TLS
IT41391 The endmqm command help/usage text does not list the "-t" and "-tp" options.
IT41422 IBM MQ for Linux writes FDC from 32-bit application reporting XC035011 and errno 22 from pthread_create
IT41424 Update the JRE to level on AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows, and on HP-UX for IBM MQ
IT41479 Update level of GSKit supplied with IBM MQ 9.3 to GSKit
IT41482 IBM MQ Console is missing certain attributes in the queue storage panel.
IT41530 The dmpmqmsg utility is not able to browse an AMS-protected queue containing a message larger than 6700 bytes
IT41695 IBM MQ Console reports MQWB2013E error containing reason code 2085 when trying to administer queues in a QSG
IT41697 IBM MQ 9.3 XMS .Net client hangs on dispose of ISession
IT41777 IBM MQ-RA activation specification running in non-ASF mode in WebSphere Application Server pauses prematurely
IT41811 IBM MQ .NET applications hang during reconnection when connected to a uniform cluster.
IT41904 FDC record with Probe ID CO373099 does not include the peer connection name in the header
IT41919 Channels fail to start with MQRC_SSL_INITIALIZATION_ERROR (2393)when using TLS1.3 with SSLFIPS(YES)
IT42017 Managed File Transfer (MFT) agent shuts down due to reason code 2017 when using the multiple channel functionality
IT42021 IBM MQ CVE-2022-34165 & IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2022-34165 [CVSS base score 5.4]
IT42024 Update the WebSphere Liberty Profile to plus interim Fixes PH46816 and PH48810
IT42098 IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2022-1012, CVE-2021-45485, CVE-2021-45486 [CVSS base score 6.2 & 8.2]
IT42100 IBM MQ CVE-2021-2163 and IBM MQ CVE-2023-30441 and IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2023-30441 [CVSS base score 7.5]
IT42142 Error message AMQ9575 is incorrect for non-English languages
IT42173 MQCONNX fails with MQRC_SSL_INITIALIZATION_ERROR (2393) if multiple hostnames and SSLPeerName are specified
IT42204 IBM MQ CVE-2022-42436 [CVSS base score 4]
IT42209 IBM MQ CVE-2022-24839 [CVSS base score 7.5]
IT42253 Deadlock occurs if trace is enabled on a managed file transfer (MFT) agent that has resource monitors defined
IT42280 IBM MQ CVE-2022-25857 [CVSS base score 7.5]
IT42291 Update the Hyperledger Fabric Gateway, Jetty and CometD for IBM MQ 9.3 LTS for the IBM MQ Bridge to Blockchain/Salesforce
IT42321 MQ command ffstsummary.exe fails to read FDC files more than 2 GB in size
IT42324 Update Bouncy Castle shipped by IBM MQ 9.3 LTS to version 1.72
IT42325 Upgrade ICU4J for IBM MQ MFT to 72.1
IT42326 Update JSON shipped by IBM MQ 9.3 LTS to version 20220924
IT42327 Upgrade the Apache qpid-proton-j level for IBM MQ to qpid-proton-j 0.34.0
IT42328 Update IBM Sterling c:d Application Interface for Java (CDJAI) to
IT42330 Update FasterXML (jackson library) to the latest version .
IT42342 IBM MQ CVE-2022-38749, CVE-2022-38750, CVE-2022-38751, CVE-2022-38752 [CVSS base score 5.3]
IT42343 IBM MQ CVE-2022-3510, CVE-2022-3509 and IBM MQ CVE-2022-1471, CVE-2022-41854 and IBM MQ CVE-2022-3171 [CVSS base score 8.3]
IT42344 IBM MQ CVE-2022-42004, CVE-2022-42003 [CVSS base score 6.2]
IT42349 Update level of zlib supplied with IBM MQ 9.3 LTS to 1.2.13
IT42351 Update level of libedit supplied with IBM MQ 9.3 LTS to 0:69:0 (20221009-3.1)
IT42386 Update DRBD and Pacemaker packages supplied with IBM MQ 9.3 LTS
IT42418 Update the WebSphere Liberty Profile to
IT42420 IBM MQ Appliance RAID battery high temperature warning can be given incorrectly at 40 degrees C
IT42444 Updates to internal firmware components on the IBM MQ Appliance
IT42445 Kernel modules to enable support for RDQM on RHEL 8.7 (Kernel level 4.18.0-425)
IT42456 Update the IBM JRE to level (AIX, Linux, Solaris, and Windows) for IBM MQ
IT42457 IBM MQ: CVE-2022-21626, CVE-2022-21624IBM MQ Appliance: CVE-2022-21626 [CVSS base score 5.3]
IT42527 Update level of libcurl supplied with IBM MQ 9.3 LTS to 7.86.0
IT42613 IBM MQ: CVE-2022-43902IBM MQ Appliance: CVE-2022-43902 [CVSS base score 6.5]
SE78032 AMS reports error message incorrectly when journaling on PEM files.
SE78411 Several IBM MQ on IBM i CL commands run with in a panel then F5 refresh causes SEGV
SE78457 ENDMQM looping in QUIESCING state when utility manager thread ended unexpectly
SE78501 AMQRMPPA AMQZLAA0 jobs running is wrong subsystem(QMQM) after configuration of custom subsystem
SE78600 IBM MQ authority record not shown.
SE78659 Command WRKMQMQSTS with *CONNAME filter may hang or crash IBM MQ queue manager.
SE78732 IBM MQ 9.2: Queue manager fails to start across user profiles with different CCSID.
SE78810 Update level of OpenSSL shipped with IBM MQ 9.3 LTS on IBM i to OpenSSL 3.0.7
SE78814 IBM MQ CVE-2022-3602, CVE-2022-3786 [CVSS base score 7.5]

