What is IBM Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS?

IBM® Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS® provides virtual, integrated views of data residing on IBM Z®. It enables users and applications read/write access to IBM Z data in place, without having to move, replicate or transform the data.

Data virtualization enables data structures that were designed independently to be used together. And it performs these tasks with minimal additional processing costs. Traditional data movement approaches can negatively impact the opportunity to benefit from data where and when it is needed. By unlocking IBM Z data using popular, industry-standard APIs, Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS can save you time and money. You can also simplify the development of AI applications directly from IBM Z data with IBM Cloud Pak® for Data, a fully integrated data and AI platform that modernizes how businesses collect, organize and analyze data and infuse AI throughout their organizations.


Open mainframe data to the API economy

Modernize applications by accessing and updating mainframe data through current APIs without the need for mainframe skills, resulting in elastic, interconnected and secure applications.

Gain insight from transactional data

Enrich analytics and cognitive applications with live mainframe transactional data, without the cost and complexity of data movement, gaining virtually immediate access to real-time business insights.

Reduce business risk

Address threats before they affect risk profiles or operations with access to real-time mainframe operational data and gain virtually immediate insight to compliance issues and system readiness.

Feature spotlights

Simplify data integration

Get support for virtual views of data. Enable users and applications to have read/write access to mainframe data in place, without having to move, replicate or transform data. Readily access relational and non-relational IBM Z data through modern APIs including HTTP, SOAP, SQL and no SQL (REST when combined with IBM z/OS Connect). Combine it with non-IBM Z data in a single integrated view.

Modernize existing legacy applications

Modernize batch applications with direct real-time read/write access to relational and traditional non-relational IBM Z data sources. Access IBM Z data sources such as IBM Db2® for z/OS, Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM), Adaptable Database System (ADABAS), Integrated Database Management Systems (IDMS), and more without the need for mainframe skills.

Gain faster and more secure mainframe data access

Minimize the risks associated with moving data off platform. Reduce data copies and keep data in place within the security-rich IBM Z infrastructure. Data Virtualization Manager for z/ OS exploits IBM Z security features such as pervasive encryption and systems security protocols such as RACF, ACF2 and Top Secret. It also provides native database-level security within Db2 for z/OS and IMS.

Reduce cost and speed up ETL

Speed up Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) data movement processes and potentially reduce mainframe costs associated with accessing or moving large volumes of data. Optimized for IBM Z, it exploits the benefits of specific Z hardware and runs largely on IBM z Systems® Integrated Information Processors (zIIP), minimizing any effect on general purpose processing costs.

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