IBM Wazi as a Service

Cloud native development and testing for z/OS on IBM Cloud®.

Illustration showing cloud, laptop and IBM Z connected to Wazi as a Service


Get on-demand access to z/OS dev and test in minutes

Accelerate cloud native development and testing of z/OS applications with z/OS Virtual Server in IBM Cloud® Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). It's your own protected space in the IBM Cloud with the security of a private cloud and the agility of a public cloud.

IBM Wazi aaS also provides experimental capabilities to enable customers to get started with exploring IBM Cloud’s Continuous Delivery offering through Integration templates based on DevSecOps practices.  The service offers a unified user experience for z/OS and cloud native applications in the IBM Cloud to create and use toolchains, with security and auditability at its core.

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Increased speed to market

Accelerate delivery through rapid development and testing enabled by on-demand access to a z/OS environment in less than 5 minutes.

Innovation with freedom

Innovate faster in response to ever-changing business needs by using a z/OS system that includes the latest and greatest software.

Improved software quality  and compliance

Enhance software quality and auditability by shifting left and automating your testing and considering security earlier in the development lifecycle.

Increased productivity

Help developers and systems programmers by eliminating wait times and enabling easy deployment of a z/OS system with Wazi Image Builder using standard or custom images.

Greater scalability

Enable horizontal and vertical scaling on demand based on business needs and pay only for what you use with infrastructure available as a service in a flexible consumption model.

Flexible deployment

Deploy an IBM-provided dev and test stock images on the z/OS Virtual Server, or bring a custom image for applications and related components to deploy to the z/OS Virtual Server in VPC.

Use cases

Development and testing Leverage the strength and security of IBM Cloud with self-serve access to z/OS systems and create standard or custom images from your own LPAR. Get started with development and testing in minutes without any dependency on operations. Watch the video (4:05)

Infrastructure testing Overcome the issues of broken processes, insufficient security and more that are preventing you from testing software upgrades at speed. Expedite testing with a z/OS virtual server instance (VSI) and Wazi Image Builder.

Innovation and skill building Accelerate innovation by lowering the barrier to entry for new z/OS developers and reduce their need to have specialized skills by providing easy access to preinstalled and customized software available as stock images.

Secure z/OS apps with DevSecOps practices Get started with IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery and experiment with secure toolchains Learn more


IBM Wazi as a Service components z/OS Dev and Test Virtual Server in IBM Cloud VPC

Spin up a z/OS dev and test system in IBM Cloud Virtual Private Cloud in just minutes. Manage virtual machine-based compute, storage and networking resources in a private, secure space you define.

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Wazi Image Builder

Create custom images from your on-premises LPAR by using Wazi Image Builder. Wazi Image Builder includes a web UI with role-based access and REST APIs to streamline the creation process.

See how to create a source environment (2:21) See how to create a target environment (1:43)
z/OS templates for continuous delivery

Use z/OS templates that extend IBM Continuous Delivery Service to automate builds in secure DevSecOps toolchains

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Eurobank discusses Accelerating Dev & Test
Accelerate and simplify building and testing z/OS applications with cloud native development, modernization in place and a consistent cloud experience. 

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z/OS Dev and Test in IBM Cloud

Join us to learn how an on-demand z/OS system running on real Z hardware and IBM Cloud™ can help you increase speed to market and improve software quality.