Embracing AI to revitalize hiring
Silver Egg Technology + IBM
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Inability to find and hire candidates quickly

Breakthroughs in AI will create huge disruptive opportunities in how companies recruit and hire. For Silver Egg Technology, a Japan-based provider of AI-powered recommender solutions, getting out in front of this wave was crucial. Smaller companies often do not have the right HR personnel to screen and respond promptly to job applicants. This can make the interview and offer process painfully slow and inefficient.

An excessive time to “close” on qualified candidates means that good people can slip through the cracks. Moreover, recruiters may respond to these difficulties by sending the best candidates elsewhere. This results in a decrease in the quality of hires that ultimately impacts employee and customer satisfaction. Indeed, finding and hiring the right people is often the single biggest bottleneck to a company’s continued growth and success.

Enhanced recruitment and expedited hiring with generative AI

Silver Egg partnered with IBM® Client Engineering by leveraging IBM watsonx.ai™ to screen resumes from recruiters in order to help select the right job candidates. The IBM Client Engineering team received sample curriculum vitae and job descriptions from Silver Egg to test the performance of watsonx.ai on this task.

These tests suggest large language models (LLMs) from watsonx.ai can quickly and fairly evaluate resumes and flag high potential applicants. “Matching people to jobs is one of the most important applications of our technology,” says Tom Foley, Founder and CEO of Silver Egg Technology. “Proactive support from IBM’s Build Lab and access to watsonx.ai enabled us to build, within a few short weeks, a POC that galvanized our stakeholders around the exciting new opportunities for generative AI in Human Resources.”

75% faster hiring processes anticipated <1 week expected time to give offers to the right candidates
IBM’s commitment to cultivating an ecosystem of enterprise AI solutions based on their trustworthy and secure AI platform has proven highly complementary to our go-to-market strategy. We look forward to further cooperation. Tom Foley Founder and CEO Silver Egg Technology
A streamlined hiring process

By immediately initiating the interview and offer process for such candidates, Silver Egg aims to reduce the time from receipt of a resume to offer by as much as 75%. By getting offers to the right candidates in under a week, they expect to improve the quality of the candidate stream, hire better people, create a more positive and challenging work environment, and put Silver Egg back on a track to robust growth. Next, Silver Egg plans to benchmark their artificial intelligence solution against evaluations by human analysts. “IBM’s commitment to cultivating an ecosystem of enterprise AI solutions based on their trustworthy and secure AI platform has proven highly complementary to our go-to-market strategy,” Foley concludes. “We look forward to further cooperation.”

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Silver Egg Technology

Silver Egg (link resides outside of ibm.com) is a technology company with over 20 years of experience in providing AI-based web marketing cloud services that enable businesses to serve customers with real-time personalization. Its main customers include e-commerce and web service companies that deal with multiple products and contents online. Silver Egg is the most recommended Software as a Service (SaaS) provider in Japan, with the top Japanese market share by sales volume. It is listed on the Mothers section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.


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