Meet CICS® Transaction Server

Deliver transactional application integrity in your hybrid cloud

CICS® Transaction Server is a world-class secure and scalable platform for hosting your transactional enterprise applications in a hybrid architecture.

Applications can be modernized using languages that best fit the skills of your developers and the needs of your business.


Find out more about what’s new in CICS Transaction Server 6.1

Illustration of how a transactional server platform works



Do more with CICS Transaction Server

Discover how CICS Transaction Server can prepare you for a hybrid landscape and help you modernize your applications.

Increase business agility

Unlock access to CICS apps with API enablement, messaging, event streams and AI.

Use the latest enterprise Java® APIs

Java 11, Jakarta 9 and Eclipse MicroProfile 5 give you a solid foundation for Java components.

Enhanced developer productivity

Automate how you build and deploy with Maven, Gradle, Ansible and CICS TS resource builder.

Improved security and compliance management

Strengthen security with TLS 1.3, solve sysplex-wide security issues, and automate evidence for compliance.

Reduced cost of management

New policies, resource overrides, monitoring and diagnostics to better manage CICS regions.

Guided installation and upgrading

Simplified installation following guided workflow steps and enhanced upgrading documentation.

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Start your journey to a modern hybrid cloud today.