IBM Z Digital Integration Hub 
Enable fast, real-time information flow between your IBM z/OS® systems of record and hybrid cloud applications
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IBM Z Digital Integration Hub (IBM zDIH) provides real-time information flow at scale, protects production environments from unpredictable inquiry traffic with adaptability and offers flexible interactions with API and event-based architectures.

IBM zDIH seamlessly integrates your core business applications running on IBM Z® systems with your hybrid cloud applications for efficient handling of inquiry traffic to your systems of record. This agile integration helps you to respond more quickly to client expectations and transform your business by providing a system for sharing real-time data from your applications across multiple environments.


What's new

Summary of new features in IBM Z Digital Integration Hub

Benefits Access real-time information

Fuel your hybrid cloud applications with real-time information at scale to better meet client expectations.

Accelerate time-to-value

Accelerate your hybrid cloud adoption by providing consumable, self-service information.

Achieve cost optimization

Leverage zIIPs and ability to service inquiry traffic differently from transaction processing for cost advantages.

Features Core systems integration

Integrate your systems of record applications with IBM zDIH using pre-built templates.

Low-code approach

Create IBM zDIH applications and caches in minutes with the IBM zDIH Developer Kit.

Standards-based approach

Leverage built-in support for standards-based interfaces like JDBC, REST and events for easier integration.

Ecosystem expansion

Accelerate adoption of SaaS ecosystems (Fintech, Insurtech, Regtech, etc.) by providing easily consumable information to create more value.

Designed for DevOps

Drive agility across your development teams by incorporating IBM zDIH in your DevOps pipeline.

With zDIH, M&T is able to reimagine the ways our core banking platforms can share information and events with our consumers—whether for data analysis or application consumption—and become a full-fledged member of our digital ecosystem transformation. Russell Plew Technology Senior Manager M&T Bank Read how M&T Bank achieves market agility
Technical details

When planning for IBM zDIH, it is important to consider the following aspects:

Identify use cases

Scope out the initial use cases that are a good fit inorder for IBM zDIH to deliver the highest value.

Selecting initial use case for IBM zDIH
Plan for implementation

After you identify the initial use case, you can start planning for the selected use case.

  • capacity planning
  • skills planning
  • application discovery planning
  • security planning
Planning for IBM zDIH
Related products CICS Transaction Server

A secure and scalable platform for hosting your transactional enterprise applications in a hybrid architecture. It integrates with zDIH to share valuable information with cloud consumers.

Information Management System

A hierarchical database and information management system that supports transaction processing. It integrates with zDIH to support your cloud strategy.

z/OS Connect

A software that is used to design and run OpenAPI conformant APIs to interact with z/OS applications and data. It complements zDIH to implement an optimized CQRS pattern for IBM Z systems.

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