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Advanced application Integration Testing early in the software development lifecycle and deep integration test for z/OS powered hybrid applications
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IBM Z® Virtual Test Platform (ZVTP) is a test tool that provides capabilities to shift-left full integration test to earlier in the development cycle. 

IBM ZVTP provides a revolutionary testing technology that enables the developer to test the z/OS® application in isolation using a record and playback model. This allows for an early application integration test where more complex program flows are tested before code is delivered to full integration test.

Included with ZVTP is an automation framework with artifacts to develop automation for z/OS hybrid applications. With these solutions, organizations can realize the benefits of continuous, automated testing, enabling them to improve quality and achieve the full potential of cross-platform DevOps.

What's new

Summary of new features and improvements for IBM Z Virtual Test Platform

Benefits Shift left testing

Shift left and test more complex program flows before code is delivered for full integration test to improve code quality.

Automate testing

Execute tests in isolation without requirements for a full middleware stack.

Easier debug

Simplify debugging complex issues by replaying recorded tests in isolation.

Reduce risk

Discover issues sooner with shift-left testing to reduced risk and overall costs.

End-to-end integration

Use a single test framework for complex, hybrid cloud deep integration testing, end-to-end.

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Experience test tools that will help your organization to shift left and accelerate agile testing practices for z/OS applications.

Learn how to:

  • use ZUnit to create reusable unit test cases for z/OS applications; and
  • use IBM ZVTP to create transactional tests for z/OS applications to shift left and simplify application integration testing

Use your IBM id (or create a new id) to access the 3-day trial.

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Record a test and capture for replay

Record a transaction or batch program capturing the data and information, and create a reusable test that can be replayed in Batch without the middleware (for example, CICS, Db2). The tests can also be executed on a IBM Z Development and Test system running on-prem or on any cloud platform.

    Explore how to create a recording Explore replaying a recording

    Modern user interface

    ZVTP provides a modern user interface for users that quickly shows results of a test, data collected and replay recordings.

    Explore how to view a recording

    Visualize the program flow for a test

    Run a test case and visualize the execution path flow and other details to gain deeper understanding of the program under test.

    Apply z/OS Debugger

    Accelerate debug of issues raised in testing by easily recreating the scenario using a recording of the test that failed.

    Discover IBM Debug for z/OS

    Single Test Framework

    Use a single test framework for complex, hybrid cloud deep integration testing, end-to-end.

    Test z/OS-powered hybrid applications

    Develop and execute test cases for z/OS hybrid applications using a single test framework. IBM Distribution for Galasa provides a comprehensive framework with artifacts to support interfacing z/OS environmental requirements.

    Integrating with IBM Distribution for Galasa
    Demo videos Automated testing on Z

    Discover the importance of a single testing pipeline regardless of the application programming language used.

    Configuring VTP on z/OS

    Configure IBM Virtual Test Platform on z/OS by performing some mandatory tasks to ensure the correct execution of testcases. This video highlights the main steps of the configuration process for a basic installation of VTP on z/OS.

    True shift left testing for your z/OS applications

    Learn how to apply shift left testing, create and run both unit tests and early application integration tests and then successfully add them both to the pipeline.

    Resources VTP Server Extension with an improved user experience

    Explore how test case distills recording data set into its key metadata, storing this metadata into a database on IBM Z for persistence.

    Driving software quality with continuous testing for IBM z/OS applications

    Discover how developers and testers can apply agile testing practices to their z/OS applications and the tools that can help to accelerate their processes.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Choosing the right fit

    ZUnit provides testing capabilities at a program level. We are now introducing transaction-level testing with IBM Z Virtual Test Platform, enabling the first level of Integration Testing.

    It allows the first phase of transaction testing to be done by developers/testers (or to be run automatically as part of the pipeline) before deployment into a full environment.

    IBM Z Virtual Test Platform is a Shopz product. Trials for Shopz products are facilitated by Techline.

    Yes. IBM Z Virtual Test Platform can be used for regression testing after projects like Compiler upgrades, Software Configuration Management (SCM) upgrades, or Automatic Binary Optimizer (ABO) implementation.

    For example, you can accomplish the following:

    • Use IBM Z Virtual Test Platform to record a transaction
    • Apply ABO to the programs in the transaction
    • Play back the tests to verify the integrity of the ABO-enabled application
    • Batch Including Db2 and DL/I
    • CICS with calls to Db2 and DL/I
    • IMS TM and BMP
    • File I/O support for processing of sequential (QSAM) files, and VSAM (KSDS, ESDS, and RRDS) files
    • IBM IMS MQ with Batch, CICS and IMS
    • Seamless integration to CI/CD pipeline

    In order to test an enterprise application Testers might need to:

    1)    Use Selenium to drive a web application
    2)    Interact with 3270 screens
    3)    Submit and verify a JCL Batch process
    4)    Interact with CICS, IMS or other subsystems

    Galasa allows all these technologies to be used within the scope of the same test class through a powerful and easy API allowing Testers to use the right technology at the right time. Testers can also run the same tests against all his test environments regardless of whether they are on an LPAR, Z Development and Test Environment (ZD&T) or Wazi Sandbox or a subsystem with mocks.

    How to get started

    A z/OS system, an application and IBM Z Virtual Test Platform. Once recorded, you do not need the original middleware/subsystems or data to execute the test.

    It only takes a few hours if all the required security and infrastructure are in place. It is totally host-based — all mainframe.

    To download IBM Distribution for Galasa, please click here

    Product support

    Yes, it needs a real LPAR or Z Development and Test (ZD&T) Platform.

    This is all development and test.

    IBM Z Virtual Test Platform does not mandate any additional z/OS or client software.

    You can install IBM Z Virtual Test Platform on a ZD&T if the product is already licensed on the real hardware (Dev and Test LPARs).

    Yes, for clients entitled for IBM Z Virtual Test Platform.

    Next steps

    Discover how deep integration test for z/OS powered hybrid applications. Schedule a no-cost 30-minute meeting with an IBM Z representative.

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