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Drive growth in your enterprise with IMS as the transactional catalyst

IMS is a database driven, secure, integrated platform for high performance online transaction and data processing that delivers the security, flexibility, and scalability that's critical to support your hybrid cloud deployment strategy. Standing at the forefront of the enterprise, hosting hyper critical applications that process billions of transactions per day through unmatched data execution, resiliency and historically, measured performance.


IMS Transaction Manager, the pulse of hybrid cloud

The database agnostic application platform that supports your path to hybrid cloud with open-source tools that enable modernization and automation capabilities to drive growth in your enterprise.

Modernize applications with Java

Reduce time, MIPs, and stress with cloud-hosted development and testing.

Cobol-Java Interoperability

Accelerate application modernization with COBOL Java interoperability by extending existing 31-bit IMS COBOL applications or write new applications with Java in 64-bit mode.

Automated DevOps

Deploy applications faster by automating your DevOps pipeline to drive agility and efficiency with Ansible.

API access to IMS

Enable IMS data to be easily accessible from any cloud application without additional code.

Database agnostic

While optimized when integrated with IMS DB, IMS TM is interoperable with a multitude of technologies to provide you with the flexibility you need to customize your enterprise and drive growth.

IMS Database Manager, the backbone of the enterprise

IMS DB, securely stores, manages, and processes your most critical data with confidence.

Pure data integrity

Robust Lock Manager (PI and IRLM) and extensive logging, ensure that IMS provides uncompromised integrity and that every record is accounted for, and no data is lost or inadvertently deleted.

Universal Database Administrator (DBA)

Cloud native tools and technologies seamlessly integrate with IMS subsystems using industry standard approaches to APIs and database administration tasks which help reduce talent gaps and enable access to a wider population of users.

Data Definition Language (DDL)

With the removal of IMS proprietary tasks, you can access IMS Data through a standard SQL approach which provides greater flexibility in data management.

Enhanced DDL utilities

Leverage DDL utilities to manage your database on z/OS directly regardless of the databases current state.

Optimized performance and reliability

Hierarchical databases reduce processing overhead, streamline query processing and provide the high availability, storage, speed and low-cost solutions your business needs.

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