Near real time operational analytics

IBM Z Operational Log and Data Analytics accelerates hybrid incident identification with near real-time operational analytics.

To do this, near real-time IBM Z® operational data is streamed to an enterprise analytics platform, or the included log analysis platform, or both. The included insights help to quickly visualize and search operational data to reduce the mean time to identify the cause of operational issues.


Gain hybrid cloud visibility

Leverage powerful searches and modern dashboards to extract contextualized insights from your Z data and ensure healthy operations across your hybrid applications.

Improve analytics flexibility

Supply data to IBM analytics solutions or the analytics platform of your choice, including Splunk® and Elastic Stack®.

Expand consumable options

Send data to multiple destinations in different formats for different consumers - filter to send only the required data to authorized consumers.

Reduce cost and effort

Load SMF data directly into IBM Db2® Analytics Accelerator (IDAA) to reduce CPU processing and storage requirements. Balance CPU usage by using reclaimed space or space from non-production systems.

Simplified analytics experience

A single solution to make sense of your Z data with the ability to stream, filter, search, visualize and much more.

IBM Z Operational Log and Data Analytics features

  • Accelerated incident identification
  • IBM Z insights delivered to your analytics platform
  • Single collection point
  • Streaming or batch mode
  • Intuitive web configuration tool
  • Out of the box log analytics platform
  • IBM Z specific dashboards and insights
  • Advanced data filtering
  • Optimized data ingestion into Splunk
  • Extensible with new data types