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Create truly RESTful APIs to and from your IBM Z mainframe
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IBM® z/OS® Connect is software to design and run OpenAPI conformant APIs to interact with z/OS applications and data.

IBM z/OS Connect provides a simple, intuitive way to bring the power of APIs to your mainframe. You can create consumable APIs in minutes to unlock the value of your IBM Z subsystems with truly RESTful APIs. Make IBM  Z™ central to your hybrid cloud strategy by enhancing mainframe applications and data with the power of cloud-native functions.

Benefits Monitoring

Use a single, consistent, approach to monitoring and audit for all your z/OS APIs no matter where you choose to run.


Implement secure, enterprise-grade APIs, that can handle the large volumes of API requests per day associated with core business services.


Exploit flexibility to scale according to real-time demand, without the need to change configuration or risk of outage.


As a Java-based product over 99% of the product is eligible to be offloaded to zIIP.

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Rapidly transform your IBM Z assets by using APIs at the heart of your hybrid cloud strategy.


z/OS Connect SI license (5655-CE3)

The IBM Z and Cloud Modernization Stack (5900-A8N)

z/OS Connect Unlimited licence (5655-CE5)

Supports OpenAPI 2

Supports OpenAPI 3

z/OS native deployment


Eclipse-based API development (for OpenAPI 2)

Web-based Designer API development (for OpenAPI 3)

Deploy Designer-created API projects


Number of simultaneous instances

Number of API calls per month

MSU-based reference pricing

Features Discover more in our solution brief Drive rapid transformation

Accelerate innovation on IBM Z

  • Enable external applications to call into IBM z/OS applications and data
  • Call APIs from IBM z/OS apps 
  • Choose the deployment option that best fits your hybrid strategy, whether this is close to the data on z/OS or on cloud
Increase agility

Create OpenAPI 3 defined APIs in minutes

  • Confidence that APIs being built will meet company, and industry standards
  • Rich functional mapping provides control over responses to the end user
Simplify operations

Decentralized ownership of API integrations

  • Isolated API flows are deployed separately
  • API flows can be scaled independently
  • Automation using OCI containers and industry standard platforms such as Kubernetes and Red Hat® OpenShift®
Common cloud development experience across an enterprise
  • A consistent way to monitor, control and audit APIs on the platform
  • Secure APIs with modern OpenAPI based security schemes
  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing CI/CD pipelines
Case studies Transforming application development

The global bank BNP Paribas uses IBM z/OS Connect to expose IBM Z services as RESTful APIs to be called and consumed by other applications.

Resources Building an API bridge

Learn how IBM z/OS® Connect helps you easily create APIs for today's mobile and cloud applications.

Get started resources

Find technical resources to help you develop, integrate, deploy and secure APIs with z/OS Connect.

IBM z/OS Connect (OpenAPI 3) documentation

This documentation provides the information required for getting up and running with IBM z/OS Connect OpenAPI 3 where APIs conform to the OpenAPI 3.0 specification.

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