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IBM watsonx™ is an AI and data platform. It includes a set of AI assistants that are designed to help you scale and accelerate the impact of AI within your business. It works with trusted data throughout your organization. Read what companies are saying about watsonx, its potential to create a competitive advantage and its ability to scale trustworthy AI for business.

NatWest (formerly Royal Bank of Scotland) uses watsonx to make home buying easier

Learn how IBM Consulting® and NatWest used IBM watsonx Assistant to co-create an AI-powered, cloud-based platform named “Marge” to provide real-time digital mortgage support for home buyers.

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watsonx platform 

See what companies are saying about watsonx, the AI and data platform built for business.

US Open

“The AI models that are built with watsonx do more than enhance the digital experience of the US Open. They also scale the productivity of our editorial team by automating key workflows.”

— Kirsten Corio, Chief Commercial Officer, United States Tennis Association


Digital experiences with watsonx

“Truist is collaborating with IBM on several generative AI internal use cases. Some of the products involve using watsonx, a new AI and data platform developed by IBM to assist companies in generative AI and machine learning. We are exploring opportunities to co-create, build proofs of concept and ultimately deploy them in the production environment for the benefit of our teammates and clients.”

Ken Meyer, Divisional Chief Information and Experience Officer, Truist

Mercado Latino, Inc.

“We are excited to explore use cases around employee training and tracking, customer care, auto form-fill and more with watsonx, a new platform from IBM. We are especially delighted that this new platform augments our capabilities and provides added data security.”

— Richard Rodriguez, President, Mercado Latino, Inc.


“FYI is honored to expand our relationship with IBM by incorporating watsonx capabilities that will further improve the productivity of our Web 3.0 messenger app. Collaborating with IBM, a trusted partner and an expert in the generative AI field, will empower both FYI and the creative community to scale.”

— will.i.am, Founder and CEO, FYI


“In the field of generative AI and foundation models, watsonx is a platform that enables us to meet our customers' requirements for optimization and security. It also allows them to benefit from the dynamism and innovations of the open source community.”

— Romain Gaborit, CTO, Eviden


“We constantly innovate with our partners at IBM to provide Wimbledon fans, wherever they are in the world, with an insightful and engaging digital experience of The Championships. This year, we are introducing new features for our digital platforms. These features use the latest AI technology from IBM providing fans with even more insight into the singles draw and access to commentary on various matches through our match highlights videos.”

Usama Al-Qassab, Marketing and Commercial Director, The All England Club


“We are encouraged by the results of this pilot, and we look forward to the next chapter in our generative AI journey. IBM’s ethical and transparent approach to AI helps us put human values at the center of our transformation initiative.”

— Alceu Meinen, Superintendent of AI and Customer Relations, Confederação Sicredi

Improving customer service

“Watsonx.ai proved to be highly useful in our research. We liked how it helped our customers and our development team in simplifying tasks and expanding the assistant's knowledge without the need to preset the entire dialog in advance. It represents a significant advancement for both us and our customers.”

— Jindrich Chromy, CEO and co-founder, AddAI.Life

Building higher quality AI assistants
Blendow Group

“We are only starting this journey. Our collaboration with IBM has reinforced our conviction that legal intelligence is on the brink of a transformative era, and Blendow Group is ready to lead this revolution.”

— Johan Wallquist, Chief Digital Innovation Officer, Blendow Group

AI-enhanced legal intelligence analysis
Silver Egg Technology

“IBM is committed to fostering an AI solution network centered on their reliable and secure AI platform. This aligns well with our go-to-market strategy and we look forward to further cooperation.”

— Tom Foley, Founder and CEO, Silver Egg Technology

Embracing AI to revitalize hiring

“With this tool, we will need only a quarter of the time compared to before to plan, write and publish an article.”

— Madeline Scholz, Minijob-Zentrale

Augmenting the editorial workflow
NHS Trust

“The IBM team has fully supported our patient-first approach that combines process research and process mining to establish areas of opportunity to improve the patient experience and outcomes. This has helped us to identify where we could pilot process changes and exciting new technologies to have an impact far more quickly than we would have before."

— Professor Andy Hardy, Chief Executive Officer, NHS Trust

Patient-centered care with AI
Samsung SDS America

“Samsung SDS America, the digital arm of Samsung, proudly partners with IBM to introduce groundbreaking new solutions like Zero Touch Mobility from SDS. The launch of watsonx by IBM awakened and inspired us to explore the immense potential of watsonx.ai and the generative AI capabilities it offers to deliver unprecedented innovations for our clients.”

