IBM CICS Transaction Server for z/OS
A powerful, mixed-language application server that runs on IBM z/OS
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IBM CICS® Transaction Server, often called CICS, is a world-class, secure, powerful, scalable, mixed-language application server platform used for hosting your transactional enterprise applications in a hybrid architecture.

An application server provides an environment to host applications. It can provide services to solve concerns like security, transactionality or data exchange between new and existing applications. CICS can provide these services to applications composed of components written in different programming languages.

Applications can be modernized using languages that best fit your developers' skills and your business's needs.

Upgrading to the newest release
What's new

Updates and enhancements for CICS

Benefits Secure

Robust controls to secure transactions, resources and networking in tandem with your z/OS security manager and compliance authority.


Applications that efficiently scale and prioritize workloads that deliver the full potential of your IBM Z and z/OS sysplex to meet your enterprise needs.


A choice of familiar languages and frameworks to integrate and modernize your IBM Z applications and data.

Modernize experiences of CICS applications

Unlock access to CICS apps with API enablement, messaging, event streams and AI.

Increase business agility with CICS Transaction Server

Use enterprise Java® APIs

Java 11, Jakarta 9 and Eclipse MicroProfile 5 give you a solid foundation for Java components.

Get started with Java in CICS

Enhanced developer productivity

Automate how you build and deploy with Maven, Gradle, Ansible and CICS Transaction Server resource builder.

Developer experience features

Improved security and compliance management

Strengthen security through the network layers with Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.3, solve sysplex-wide security issues and automate evidence for compliance.

Transport Layer Security

Reduced cost of management

Continuous release of system management features that include new policies, resource overrides, monitoring and diagnostics to better manage CICS regions.

System management features
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Whether you want to try out the new features of CICS Transaction Server for the first time or set up a production system, IBM provides an edition to suit your needs.

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Try CICS in a pre-configured, remote environment hosted by IBM. Take a tutorial or just look around. No installation is required.

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A licensed, full-function product for production use on new workloads with world-class IBM support.

Licensing options

No charge

No charge

Monthly license charge

One-time charge

Task capacity

Limited by environment

Maximum 30 user tasks

Unlimited number of tasks

Unlimited number of tasks

Product expiration date

Expires 3 days after registration

Expires 90 days after ordering

No expiration

No expiration


Non-production use only

Non-production use only

Production use

Production use

IBM Software Subscription and Support (S&S)

Email support only

Severity 3 and 4 only
Technical details

Before you can install CICS Transaction Server for z/OS, there are some preparation steps to do, such as:

  • choosing the distribution package
  • checking system requirements
  • finding CICS Explore
See all the prerequisites

Discover scenarios that describe how you can achieve specific business goals by using the features of CICS Transaction Server. 

Using Atom feeds and event processing to manage customer orders Running existing applications on open TCBs without code changes
Resources Introduction to CICS

Explore what an application server is, what it provides to developers and what distinguishes CICS as a mixed language application server.

Architecting Java solutions for CICS

Discover the reasons for developing Java applications in CICS Transaction Server and the various usage models of Java applications in CICS.

Developing a RESTful Web application for Liberty in CICS

A step-by-step guide for creating a simple RESTful Java application, then deploying it into WebSphere Liberty running in CICS.

Extending a CICS web application using JCICS

A step-by-step guide to CICS Java development, demonstrating how to access common CICS resources using the JCICS API..

Modernizing Applications with CICS

This IBM Redpaper publication focuses on modernizing these CICS applications, allowing them to integrate with cloud-native applications.

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