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IBM® Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence (ADDI) is an analysis tool that helps visualize applications, data and jobs on z/OS®. 

ADDI enables architects and developers to discover dependencies in a click, implement changes with confidence and keep documentation current and accurate. Use ADDI to enable your IT teams to make informed decisions about modernizing, consolidating or decommissioning applications.

With IBM ADDI, you can use the capabilities of the following components to speed up your application modernization:

  • IBM Application Discovery for IBM Z
  • IBM Wazi Analyze
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Benefits Boost potential profitability

Developer productivity is increased by 20%–30%, providing more time for innovation¹.

Achieve positive ROI fast

Clients that use ADDI are able to achieve an ROI of 163% over three years, with an average payback period of under one year¹.

Attain faster time to market with quality

Cost savings of up to 10% due to infrastructure consolidation¹.

Embrace the hybrid cloud

Evolve systems and applications rapidly to take advantage of hybrid cloud.

Improve business alignment

Visualize existing applications to derive requirements for enhanced user story creation.

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Manage your software lifecycle and digital and cloud transformation.

Learn how to:

  • Identify maintainability issues and update unreachable code.
  • Identify potential candidate APIs for modernization.
  • Quickly analyze the relationship between programs and modules before and after code refactoring by using IBM Wazi Analyze.

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Use cases Be quantum-safe and quickly identify vulnerable cryptographic calls so you can protect against harvesting of confidential data. Start your quantum-safe journey with IBM ADDI Identify API candidates

Reuse existing assets for the API economy and accelerate modernization by finding API candidates.

Accelerate data modernization

Auto-discover and virtualize your nonrelational data on IBM Z® with IBM Data Virtualization Manager.

Expedite journey to hybrid cloud

Modernize z/OS and Java™ applications to support hybrid cloud execution.

Analyze Hogan Core Banking and CAMS applications

Enable analysis of Hogan Core Banking and CAMS applications for better customer understanding.

Resources ADDI learning essentials

Learn about ADDI at your own pace at no charge. Use your IBMid to access the training.

Innovate and modernize at speed

Groupama uses ADDI to modernize IBM Z applications with greater speed and confidence.

API extensibility feature

Learn how the analysis of an API call is supported by the extensibility feature with sample files. You can also learn how to enable API call analysis for your own projects.

Managing the access rights of workspaces

This tutorial provides five scenarios that explain access projects and workspaces.

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IBM Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS

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¹The Total Economic Impact™ of IBM ADDI, October 2021 is a Forrester Consulting study that is commissioned by IBM.