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Accelerate business decisions and processes with an AI-powered intelligent document understanding and content analysis platform
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What if you could discover deeper insights buried inside your business documents with less effort in a fraction of the time?

With IBM Watson® Discovery, you can boost the productivity of knowledge workers by automating the discovery of information and insights with advanced Natural Language Processing and Understanding. That means faster business results, satisfied customers and happier employees.

We deliver truly enterprise-grade, trusted, scalable and easy-to-use Natural Language AI, powered by custom NLP models and Large Language Models (LLMs) from IBM Research.

Watson Discovery was named a Leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Insights Engines.

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Benefits Explore client success stories Accelerate decisions & processes

An insurance client reduced the time spent reading and analyzing text data by 90%.

Generate revenue

A law firm gained 4X better productivity and earned 30% more revenue.

Reduce costs

An oil and gas company reached over USD 10 million in savings.

  Understands your document structure Smart Document Understanding (SDU) is a visual machine learning tool that enables users to label text so that the tool builds an understanding of critical components inside your enterprise documents, such as headers, tables and more. Once you annotate a few pages of your documents, SDU can teach itself the rest, retrieving answers and information only from relevant content. How to use SDU

Convert images of text into insights IBM’s new OCR provides higher character accuracy and detection recall giving you greater extraction of key insights from documents in sub-optimal conditions such as irregular fonts, insufficient resolution, bad lighting from mobile capture and even variety of colors and backgrounds.  Explore IBM's new OCR technology

Navigate through your data to discover insights Traditional enterprise search engines perform keyword searches and provide end-users with links to documentation. But with Watson Discovery, you move beyond keyword search to navigate confidently through your documents using faceted search to find the relevant information needed. The design of this platform ensures that the information you need is easily accessible and can push to downstream automation via JSON output.  More about faceted navigation

Offers NLP enrichments The platform’s out-of-the-box NLP enrichments include entity extraction, sentiment analysis, emotion analysis, keyword extractions, category classification, concept tagging and more.  How to enrich your data

Leverages large language models (LLMs) IBM Watson Discovery uses foundation models from Watson Natural Language Processing (NLP) for advanced processing and understanding of text, enabling the accurate extraction of information and insights from business documents, accelerating processes and generating insights.  Learn more about IBM usage of LLMs Explore foundation models in watsonx.ai

Provides user friendly tooling Intuitive tooling empowers your subject-matter experts to teach IBM Watson® the language of your industry. Get started with no previous programming or coding skills required. Create a project

Extract domain-specific entities Define custom entity types and annotate entity mentions to iteratively train a supervised entity recognition model with active learning techniques to accelerate training.  How to create custom entity extractions
Use cases Explore all use cases Insurance

Using natural language processing (NLP), IBM Watson® Discovery helps your underwriters, claims processors, customer service agents, and actuaries find answers and insights from insurance documents, customer data and public data faster. That means faster business results, satisfied customers and happier employees.

Financial markets

IBM Watson® Discovery uses natural language processing (NLP) to help your controls analysts, stockbrokers and wealth management professionals automate searches through volumes of documents and public data. They generate meaningful insights. You get relevant answers faster for better business decisions.

Legal research

IBM Watson® Discovery uses natural language processing (NLP) to help your attorneys and controls specialists automate searches of large volumes of documents and public data. These insights can help grow revenue and improve client services.

Partner with us to deliver enhanced commercial solutions, embedded with IBM Watson Discovery, to better address clients’ needs.
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Resources 2022 Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ study of IBM NLP Solutions

A 2022 Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ study of IBM NLP Solutions, commissioned by IBM, finds IBM Watson NLP delivers a 383% ROI over three years.

IBM Watson Discovery named a Leader

IBM Watson Discovery named a Leader in the 2022 Forrester Wave™: Document-Oriented Text Analytics Platforms

IBM Watson Discovery solution brief

Learn how you can accelerate decisions and business processes with Watson Discovery.

IBM Watson Apps Community

For builders of virtual assistants, enterprise search and text analytics solutions.

Get started with the IBM Cloud

Get started with IBM Watson in a few simple steps.

IBM Watson Discovery & NLP Innovation

IBM Watson Discovery incorporates innovation from the IBM Research labs.

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