— Sean Im, CEO, Samsung SDS America


“As an early adopter of AI, we are exploring how watsonx.ai can help simplify content classification, discoverability and summarization.”

— Krish Mantripragada, Chief Product Officer, Seismic

Technology Dynamics

“Watsonx.ai allows us to slash delivery time from 3 to 4 months down to 3 to 4 weeks for many customer care use cases.”

— Marc Martina, Owner, President and CEO, Technology Dynamics, Inc.

CrushBank Technology, Inc.

“We are especially interested in using the summarization features in watsonx.ai to greatly improve service delivery. It provides IT agents with a comprehensive and accurate information source quickly and reliably, eliminating the need to go through multiple documents manually. By integrating watsonx.ai capabilities with our data information sources, we can correlate and summarize information from various documents, delivering concise natural language answers.”

— David Tan, CTO, CrushBank Technology, Inc.


“We are excited about the prospect of using watsonx.ai foundation models to enhance our AI strategy. This will further foster innovation within the network we established with our state-of-the-art corporate infrastructure, branded as Inovabra.”

— Mr. Fernando Freitas, Innovation Leader, Banco Bradesco SA

Relevance AI

“Relevance AI is committed to harnessing the limitless potential of generative AI for low-code business users, enabling them to achieve unprecedented levels of automation. We are exploring watsonx.ai to identify synergies and integration opportunities. We are thrilled to expand our platform and provide a broader selection of foundation models to our diverse user base.”

— Jacky Koh, Co-Founder, Relevance AI

Matrix Holograms

“Our system dynamically modifies the direction of learning, continuously adapting to each student's comprehensive level. Watsonx helps us democratize education and level the playing field for students worldwide through AI-based tutoring.”

— Stephanie Soetendal, Founder and CEO, Matrix Holograms

Cerebral Blue

“NeuralSeek, a no-code content analytics, customer care and search accelerator, integrated watsonx.ai into its core processing engine as a user-selectable option. Watsonx.ai stands out in generative AI by enabling tailored foundation models within corporate firewalls or isolated networks. NeuralSeek sees watsonx.ai as the only viable path forward for bringing our business use cases into industries and sectors traditionally unable to participate in waves of new technology due to security, location and compliance rules.”

— Garrett Rowe, VP of AI Research, Cerebral Blue (NeuralSeek)


“As healthcare organizations worldwide strive to cut costs and improve patient care amid the shortage of trained staff, the adoption of technologies, such as AI and machine learning is more vital than ever to transform the industry. At VitalProbe Inc., we are thrilled to partner with IBM watsonx.ai to provide our customers with predictive models that can identify health risks and convert extensive health data into usable information. This empowers clinicians to make informed decisions and improve healthcare outcomes.”

— Billa Bhandari, Founder, VitalProbe Inc.


“As a digital lending platform for underserved communities, Dollarito.com is eager to explore integrating our lending algorithms with IBM watsonx.ai and watsonx.data industry foundation modeling capabilities to make credit more accessible to those who deserve it.”

Carmen Roman, CEO, Dollarito.com

QuantumStreet AI

“We at QuantumStreet AI (Equbot) are excited about expanding our use of IBM Watson® Discovery and IBM Watson® Studio to include the foundation models watsonx.ai and watsonx.data provided by IBM. These capabilities enable non-technical investment managers access to AI and ML tools, enabling them to identify market opportunities and manage risk.”

— Chida Khatua, CEO, QuantumStreet AI (Equbot)


“Krista Software is excited to integrate with the IBM watsonx.ai platform to accelerate our mission of creating technology that understands people. IBM watsonx.ai is the first enterprise-grade LLM that delivers trustworthy, scalable and transparent AI.”

— Luther Birdzell, Chief AI Officer, Krista Software


“Companies continue to struggle with reducing the time and cost of reviewing legal matters. We're excited to extend the transformative power of generative AI and embed technologies like watsonx.ai into our solutions to securely provide enhanced and automated data analysis and culling that addresses the challenge of managing massive volumes of complex dynamic data for legal, HR, security and IT professionals.”

— Don Terry, Chief Revenue Officer, Hanzo

Otsuka Corporation

“We have been using IBM Watson® since 2017 and achieved great results. Now, we are excited about watsonx.ai and eager to explore its foundation models, which can further enhance the quality of our customer care and sales activities.”

