What IBM Z Batch Resiliency can do for your business

IBM® Z® Batch Resiliency delivers high-value resiliency management of non-database managed data and applications by leveraging detailed analytic reporting to provide insights to reduce manual approaches required to manage data outside of database control. By reducing dependency on domain expertise and time-consuming, error-prone analysis to determine the impact of data corruption incidents, application data inter-dependencies and vulnerabilities are determined quickly to reduce enterprise business risk.

By integrating with major scheduler, tape management and backup tooling, IBM Z Batch Resiliency builds a comprehensive inventory of data usage and backups to enable quick, automated recovery of business-critical data as part of a robust resiliency strategy.


Minimize impact of data corruption

Address your business risks by recovering data from any corruption down to a granular level. Point-In-Time recovery capability to non-database systems ensures near continuous data protection.

Data visibility and recovery

Get real-time visibility into jobs that are executing and open datasets that may be at risk. Point-in-time inventory of data sets and backups enables faster, panel-driven recovery.

Workload interdependency insight

Resiliency and audit gap reports increases your understanding of application interdependencies and recovery points.

Key features of IBM Z Batch Resiliency

  • Near real-time insights into data usage and recoverability
  • Fast and automated recoverability
  • Deeper insights into your data
  • Foundation of cyber resiliency strategy
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities
  • Continuously capture data set activity
  • Close integration with IBM Z Workload Scheduler