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What if generative AI could help you achieve your customer service aspirations?
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Generative AI offers promise to organizations looking to meet the dual challenges of rising customer demands and operational costs. It scales the best aspects of customer service—responsiveness, empathy, knowledge and personalization—from one agent to hundreds. With the ability to understand complex inquiries and generate more conversational responses, it enables frictionless self-serve experiences, smarter contact centers and happier CSRs. All in service of a better experience.

IBM has been helping clients apply trusted AI in this space for more than a decade. With end-to-end transformation services from IBM Consulting and the AI-powered IBM watsonx Assistant, IBM helps you enhance conversational AI, improve the agent experience and optimize call center operations and data.

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It’s time to reimagine customer service with AI

Customer expectations are sky high. Generative AI can help you transform customer-service workflows to win their loyalty. 

Rethink customer self service

What if you could create virtual assistants that know virtually everything?

Rethink contact center operations

What if you could turn a sunk cost into a source of value?

Rethink the agent experience

What if you could make your best CSRs even better?

See how your peers are putting AI to work 300+

customer contacts handled per day.

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increase in customer engagement on all platforms.

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improvement in customer loyalty.

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How to meet customer service aspirations that may have seemed unthinkable before by combining traditional and generative AI. Download the guidebook
AI for customer service

Transforming customer service: How generative AI is changing the game.

A leader in conversational AI

Learn why IBM watsonx Assistant is a Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Conversational AI Platforms.

The CEO’s guide to generative AI for customer service

Three things CEOs need to know and do to gain a competitive edge by using generative AI for customer service.

Unlock exceptional AI-driven customer service with a strategy session

IBM has the technology and expertise to help you think big and move fast responsibly in transforming your customer service function with generative AI.

Attend an AI strategy session to take the first step towards unlocking the full potential of generative AI at scale. You’ll walk away with clarity on where to get started, what’s needed to kick off a pilot and how to scale responsibly from there.

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