— Takahiro Jinushi, Senior Managing Officer, Otsuka Corporation

Pragma Edge

“With IBM watsonx.ai and IBM® Sterling™ Data Exchange, Pragma Edge aims to usher in the next era of data gateways. Watsonx.ai assists us in managing trading partners, transactions and more to help business analysts.”

— Vedavyas (Wade) Avula, Founder and CTO, Pragma Edge


“Watsonx.data is integrated into Argos, powering up our platform significantly, simplifying and enhancing our customer experience remarkably.”

— Dominik Regner, Sales Manager, Cogniware

Identifying potential safety threats
Capital Bank of Jordan

“We are excited to partner with IBM to use watsonx to further enhance our machine learning and AI capabilities. We plan to build upon our existing IBM® Netezza® workloads and explore how watsonx can consolidate all our data, including unstructured data, into a single layer. This consolidation helps us drive predictive analytics, reduce customer churn, identify fraud and risky transactions and optimize precision target marketing.”

— Bahaa’ Awartany, Chief Data Officer, Capital Bank of Jordan


“We recognize the importance of watsonx.data and the development of the open source components that it builds upon. We look forward to partnering with IBM to optimize the watsonx.data stack, achieving breakthrough performance through our joint technological contributions to the Presto open source community.”

— Das Kamhout, VP and Senior Principal Engineer, Cloud and Enterprise Software Group at Intel


“As a digital lending platform serving underserved communities, Dollarito.com is eager to explore the possibilities of integrating our lending algorithms with IBM watsonx.ai. Using watsonx.data industry foundation modeling capabilities, we aim to make credit more accessible to those who deserve it.”

— Carmen Roman, CEO, Dollarito.com

Conestoga Wood Specialties

“From a cost perspective, IBM Netezza SaaS on AWS nailed the economics of a cloud data warehouse. From an effort perspective, the migration was straightforward, allowing us to easily migrate data and redirect our BI layer without changing our reports or dashboards. Next, we explore the options available to us as we move in the direction of governance and metadata, which align with a lakehouse approach, incorporating watsonx.data. and integrating Netezza on AWS.”

— Karen Loose, Business Intelligence Development Manager, Conestoga Wood Specialties Corporation

Mastech InfoTrellis

“Mastech InfoTrellis, a leader in designing and delivering digital transformation and data management solutions, is impressed with the approach IBM is taking to watsonx.data offerings. We strongly believe that capabilities, such as self-service data access, central governance with automated policy enforcement and local compliance are essential for empowering our clients to activate their unstructured and structured data at scale and promptly, unlocking its full potential for decision-making.”

— Kevin Burnley, Sales Director, Mastech InfoTrellis

PALOi Advisors

“Specifically, for watsonx.data, the platform will offer the capability to run workloads on a multitude of engines, including open source, IBM and non-IBM options. This will allow organizations to significantly reduce their data warehousing costs. It is a purpose-built store that provides the flexibility of a data lake and the performance of a data warehouse. Additionally, the general availability release of watsonx.data integrates with IBM® Db2® Warehouse SaaS and IBM® Netezza® Performance Server and support for open data formats such as Parquet, Avro, Orc and Iceberg table format.”

— Chris McCool, Partner/Sales Leader, PALOi Advisors, LLC

Emerging Technology Ventures

“As a trusted provider of data-driven autonomous systems and technology solutions that provide safe and reliable operations for national security and commerce, ETV is intrigued by the capabilities of IBM watsonx.ai and watsonx.data. Generative AI and foundation models will help us further define and realize the future of autonomous systems to ensure their full potential.”

— Eugene C. Hudson, Chief Executive Officer, Emerging Technology Ventures Inc.

Krozak Information Technology

“We're excited to introduce watsonx.data to our clients, enabling them to access all their data across any environment, whether it's structured or unstructured. We recognize the value of watsonx.data and its ability to consolidate this information, scale AI and identify patterns and discrepancies to optimize our client support services.”

— Joseph Krozak, Vice President and CTO, Krozak Information Technology


“We have worked tirelessly to make IBM watsonx.data an exciting multi-engine, open data platform and included it as a first-class target for our tools.”

— Ashish Baghel, CEO and Founder, NuoData

Dot Group

“IBM watsonx.data is an open data store that helps scale analytics and AI, anywhere. It has helped us maintain a leading edge by solving our clients' most complex data challenges with transformative technologies, and now, we are among the first movers.”

