Overview of the Z Data Analytics Platform deployment

The Z Data Analytics Platform in IBM Z® Operational Log and Data Analytics provides the ability to visualize and search through large quantities of Z operational data on a single pane of glass. The dashboards and saved searches provide ready-to-use insights into the operational data and help with early problem detection and problem diagnosis.

Flow of source data on the Z Data Analytics Platform

Figure 1 illustrates the data flow among components. The step numbers correspond to the numbers that are used in the illustration.
Figure 1. Flow of source data on the Z Data Analytics Platform
Flow of data among Z Data Analytics Platform components
  1. In each z/OS® logical partition (LPAR), the Z Common Data Provider retrieves operational data from the configured sources and sends it to the Apache Kafka broker.
  2. The source data is parsed and indexed into the NoSQL data store.
  3. You can see predefined searches and visualizations of the data in the dashboards and search GUI. Insights are provided for data from the following source types:
    • z/OS system log (z/OS SYSLOG)
    • CICS® Transaction Server for z/OS EYULOG or MSGUSR log data
    • Network data, such as data from UNIX System Services system log (syslogd) or z/OS Communications Server
    • NetView® for z/OS message data
    • SMF data
    • WebSphere® Application Server for z/OS logs that include SYSOUT or SYSPRINT log data
  4. The system searches the problem insights for known problems and presents them in the Problem Insights GUI.