IBM MQ fix pack for Windows, UNIX®, IBM i, IBM MQ Appliance

(Last modified: 22 September 2022)

Security APAR HIPER APAR APAR Description
IT33206 IBM MQ CVE-2022-31772 [CVSS base score 5.3]
IT37148 FDCs with probe identifiers RM632001/RM632002 are generated while running an IBM MQ C client application
IT38770 fteListMonitors can display monitor details twice if the monitor configuration is being updated when it is run
IT39231 IBM MQ 9.2 LTS fix pack rpm installer does not correctly prohibit application to a 9.2.x CD installation
IT39802 IBM MQ Java/JMS application appears to hang when connecting to a non-responsive queue manager
IT39919 IBM MQ resource adapter logs large MQJCA4023 messages if an activation specification fails to connect to a queue manager
IT39972 IBM MQ Classes for Java/IBM MQ JMS for Java with trace enabled can result in unexpected increased indentation for methods
IT40168 fteDeleteAgent with the -f option does not remove resource monitor publications from coordination queue manager
IT40502 Security exit user data (SCYDATA) is not passed to a security exit when using the IBM MQ classes for Java and a CCDT
IT40532 Managed File Transfer destination agent stops and generates an ABEND file containing a java.nio.file.InvalidPathException
IT40577 AMQP clients intermittently stop receiving messages from the IBM MQ AMQP service after upgrading to IBM MQ
IT40648 FDCs generated in user application with ProbeId ZT424000 from component zutLookupRelease
IT40776 NullPointerException observed when a security exit is being called concurrently on multiple threads.
IT40791 IBM MQ Classes for JMS - Messages are not going to the backout queue after the backout threshold is hit.
IT41229 IBM MQ Java components incorrectly group Simplified Chinese CCSIDs936 and 1386 together as equivalent encodings
IT41233 IBM MQ 9.3 installer incorrectly states that Windows 2016 is a valid target operating system
IT41407 Update level of libcurl supplied with IBM MQ 9.2 and 9.3 LTS to libcurl 7.84.0
IT41408 Invalid queue manager name and PUTAPPLNAME in channel statisticsmessages
IT41412 IBM MQ: JAVA.LANG.STACKOVERFLOWERROR caused by recursive function calls inside SessionWrapper.
IT41423 Update Fabric Gateway, Jetty and CometD supplied with IBM MQ 9.3 LTS for the IBM MQ Bridge to Blockchain and Salesforce
IT41425 Update the IBM MQ embedded WebSphere Liberty Profile to
IT41438 Update the JSON Java library to level 20220320 for IBM MQ
IT41495 IBM MQ CVE-2022-32206 (security/integrity exposure) [CVSS base score 4.3]
IT41568 IBM MQ CVE-2022-24329 (security/integrity exposure) [CVSS base score 5.3]
IT41579 IBM MQ CVE-2022-22476 and IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2022-22476 (security/integrity exposure) [CVSS base score 5]
IT41589 Update the IBM MQ embedded Websphere Liberty Server to plus APAR PH48187
IT41599 Update DRBD packages supplied with IBM MQ 9.3 LTS
IT41602 Update level of JSON-C supplied with IBM MQ 9.3 LTS to 0.16-20220414
IT41603 Deadlock occurs if a Managed File Transfer (MFT) agent that has resource monitors defined is started with trace enabled
IT41647 IBM MQ generates FDC with probe identifier RM040001 and error code zrcI_NOT_FOUND from rriFreeSess function
IT41682 IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2022-32750 [CVSS base score 5.4], IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2022-31774 [CVSS base score 5.4] & IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2022-31775 [CVSS base score 5.5]
IT41962 IBM MQ Appliance Web UI displays 'admin' as the logged in user
IT41997 IBM MQ Appliance CVE-2022-40230 (security/integrity exposure) [CVSS base score 5]
SE78246 Update OpenSSL to  3.0.
SE78285 AMQRSSLC creates stash file with incorrect name if .kdb extension specified.

[{"Type":"MASTER","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB67","label":"IT Automation \u0026 App Modernization"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU048","label":"IBM Software"},"Product":{"code":"SSYHRD","label":"IBM MQ"},"ARM Category":[{"code":"a8m0z00000008MGAAY","label":"Install"}],"Platform":[{"code":"PF002","label":"AIX"},{"code":"PF012","label":"IBM i"},{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"},{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":"9.3.0"}]

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