— Simon Parkinson, Managing Director, Dot Group

STL Digital

“We are excited about the extensive potential applications of watsonx and the opportunities that it presents. With watsonx.ai models and the ability to use governed data in watsonx.data, we look forward to achieving various use cases, such as sales forecasting, anomaly detection and predictive analytics.”

— Navjot Bhogal, VP and Global Head - Cloud and Data Practice, STL Digital

QuantumStreet AI

“We at QuantumStreet AI (Equbot) are excited to expand our use of IBM Watson Discovery and IBM Watson Studio with foundation models watsonx.ai and watsonx.data. These capabilities provide non-technical investment managers with much-needed access to AI and machine learning tools, enabling them to identify market opportunities and manage risk.”

— Chida Khatua, CEO, QuantumStreet AI (Equbot)


“IBM watsonx.data enables a next-generation lakehouse architecture for data-driven enterprises. We believe the capabilities of watsonx.data help enterprises reduce storage costs and optimize computing while ensuring seamless data management capabilities across discrete systems to support all data analytics and engineering needs.”

— Ashish Baghel, CEO and Founder, NucleusTeq


“We are so surprised by how simple it is to use watsonx.data. We also see many customers who need on-premises solutions due to data confidentiality concerns. Watsonx.data is provided not only as a managed service but also as software. The hybrid cloud strategy holds significant importance in the Japanese market from a data gravity perspective. We look forward to further integration and partnerships with other third-party vendor solutions.”

— Katsuyuki Kajiwara, Data and Analytics Division Technical Software Sales Manager, NI+C


“We are excited about collaborating with IBM to explore the watsonx.data and watsonx.ai platforms as part of our network transformation initiatives. This collaboration aims to enhance our agility, increase our productivity and unleash business growth.”

— Ayush Sharma, CTO, StarHub

Tech Mahindra

“When AI becomes pervasive and more progressive, the ability to govern AI becomes imperative for our clients. We understand our clients’ needs in bringing together and managing disparate tools, applications and workflows, and we feel confident about IBM’s open approach and new watsonx.governance capabilities along with TechM amplifAI offerings that will allow us to help them scale and realize the full potential of generative AI within their businesses.”

— Hasit Trivedi, CTO Digital Technologies and Global Head AI, Tech Mahindra


Vitruvian Sport Systems

“Vitruvian Sport Systems is reshaping the landscape of youth sports by using AI to comprehend and augment coaches’ teachings with the Zone 360 application. Currently, Vitruvian Sports is looking into using watsonx.ai pre-built models and utilizing watsonx.governance to manage and monitor the models. The Zone 360 application will provide feedback for coaches to review and use to improve their technical language and tone.”

— Matteo Masucci, CEO, Vitruvian Sport Systems



“We are using the AI governance solution by IBM within our risk management practice to establish a foundation for trustworthy AI implementation. This comprehensive solution encompasses various aspects of AI governance, including regulatory compliance, risk management and lifecycle governance. By using watsonx.governance, we are actively engaging customers to adopt a similar approach for generative AI and establish trust and compliance within AI applications.”

— Jacob Bock Axelsen (PhD), CTO, Risk Advisory, Deloitte

NTT Data Business Solutions

“As part of our watsonx Center of Excellence initiative at NTT Data Business Solutions, we are actively implementing generative AI solutions with several customers. As part of our current engagements, we are proactively addressing the need for protective barriers to ensure effective governed and ethical use of AI. We look forward to using watsonx.governance to support both existing regulatory requirements and enterprise-wide AI lifecycle control.”

— Per Falck Jensen, Vice President, Managing Director, Denmark Head of Sales Nordic Region, NTT Data Business Solutions


“As enterprises advance the use of AI in their organizations, it is essential to have confidence in the data and models/solutions/systems that feed their analyses and decisions. Responsible AI, founded on solid governance principles, is crucial to driving fair and ethical business decisions. The EY.ai Confidence Index methodology/solution enabled by IBM® watsonx.governance™ will strengthen EY clients’ ability to measure, manage and mitigate risks by helping to empower confidence in the data, models, processes, and technology making up their solutions through an empirical and quantitative assessment of the underlying AI solution/model.”

— Mario Schlener, Global FS Risk Technology Lead, Lead Risk Consulting Canada, Co-Lead Global Responsible AI, EY

AI assistants 

Companies use AI assistants to automate tasks, enhance customer service and accomplish various objectives.

