Why IBM Z?

To compete you need to be trusted. IBM Z and our system software combines leading-edge innovation and unparalleled capabilities to drive the higher security and reliability, faster insights and deployments, and greater scalability and flexibility – so you can deliver trusted experiences to your customers.

New software pricing

Announcing a new software pricing based on business value. Exploit new capabilities for new workloads and have the cost predictability your business needs. Our new flexible pricing model supports multiple price metrics for new workloads - without impacting the cost of existing workloads. In addition to traditional capacity-based metrics, this container-based pricing can support business-based metrics such as per payment.

Analytics and machine learning

With IBM Z as the core of your digital transformation, you can build insight and intelligence into everything you do.

Keep your core enterprise data on the mainframe to exploit both analytics and machine learning – while greatly lowering costs, reducing latency – and minimizing security risks.

Enterprise application servers

With IBM Z, you can host applications written in a numerous languages and provide the security, scalability and efficiency enterprises require. These trusted enterprise application servers process billions of transactions per day so customers can reliably and securely serve millions of transactions per second.

Featured enterprise application servers:

Leverage unparalleled mixed-language application serving


Optimize, create and connect applications on premises and on cloud

WebSphere Application Server for z/OS

Manage availability for high volume, near real-time transactions

IBM z/Transaction Processing Facility

Stronger clouds

Cloud integration on IBM Z offers a rapid deployment model for faster time to revenue, a highly secure environment to protect from breaches, and an open software stack for the widest choice in applications.

Featured cloud software:

Easily create RESTful APIs to business-critical data and applications on z/OS

IBM z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition

Create, run, manage and secure APIs to accelerate your API Program, capture new revenue, and deliver compelling new customer experiences

IBM API Connect

Enterprise database management

You need a data management system that can allow you to process data faster and integrate mission critical applications with business critical analytics, securely and cost-effectively.

IBM Z transaction and database management solutions offer the highest levels of availability, scalability and performance required for enterprise and integrated on-premise and cloud environments.

Featured data management software:

The most secure, highest performing and lowest cost hierarchical database management software for online transaction processing (OLTP)


The undisputed leader to store and leverage mission critical data with higher availability, scalability, security and cost effectiveness.

IBM DB2 for z/OS

Enterprise DevOps

Imagine a continuous assessment framework for transforming software delivery through planning, development, testing and operations across platforms. Now imagine delivering software innovation 10x faster.

IBM Z offers lean, agile software solutions and automated processes where enterprise developers, IT operations and QA teams can work collaboratively to deliver software innovation far faster and far more cost-effectively.

IT management

Ensuring the smooth and efficient operations of your data center is essential in maintaining Service Level Agreements.

With IBM Z, you can better manage ongoing costs and provide fast, agile service to the business. Look to IBM Z to reduce vendor costs by up to 40% through consolidating your IT operations strategy and reduce risk and restore service up to 60% faster using IT analytics.

Operating systems

We’re flexible. IBM Z supports z/OS, z/VSE, z/TPF, Linux and the z/VM hypervisor.


“IBM z Systems delivers the extreme power and availability we need to make sure that our millions of customers can access our services anywhere, anytime, using any device.”

—Waldemar Ruggiero, Executive General Manager, Bradesco