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Get visibility into the interactions and dependencies across IBM Z® workloads
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IBM z/OS® Workload Interaction Navigator provides a single interface to analyze, temporally correlate and visualize anomalous activities across the z/OS software stack.

IBM z/OS Workload Interaction Navigator analyzes standardized, synchronized, 5-second interval summary and exceptional data from the IBM z/OS Workload Interaction Correlator. Through this data visualization, analysis and inspection, z/OS Workload Interaction Navigator provides insights to IBM Z workloads and anomaly detection.


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Benefits Greater visibility

Visualized workloads allow you to quickly and easily identify the root cause of problems and operations issues.

Anomaly detection

Time-sequenced short interval summary data enables your analytics to establish interval activity baselines.

Improved workload availability

Balance the requirements of maintaining high workload availability and adopting DevOps approaches by validating that environmental changes have the coveted effect.

Interpret the IBM z/OS Workload Interaction Correlator data

The IBM z/OS Workload Interaction Navigator allows you to interpret data from the IBM z/OS Workload Interaction Correlator infrastructure. This infrastructure is designed to be consumed by both z/OS and middleware exploiters and to prescribe how each exploiter's summary data is generated, thus enabling the ability to dynamically define and correlate disparate client-specific performance anomalies with no predefined policy. You can examine correlated workload activities to help implicate the causal activity while exonerating others.

What is IBM z/OS Workload Interaction Correlator?
Gain visibility into interdependencies and interactions across workloads

Subject matter experts can quickly determine the cause and victim relationship across the IBM Z software stack by visualizing workloads across different processor core types and considering job size and priority. By gaining greater visibility into the interdependencies and interactions across workloads, they can identify the root cause of issues more easily. This data reduces your root cause identification time.

Dynamically recognize anomalous behavior

Time-sequenced short-interval summary data enables your analytics to establish interval activity baselines for anomaly detection. We prioritize and correlate anomalous activities to present the most impactful issues, using cross-sectional views with exceptional detail to recognize multi-domain anomalous activity.

Validate changes to the environment

The IBM z/OS Workload Interaction Navigator helps you balance the high workload availability requirements and frequently adopt DevOps approaches to apply application and software updates. Proactive change verification by directly comparing the activities across two intervals enables you to validate that software or workload changes in the environment had the coveted effect.

Technical details Explore planning to use z/OS Workload Interaction Navigator Software requirements
  • IBM z/OS V2.3 or later
  • IBM z/OS Workload Interaction Correlator (z/OS priced feature)
  • IBM Z Distribution for Zowe V1.0.0 or later
Hardware requirements
  • IBM z/OS Workload Interaction Navigator V1.1 is supported on hardware that is supported by IBM z/OS V2.3 or later
Technical specifications
  • IBM z/OS Workload Interaction Navigator is delivered as a Zowe™-based application
Resources Introduction

Brief overview of the IBM z/OS Workload Interaction Navigator and IBM z/OS Workload Interaction Correlator.

Single interval demo

A demonstration of IBM z/OS Workload Interaction Navigator for a single interval data set.

Improve workload resilience

Explore how to identify the source of issues with IBM Z as part of your hybrid cloud in order to improve operational resiliency.

How can clients master their complex z/OS workloads?

Gain an in-depth look at how you can use the Workload Interaction Navigator to understand your z/OS workloads.

IBM Z Distribution for Zowe

Explore technical information for Zowe™. An open source project that interfaces with z/OS in a way that is similar to the experience on cloud platforms.

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