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Stream OMEGAMON data to enhance observability on z/OS
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IBM zSystems™ Integration for Observability is a suite of stand-alone OMEGAMON® agents that together delivers new data integration and user interfaces. 

Combining mainframe and hybrid cloud metrics is central to successfully modernizing your observability platform. With IBM zSystems Integration for Observability, you can stream IBM OMEGAMON metrics to open AIOps platforms of choice and use IBM Cloud Pak® for AIOps to correlate events and apply analytics to achieve resiliency across hybrid cloud.

IBM zSystems Integration for Observability includes the following IBM product components:

  • Discovery Library Adapter for z/OS
  • Service Management Unite
  • Tivoli Management Services for z/OS
  • Z ChatOps
  • Z OMEGAMON Integration Monitor
  • Z Resource Discovery Data Service
  • Z Resource Discovery Visualization Service
What's new

Summary of new functions and features for IBM zSystems Integration for Observability

Why act now?

As an IT manager looking to improve operational observability, it is important to bring insights across the mainframe and distributed platforms under one user experience. IBM zSystems Integration for Observability delivers core infrastructure, which makes this possible for IBM OMEGAMON clients who are not currently entitled to the IBM Z® Monitoring Suite or IBM Z Service Management Suite.

You can leverage this data ecosystem to stream OMEGAMON data into a single service management dashboard and make it available to other observability tools without upgrading to a suite. This helps you maximize the impact of your AIOps integration for observability across hybrid cloud.

Benefits Improve flexibility in analytics

Supply data to IBM analytics solutions or any AI platform, like Elastic Stack®, Instana® and Splunk®.

Simplify data management

Consolidate data from disparate sources in a unified service management dashboard and send to other tools.

Improve resolution time

Reduce resolution time and improve collaboration by using IBM Z ChatOps or other chat tools.

Features Single service management dashboard

Stream and publish OMEGAMON data from a service management dashboard to open AI platforms to correlate events.

Collaborative interface

Visualize data from multiple sources in a single source dashboard and collaborate by using a chat platform.

Visibility across hybrid cloud application

Experience mobile-to-mainframe view and ability to correlate events across the hybrid topology with Watson AIOps.

Products included in the suite
Discovery Library Adapter for z/OS

Detects and discovers active z/OS resources and their connections and relationships. It creates XML files (also referred to as “Books”) that conform to the Common Data Model (CDM). These books can be displayed and consumed by various product consoles that provide change and configuration management and business process management.

IBM Discovery Library Adapter for z/OS

Service Management Unite

It is a web-based customizable dashboard user interface that brings mainframe management information and tasks from disparate sources into a single environment. The monitoring and automation of exception events helps to isolate and diagnose problems, issue commands and view results in a single interface.

IBM Service Management Unite

Tivoli Management Services

Provides security, data transfer and storage, notification mechanisms, user interface presentation and communication services for IBM OMEGAMON suites in an agent/server/client architecture.

Tivoli Management Services components

Z ChatOps

Provides chatbot capabilities that give users access to the information from Z systems management tools within collaboration platforms like Slack.

It can be used to notify the operations team in the chat platform about IBM Z events, including recommendations that are powered by machine learning, to help isolate and resolve problems quickly.

IBM Z ChatOps Try it free

Z Common Data Provider with Apache Kafka

It provides the infrastructure for accessing IT operational data from z/OS systems and streaming it to the analytics platform in a consumable format.

IBM Z Common Data Provider with Apache Kafka

Z OMEGAMON Integration Monitor

Displays performance information from various sources, including OMEGAMON monitors and third-party software, in a single location. It delivers near real-time and historical information and operating system and key subsystem performance.

IBM Z OMEGAMON Integration Monitor

Z Resource Discovery Data Service

A containerized component that creates rapid, graphical analysis to discover the relationships among Z systems resources.

It is used for understanding resources that run on IBM Z and provides a standard graph API for resource dependencies. 

IBM Z Resource Discovery Data Service

Z Resource Discovery Visualization Service

A React UI component that primarily provides network-style graphs. Consumers of IBM Z Resource Discovery Visualization Service can import it as a node library and configure through its interface. You can feed data to the component by implementing and registering a data provider.

IBM Z Resource Discovery Visualization Service
Use cases Observability across hybrid cloud

Enable application observability across hybrid cloud with visibility into IBM Z systems metrics and log data.

Hybrid topology-based event correlation

Diagnose system issues by correlating events from OMEGAMON and multiple data sources across hybrid topologies.

Streamline deployment with containers

Centralize monitoring infrastructure with containerization on z/OS for the Tivoli® Enterprise Portal Server.

Technical details

Before you use IBM zSystems Integration for Observability, ensure that the requirements for operating systems, software and hardware are met.

Review the software requirements
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