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As you journey to a hybrid cloud, fluctuating business needs can make it difficult for you to predict demand for IT services. To meet the constantly changing workloads, you need flexibility to scale up or down while balancing your IT expenses with the value it delivers.

With Tailored Fit Pricing for IBM zSystems®, you can take advantage of a flexible, cloud-like consumption-based pricing option, available across both software and hardware, for on-premises computing.

The new IBM zSystems pricing model delivers unmatched simplicity and predictability of pricing in a constantly evolving hybrid cloud era. It helps improve readiness to meet unpredictable demands in a cost-effective way, on the most securable and reliable platform.

IBM Z Tailored Fit Pricing supports your journey to cloud

IBM zSystems Tailored Fit Pricing supports your journey to cloud (01:53)

Tailored Fit Pricing options

Simple, flexible and predictable cloud-like pricing

Tailored Fit Pricing is a flexible pricing model that dramatically simplifies the existing pricing landscape through cloud-like, software and hardware consumption-based pricing options for on-premises computing.

Explore the options:

Software Consumption Solution

Cloud-like, usage-based software licensing model.

Hardware Consumption Solution

Cloud-like, always-on usage-based hardware capacity window.

Development and Test Solution

An always-on, cost-competitive, high-capacity z/OS® environment.

Enterprise Capacity Solution

Licensing model that offers simple software pricing.

New Application Solution

Predictable and value transparency with consumption pricing for new z/OS® apps.

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