What advanced storage management can do for your business

IBM® Advanced Storage Management Suite provides extensive capabilities to monitor and manage z/OS® storage hardware and software resources, including private, hybrid or cloud storage for z/OS. Save time and money with a simplified, unified view and the ability to monitor, manage and report on your z/OS storage resources. You can benefit from efficient allocation, control and operation of key subsystems. Comes with feature rich z/OS storage resource management software suite that helps prevent costly storage related outages, and helps you manage and maintain key subsystems while online to prevent application downtime.


Monitor storage resources

Monitor storage resources and manage key z/OS storage subsystems with flexible reporting, customizable intelligent alerts, detailed drill down and automated responses to quickly resolve problems.

Improve storage operational performance

Improve z/OS storage operational performance with efficient operation of storage allocation controls. Utilize private, hybrid and public cloud storage for flexible, cost efficient storage.

Identify and prevent storage issues

Identify storage shortage issues and drill down to the root cause for resolution before they cause problems. Common responses to problems can be automated.

IBM Advanced Storage Management Suite for z/OS includes

  • IBM Cloud Tape Connector
  • IBM Advanced Archive
  • IBM Advanced Catalog Management
  • OMEGAMON for Storage
  • IBM Advanced Allocation Management
  • IBM Advanced Audit, Reporting, & Management for DFSMShsm