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Create truly RESTful APIs to and from your IBM zSystems mainframe
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IBM® z/OS® Connect is software to design and run OpenAPI conformant APIs to interact with z/OS applications and data. 

IBM z/OS Connect provides a simple, intuitive way to bring the power of APIs to your mainframe. You can create consumable APIs in minutes to unlock the value of your IBM zSystems subsystems with truly RESTful APIs.  Make IBM zSystems™ central to your hybrid cloud strategy by enhancing mainframe applications and data with the power of cloud-native functions.

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Benefits Quick and easy

Remove dependencies on platform-level skills and create OpenAPI-defined APIs in minutes.


Safeguard your APIs and leverage improved security schemes with OpenAPI.

Unified control

Monitor and audit all IBM zSystems APIs across the platform using a single, consistent approach.


Enable development teams to independently deploy and scale API integrations.

Compare editions

Rapidly transform your IBM zSystems assets by using APIs at the heart of your hybrid cloud strategy.


IBM Z and Cloud Modernization Stack

z/OS Connect

Pricing plans

API request-based pricing

MSU - unlimited API requests


Full support: new integrations

Full support: all integrations



Containerized and Eclipse based



z/OS (SMP/E) and containerized


OpenShift entitlement included

Container not included




Features RESTful APIs for your IBM Z® assets

Create APIs in minutes to access IBM zSystems applications and data using intuitive tooling and embedded test capability.

Designed for DevOps

Drive agility across your development teams with parallel development for APIs and Services using source code management systems such as Git, IBM IBM® Rational® Team Concert ® (RTC) or Jazz®.


Secure your business-critical API calls, both in and out of IBM zSystems, using web security patterns to propagate user identities across end-to-end API flows.

Monitor end-to-end API requests

Monitor your API workloads and quickly identify issues. Easy access to statistics and usage data using cloud-based monitoring such as Prometheus.

Browse monitoring methods
Active third-party ecosystem

Leverage the pluggable and extensible capabilities of IBM z/OS Connect, enabling third-party service providers to expand the list of z/OS assets you can expose as APIs.

Case studies Transforming application development

The global bank BNP Paribas uses IBM z/OS Connect to expose IBM zSystems services as RESTful APIs to be called and consumed by other applications.

Accelerating time-to-market

Financial services provider Wüstenrot built slick, user-friendly web and mobile apps with the help of IBM z/OS Connect.

Support, services and flexible pricing Support and services

Protect your IBM zSystems investment with support and services to keep your system running optimally.

Tailored Fit Pricing

See our flexible model for simpler, more economical IBM zSystems pricing.

IBM Global Financing

Discover customized payment options from the industry's top IT financier.

Building an API bridge

Learn how IBM z/OS® Connect helps you easily create APIs for today's mobile and cloud applications.

Get started resources

Find technical resources to help you develop, integrate, deploy and secure APIs with z/OS Connect.

Solution brief

Explore the z/OS Connect features and benefits that help accelerate application modernization.

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Discover how you can use APIs to unlock new value from your IBM zSystems assets.

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