Working Eye

Working Eye, an AI-driven career discovery platform, uses IBM technology to enhance its career discovery platform. Through the platform, students interact with a digital coach, which is powered by watsonx Assistant and IBM Watson Discovery to help them explore potential professional paths. After the initial pilot of the program, the platform received a 100% approval rating among school stakeholders and had a 48% parental uptake. 

Applying AI to help students
Camping World

The global number 1 retailer of RVs modernized its contact center to drive sales pipelines and ensure that its customers are happy campers. Since launching the AI solution, including Arvee, Camping World’s virtual assistant, agents are 33% more efficient, with wait times down 33 seconds and customer engagement increased by 40% across all platforms.

Reshaping call centers
City of Helsinki

When Helsinki and over 38,000 employees needed time-saving automation, the city turned to IBM Consulting to co-create an AI solution with watsonx Assistant. Now, 10 virtual assistants handle up to 300 contacts per day, and a new multi-chatbot connects capabilities and data from departments, removing silos and giving agents more time to help citizens.

More flexible customer experience
VIA Metropolitan Transit

When San Antonio’s public transportation provider embarked on the AI journey, it collaborated with IBM® Expert Labs to create Ava, a digital assistant using call center data to automatically answer FAQs 24x7. Ava conducts 3,000 conversations a month with VIA customers and has assisted nearly 28,000 unique users. It can answer more than 150 common questions in English and Spanish, and predicts next-bus arrivals in real time.

As human as possible

Within half a day, this Chinese green energy giant’s new virtual assistant helped enable thousands of employees with the technology they needed to work remotely. The solution combines AI from IBM watsonx Assistant and IBM Watson Discovery technologies and the automation capabilities of the IBM Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with Automation Anywhere solution. The AI automation platform provides employees with personalized AI skills and frees them from repetitive daily tasks.

Tap into hyperautomation
Consult Venture Partners

As the financial services industry rushed to modernize with simple chatbots, Consult Venture Partners stayed ahead by deploying a finance-savvy AI assistant. The firm collaborated with INATIGO, an AI innovation company to start Alda Ai, providing a 24x7 digital customer service experience with all the embedded security, privacy and scalability features offered by IBM watsonx Assistant and IBM Cloud®. Up to 95% of the firm’s website visitors report that their questions were answered correctly.

AI with a human touch
IBM Consulting

To proactively help clients boost developer productivity that uses AI, IBM Consulting began exploring generative AI pair-programming, with the Ansible Automation Platform. Developers can use watsonx Code Assistant for Red Hat® Ansible Lightspeed to build Ansible Playbook content faster. During the technology preview of watsonx Code Assistant for Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed, IBM Consulting achieved a 30% reduction in Ansible Playbook development effort.

Transforming work

The hybrid-cloud platform's team within the IBM Chief Information Officer Organization is responsible for the business-critical infrastructure of IBM. To accelerate business transformation, the team aims to automate repetitive IT maintenance tasks using watsonx Code Assistant for Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed, reducing drudgery for developers. At the technology preview stage, watsonx Code Assistant for Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed automatically generates 60% of Ansible Playbook content for IBM.

Generative AI reduces effort
Water Corporation

An Australian state-owned entity, Water Corporation, partnered with IBM Consulting to modernize and migrate its mission-critical SAP architecture to the cloud. By using watsonx Code Assistant and Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed, IBM and Water Corporation started a new automation strategy that saved the business roughly 1,500 hours of manual labor associated with infrastructure support, cut development costs by 30% and offset the cost of running its SAP cloud environment by more than 40%.

Automation-driven savings
Avid Solutions

By automating processes with watsonx Orchestrate, this agricultural research and development firm achieved 25% faster customer onboarding, reduced manual errors and saved valuable employee time.

Improving employee and customer happiness
Sport Clips Haircuts

This national hair care franchise aims to expand its workforce by 30% while enhancing the employee experience through partnerships with ThisWay Global and the implementation of IBM watsonx Orchestrate for dynamic skill sequencing and interview scheduling. It took less than an hour to onboard Sport Clips’ franchisees to IBM watsonx Orchestrate and ThisWay Global and start gaining productivity.

Adopting intelligent automation

To improve HR support to over 280,000 IBMers worldwide, IBM built a self-service, one-stop digital assistant to give accurate and instant responses to HR questions, handling 5.4 million interactions across 77 countries.

Creating the future of HR
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