Discover how to quantify and optimize your IBM Z resources

IBM® Z® Performance and Capacity Analytics delivers the insight for IT Operations Managers, Performance Experts and Capacity Planners to make informed decisions about their infrastructure and application performance.

Leveraging SMF and other structured data sources on IBM Z and other platforms, enterprise-wide IT utilization information is curated quickly and efficiently into actionable reports. Forecasting and modeling functions help ensure resources are in place to run the business and meet expected service levels, both for today and the future.


Faster access to insight

Near real-time data collection and curation with zIIP-eligible processing can lower overhead and get analysis and insight within minutes of SMF record creation to ensure system resource availability.

Modern visualization

Out-of-the-box dashboards on key performance metrics and capacity planning delivered on Cognos Analytics and stream output directly to Splunk or Elastic Stack.

Predict future resource needs

Use the built-in forecasting capabilities to predict future resource needs based on current capacity and growth trends, including visualizing the effect of upgrading to new processors.

Management for Tailored Fit Pricing

Measure and forecast MSU consumption to support flexible software pricing on z/OS and identify opportunities for application and environment optimization.

Keep data close to the platform

Ensure your valuable IBM Z data remains under your control using the end-to-end collection and curation process that keeps the data on platform.

Key features that support reporting and capacity planning

  • Automated data gathering
  • Continuous curation of key performance metrics
  • Consumable out-of-the-box dashboards
  • Forecasting capabilities to predict future resource needs
  • Extensible data framework
  • Enhanced reporting for your R4HA and Tailored Fit Pricing
  • Integrate Db2 Analytics Accelerator to optimize analysis
  • 'What If' analysis for accurate upgrade decision planning